God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 890

With the 10 assault helicopters in the air joining the fray, the tides of the battle changed once again. Many City Guards were injured, and they did not dare continue their unbridled assault.

Under those circumstances, the rebels managed to find their footing and began to regroup and counterattack.

Soon, a hundred heavy assault helicopters also flew out from the capital, flying towards those from the rebel side.

It was just that when the Capital’s helicopters had just joined the fray, 40 Reapers that had been lying in wait suddenly appeared. Under Bai Yi’s control, they began to fire electromagnetic cannons and heat-seeking missiles towards the skies.

Bombarded by that volley of fire and flashes, 30 heavy assault helicopters were instantly decimated, turned into ash, as the resulting explosions swept outwards.

The Reapers were truly efficient killing machines. Adding Bai Yi’s control, the assault helicopters in the air turned into shrapnel and debris, without even the chance to exhibit their prowess.

Wei Meng looked at the destroyed heavy assault helicopters and his countenance turned ugly, “Is this the power of a Super A.I.? Truly fearsome!!”

The Super A.I. would not be particularly effective against the Dino-race since they were a backward and barbaric society. However, in Cloud Region, where humans relied on technology, as long as there were enough outlets, Bai Yi could unleash a terrifying strength.

Jin Sheng watched his comrades being shot down by those beams and his face fell. He roared out in frenzy, “Retreat!! Retreat now!!”

The assault of the 40 Reapers was too ferocious, easily slaughtering the City Guards, who tried to put up a resistance but crumbled in the end. The remaining soldiers quickly retreated back towards the inner city under Jin Sheng’s lead.

No one noticed that as the City Guards were retreating, a certain figure wearing the City Guard uniform had joined them noiselessly.

Upon entering their midst, Yue Zhong mingled and retreated back as one of those injured.

Since the rebel troops had beaten the 5,000 City Guards back, they began to unleash a ferocious assault on the energy shield, hitting it until the shape looked less uniform.

Wei Meng’s focus was on the rebel troops and did not pay too much attention to this defeated and injured troops.

Within the medic tent, there were many injured City Guards. The smell of blood was strong, and many of the soldiers were moaning and groaning.

Under Yue Zhong’s careful observation, there were over a hundred people within the medic tent, and 2 soldiers standing guard outside.

With a thought, a void appeared in mid-air. White Bones leaped out and 20 sharp bone spikes shot out to slice out at the various injured personnel. Within seconds, the hundred-odd casualties were put down, ending their misery.

After dealing with those casualties, Yue Zhong’s figure flashed and darted out the door. His palms slammed into the heads of the 2 City Guards, crushing them into their bodies.

He then activated his Third Order Stealth, noiselessly traversing through the camp. His target was the central computer of the Capital.

As long as he could obtain the information from the Capital’s central computer, Yue Zhong’s mission on the Third World would be complete. Without it, even killing Wei Ming Qing would not be a satisfactory end.

He passed through the various parts of the city. Many people were hiding within their own residences, eyeing the shield that was being broken down with fear. The moment the shield crumbled, hell would await the citizens of the inner city.

There was nobody along the way, thus, he was able to infiltrate the most lavish-looking building within the city.

The layout of the center was different from other places, as there were many elite soldiers standing guard, keeping an alert lookout for their surroundings. Even Yue Zhong would not be able to sneak in without a problem.

“No distractions eh? Let me create one for you guys!!”

He observed the surroundings carefully, and with a thought, a Reaper appeared out of nowhere.

The moment the Reaper appeared, it began to unleash carnage, as countless laser and electromagnetic beams were fired out like rain, aiming for the clueless City Guards.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

With the explosions, many of the City Guards were blown to bits by the intense firepower.

“Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!”


Sounds of alarm rang throughout the Capital, as elites poured out from everywhere, launching attacks on the Reaper.

Initially, a single Reaper would be nothing to this inner city that was installed with countless automated defenses. Just a single weapon would be able to reduce this Reaper into a pile of scrap. However, in order to defend against the Super A.I., all automated equipment had been stopped. The elite experts had no choice but to act, attacking the Reaper.

