God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 892

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The various remote-controlled bombs planted in the hall went off, consuming the 5 Type 5 experts.

The high-tech, sci-fi pillar that was the central computer was also obliterated in an instant.

Some distance away from the Imperial Palace, the ground suddenly split apart. Yue Zhong jumped out from within, his complexion pale as he gasped for breath.

Casting the Earth Manipulation ability constantly had taken a toll on his Spirit and Stamina, causing him to be in an exhausted state.

As he breathed hard, he thought to himself, “Thankfully I’ve become a Type 5 expert. Otherwise, I would have been buried within the earth. This time, it was truly risky. It was not as easy to traverse underground as I thought.”

There was a limit to a person’s strength, even a Type 5 Warrior was not omnipotent.

After recovering, Yue Zhong dashed into a small and dark alley, eyeing the main part of the Imperial Palace, “Heh! That was just an appetizer. The real present is about to be delivered!”


At the same time, the missile pads of the 4 Great Clans opened, firing multiple guided Energy Missiles, shooting for the center of the city.

Hong! Hong!

Without the energy shield to defend, the numerous missiles slammed into the city center, causing a devastating effect.

The beautiful city center was blasted into pieces under the multiple explosions, buildings crumbling everywhere.

Seeing this, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief.

There had been over 20 Type 5 experts within. Each of them was wearing a Type 5 Battle Suits and were monstrous existences. If they took part in the battle, they would be able to slaughter thousands with ease. If they could all be wiped out with the energy missiles, that would be the best.

Wei Ming Qing’s brother Wei He was too stupid, keeping the 20-odd Type 5 experts within the palace to ensure his safety. It was a waste of their abilities.

These Type 5 experts were the best blades, not shields. Offense was their forte. If they had to defend, their flesh bodies could not possibly withstand the effects and damage of the missiles.

“Wei Ming Qing is dead!! Surrender and be spared!!”

“Wei Ming Qing is dead!! Surrender and be spared!!”


Seeing the city center turn to dust, the rebels began to holler as they charged at the City Guards.

“Surrender!! I surrender!!”


Seeing the City center being destroyed, many of the City Guard lost their nerves, their countenances pale. Many of them abandoned their weapons and surrendered immediately. Without an object of idolization, they did not know what else to fight for.

“Your Majesty!!”

“Long live Your Majesty!!”



Many other City Guards lost all rationality and with despair in their eyes, they charged forth in a suicidal fashion, battling till they died.

The tides of the battle were surging in the favor of the rebels.

At this time, from a lake about 3km behind the city center, a large water pillar shot towards the skies. A powerful expert emerged from the water, his hair floating about, as his body emitted a powerful bloodlust. His features were extraordinary, his countenance overbearing.

This middle-aged man took a look at the scenario in front of him, with a flash, he appeared on top of a building in the center of the battlefield in barely 5 seconds. He looked down with an aloof and disdainful gaze, declaring coldly, “This Seat is here. You commoners dare to rebel, aren’t you afraid that This Seat will eradicate all 9 generations of your families?”

This person, who was covered in thick bloodlust, was the Emperor of Cloud Region, Wei Ming Qing.

“Is that a Type 6 Divine Warrior?” Yue Zhong hid in a corner, quietly assessing the Emperor of Cloud Region. His heart beat faster with alarm, as a strong sense of danger arose in his heart. He could tell that if he were to face this Wei Ming Qing in combat, he would likely be killed in an instant.

“Your Majesty!!”

“It’s His Majesty!!”

“His Majesty lives!!! Kill all traitors!!”


Wei Ming Qing’s words were filled with an authority, resounding throughout the area, causing everyone to hear his voice.

When he appeared, the devastated City Guards instantly regained their morale, as they launched a swift counterattack.

The rebels saw Wei Ming Qing and their eyes were filled with fear, their fighting spirit sinking.

