God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 891

Yue Zhong then issued a command to Bai Yi, “Immediately retrieve all information from the central computer.”


Bai Yi responded and her golden wires stretched out from the handheld tablet, inserting into the central computer.

As the wires entered the central computer, bright alarms blared out all over the city.

“Type-1 Alarm!! What’s wrong with the central computer?”

2 Type 5 experts at the entrance of the imperial city whirled around, eyeing the tunnel behind them with shock. In front of them, the Reaper had already been obliterated under their efforts.

The Reapers could display a strength that was superior to Type 5 Divine Warriors. However, when facing 2 Type 5 experts together, it still ended up as scrap metal.


As Yue Zhong heard the alarms, his brows furrowed, “What’s going on?”

Bai Yi swiftly replied, “There was a security feature installed in the central computer. Everyone within the city has heard it, and the nearest Type 5 Divine Warriors have begun to act. According to my estimations, they will reach our location in roughly 3 minutes and 20 seconds. The rest of the Type 5 experts are also making their way over.”

Yue Zhong gave an order, “Immediately cut off the tunnel access, and activate all automatic defenses to target those Type 5 experts.”

“All automatic weapons had been disconnected, there’s no way of controlling them.”

Since Yue Zhong’s trump card Bai Yi had been discovered, the enemy had made the necessary adjustments to counter him.

It was because of this that Yue Zhong was not willing to reveal his Super A.I. secret back at the 1st Prison.

Yue Zhong’s gaze narrowed, and he made a decision, “In that case, impede them as much as possible, and retrieve all information as fast as you can. Use the central computer to destroy the defense protocols and systems.”


Receiving Yue Zhong’s order, Bai Yi quickly proceeded to carry it out.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

At that instant, a number of alloy doors suddenly slammed down in the tunnels, blocking the Type 5 experts from advancing.

“Break for me!”

A Type 5 expert saw the door that slammed in front of him and bellowed in rage. The Battle Spear in his hands gathered energy, and slammed into the door, piercing it directly.

A number of Type 5 experts brought their subordinates and rushed in, as though crazed, expending their strength without any care for their own bodies.

The central computer was important to the Capital, without it, their defense systems would crumble right before their eyes.

Hong!! Hong!!

Countless missiles slammed into the energy shield covering the inner city, causing it to deform as ripples spread out more violently.

It was because of this energy shield that the forces outside the city were helpless, unable to push in.

All of a sudden, the energy shield shuddered slightly and disappeared.

Wei Ye was shocked when he saw the energy shield disappear, as he lost his cool and shouted, “What’s going on?! Why did the energy shield disappear? Our resources are still plenty!! Why?!”

Despair flashed across the eyes of the various City Guards.

The next moment, the guided Energy Missiles slammed into the city wall, blasting various parts, causing many City Guards to die in the resulting explosions.

The damage of the guided Energy Missiles was truly terrifying. Having experienced it, many City Guards fled for cover.

Without the protection of the energy barrier, without the support of the central computer, the situation of the inner city became extremely bleak. Many guided Energy Missiles fell upon the inner city, blasting out many large holes, killing numerous City Guards along with the destruction of the buildings.

After firing over a hundred rounds of missiles, the 4 Great Clans stopped firing and began sending the troops in.

Every single missile would require 5 Type 3 Mutant Beast nuclei, as well as the materials and human resources, to manufacture. Even the 4 Great Clans did not have so many in reserves. They had to store some to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

The City Guards might be truly exceptional in their abilities, however, hiding within the inner city, and suffering blows after blows, their advanced technology disabled, in the end, they had become disadvantaged.

Under the cover of the Reapers and heavy assault helicopters, the rebels continued to surge in, advancing further in.

However, inside the Capital, there were many other powerful experts. They clashed with the rebel troops, slaughtering the rebels as best as they could.

There were even some City Guards that charged through the ranks of the rebel soldiers, causing carnage and mayhem.

However, without the heavy weaponry and support of the automatic defense systems, no matter how outstanding they were, they would be bombarded by the rain of firepower. Within seconds, they were turned to sieves.

At the center of the Imperial Palace, a Type 5 expert had appeared in the tunnel nearest to the central computer, together with his 4 subordinates.


The moment Type 5 expert appeared in the tunnel, his pupils narrowed and he hollered. He could see a Reaper stationed at the entrance.

The concentrated beams of laser and electromagnetic beams fell upon the Type 5 expert and his 4 subordinates.

Faced with the barrage of firepower, the 4 Type 4 experts did not manage to evade in time and were instantly shredded into pieces. 2 of them died instantly, while the other 2 fell, before being finished by the other shots.

At the other end of the tunnel, the Reaper stood there like an invincible entity.

The Type 5 expert roared out in fury, “Damn it, who the hell are you?!”

In that narrow tunnel, the Type 5 expert would not be able to pass through without getting injured. If he was not careful, he could end up like his subordinates.

Yue Zhong glanced at Bai Yi, still engrossed in her task in retrieving the information, and replied indifferently, “I’m Yue Zhong. Who are you?!”

In response, the Type 5 expert barked out, “Yue Zhong, I’m Wang Jiang He, the Vice-Commander of the Emperor Guards. I do not know how you got in here. However, you have no way out! There are also another 20 Type 5 experts rushing here now!! Once our men are here, even if you have wings, it’ll be hard for you to leave!! If you surrender to us now, not only will we forgo all that has happened, we can even promise you riches!! It’s not a problem to become royalty as well!!”


Yue Zhong laughed lightly, “I know, there are many experts. All the better, let me gift you guys a present.”

Wang Jiang He had a very bad feeling as he asked, “What gift?”

Yue Zhong ignored him and looked towards Bai Yi.

The last streams of data flashed out of Bai Yi’s eyes, as she spoke up, “Download complete. All the information has been retrieved.”

“Good! Time for us to go.”

Yue Zhong chuckled, and pulled out a Level 3 Skill Book, Earth Manipulation, as he tapped it on himself. With a bright flash, a new bronze rune appeared in his sea of knowledge.

Yue Zhong had come a long way back on Earth. He had plenty of skill books with him. He had a number of the Earth Manipulation skill book, it was just that he had never used them, hence he kept them in his storage.

The moment the rune took form, a huge amount of life force surged into the rune, transforming it, causing more engravings to appear.

“Congratulations on learning the Earth Manipulation skill.”

“Congratulations, your Earth Manipulation has been raised to the Second Order.”

A number of notifications rang out. With the life force he absorbed from killing experts, the new skill had instantly reached the Second Order stage.

Yue Zhong leaped up once, jumping on top of the huge pillar. He then sent a powerful fist smashing into the glass, destroying it. He then retrieved the 5 Type 5 Nuclei and kept them in his storage ring.

After taking them, he pulled out his Electromagnetic Cannon and fired twice into the ceiling, blasting 2 large holes. He then jumped lightly, grabbing onto one of them with his arm. Pushing the Earth Manipulation ability, the earth split apart, revealing a huge tunnel.

He flipped and twirled into the crack, continuously pushing the ability to split the earth to create a tunnel for himself. The puppet Niu Qing also followed behind, as they both disappeared quickly.


Following a loud explosion, the Reaper that Yue Zhong left behind was finally destroyed by 5 Type 5 experts working together. They hurried into the hall.

“Shit! We were late, he escaped!!”

Seeing the large fissure, Wang Jiang He and the other 4 had ugly expressions.


“Not good! Evacuate!!”

His gaze fell upon the numerous remote-controlled Energy Bombs and he cried out.

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