Since there was a deployment, there would be flaws in their formations and movements.

Yue Zhong took the opportunity when the attention of the city defenses was focused on the Reaper to quietly sneak into the crowd, entering the city center.

“Which general are you under?”

Barely moments after Yue Zhong sneaked into the Imperial Capital, a Type 5 Battle Suit-wearing expert came over, flanked by 4 subordinates, as he barked out at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong began to exclaim in urgency and panic, “Sir! I have something to report to the superiors!! I discovered that our General is a pawn of the 4 Great Clans. He’s chasing after me!!”

The Type 5 expert frowned and got closer as he barked loudly, “What?! Calm down!! Who’s your General?! With me around, he would not be able to hurt you.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with fear as he stared past the expert and pointed, “He’s there!! He’s right behind you!!”

The heart of the Type 5 expert turned cold and he promptly turned around, only to discover nothing.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly as he smacked down viciously on the back of his head.

Caught defenseless, the Type 5 expert fainted.




Seeing their own general being knocked out by Yue Zhong, the 4 soldiers exclaimed out in shock.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed again, as he sent out his Third Order Art of Fear, and an intense Spiritual wave slammed into the 4 soldiers.

Although the Third Order Art of Fear was insufficient to scare those 4 Type 4 experts to death, it was enough to cause them to falter.

In that instant, the 4 Type 4 experts regained their consciousness, only to discover Yue Zhong had disappeared. Behind them, 4 of his clones smacked out at their heads, knocking them out.

Relying on sneak attacks to take down this 5 experts, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief and sent out a Type 5 Puppet Rune, and 4 Type 4 Puppet Runes into the brains of these 5 experts.

If he did not manage to deal with this 5 in the shortest possible time, he would likely be swarmed by other enemies. The best case scenario would be for him to flee then.

After Yue Zhong shook them awake, the Type 5 expert, called Niu Qing, saluted him respectfully, “Niu Qing greets Master!!”

Yue Zhong ordered, “Bring me to where the central computer is.”


Niu Qing replied and led Yue Zhong together with the 4 subordinates deeper into the palace.

Along the way, Yue Zhong caught sight of many beautiful women, they were the palace maids. Currently, they were all having expressions of fear and uncertainty, some even sobbing.

Once the palace was broken into, their fates would be extremely miserable.

“Niu Qing, why are you here?”

After a hundred meters in, another Type 5 expert wearing a Type 5 Battle Suit appeared in front of Niu Qing and questioned him.

Niu Qing barked out, “Zhang Hua, I’m under the orders of his Lordship Wei He to bring men and guard the central computer. Stand aside! If anything were to happen, you will not be able to bear the consequences!!”

Zhang Hua frowned and immediately opened a path. However, he grumbled, “Isn’t it time to provide reinforcements outside? How come we still have to defend the central computer? Truly a useless silk pants who cannot see the big picture.”

Wei He was Wei Ming Qing’s blood brother, however, he only knew to play and enjoy life, a silk pants who was infamous. However, he was truly loyal to the Emperor, thus he was given some authority to command troops.

While Zhang Hua cursed Wei He for his stupidity, military orders were absolute, hence he did not dare impede Niu Qing.

Along the way, Yue Zhong finally saw for himself how big the inner city was. They had come across a total of 19 Type 5 experts. When those experts heard Niu Qing’s excuse, they all allowed him passage. Military orders had to be obeyed, thus they did not dare to stop them for too long.

After passing countless alleys and walking over 2km underground, they finally came to an area which was where the central computer was kept.

Only to see a huge pillar that stood in the middle, covered in countless runes and blood vessel-like tubes. There were 5 Type 5 Nuclei inserted in the huge pillar, carved with mysterious engravings. This was the central computer that controlled everything in the Capital.

Without Bai Yi’s existence, this central computer could control countless equipment and weapons, quelling all uprising with ease.

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