Wei Ming Qing had ruled Cloud Region for over 20 years, his rule struck deep in everyone’s hearts. If it was not for this period of his insanity, in the past 20 years, he would still be referred to as a great emperor. Facing this emperor, many of the rebels were shaken.

One Type 4 expert barked out in a clear voice, “Wei Ming Qing, you’ve fallen to the dark side, killing innocents. Millions of people have died because of you! Today shall be the day you die!!”

“What a joke! The entire Cloud Region is mine! You are all my subjects! If this Seat wants anyone to die, that person has to die. Those million refugees were just lowly peasants, exchanging their lives for this Seat’s progress is an honor for them! You ants, you dare to revolt?! This seat will eradicate all 9 generations of your families. Before that, all you traitors will be dealt with right now!!”

Wei Ming Qing’s eyes flashed with a vicious light as he barked out in anger. In a flash, his entire body was covered in a thick fog of blood and he charged right into the midst of the rebels.

The moment he entered their ranks, the rebels were swept up in the blood mist, twisting and shrieking as they were sucked dry.

The thick blood mist covered a region of over 100m, with his speed of Mach-2, in a single pounce, there was a trail of human corpses.

The Type 4 expert eyed the incoming blood mist, his body glowing brightly. He thrust out with his Battle Spear viciously, as a beam of energy shot into the blood mist.

However, it was to no avail, as the blood mist continued to spread towards the expert, enveloping him.

In a breath, the blood mist continued forward, while leaving behind a corpse with a look of despair on his face.

The rebel forces continued to fire out lasers and electromagnetic beams at the blood mist. However, all they did was to pass through the mist, not doing anything to it.


Each time the mist swept past the rebel troops, more soldiers would be sucked dry of their blood.



“Save me!!”


Seeing such a desolate scene, the originally low morale of the rebel forces crumbled. Many of the soldiers abandoned their equipment and were fleeing in all directions, escaping from the terrifying blood mist.

Yue Zhong looked at the blood mist, his heart full of shock, “What the hell?! Is this the might of a Type 6 expert? This is too sick!!”

Even someone as strong as Yue Zhong would have to evade when faced with over hundreds of thousands of rebel soldiers. He could also rely on assassination tactics to deal with individual soldiers. It was impossible to do what Wei Ming Qing was doing, clearing over 30,000 single-handedly.

Right as the rebels were breaking down, a number of Reapers appeared, their flaps opening, and they fired numerous targeting missiles at the blood mist.

“Reapers!! Right on time!! Let’s see how this Seat takes care of you!! Hahahaha!!”

From within the mist, Wei Ming Qing’s maniacal laughter rang out. The countless drops of blood shot towards the missiles, directly slamming into them and causing them to explode.

As the blood mist surged forward, it enveloped the Reapers.

With a bright flash, all the Reapers channeled out an energy shield to defend against the blood mist.


Wei Ming Qing appeared from inside the mist, sending his fists pummeling the shields.

His fists were like sledgehammers, slamming into the shield, causing it to deform. It almost collapsed immediately.


However, the shield managed to hold on, after all, the technology wouldn’t be so weak as to allow a Type 6 Divine Warrior to destroy it in one hit.

Earlier, the Reaper that Yue Zhong had sent to delay the Type 5 experts had been destroyed only after they fought with all their might. Before the energy shield collapsed, they had no means of destroying it.

“Truly the strongest weapon of war in our Cloud Region, even this Seat cannot break it easily! However, this Seat is invincible! With my strength, break for me!!”

Wei Ming Qing roared out with laughter, sending one more punch, and the blood around his congealed into a sharp sword that pierced through the shield.

Under the relentless assault, the shield finally shattered, and the Reaper was sliced into multiple parts.

“Hahaha!! This Seat is invincible! Those who oppose me shall die!!”

Wei Ming Qing laughed like a demon, continuing to obliterate the Reapers as he passed by them. With each fist of his, the blood would surround him and destroy the shield, before cutting them up into scrap metal.

Yue Zhong saw the rate of destruction Wei Ming Qing was causing, his heart running cold, “Peak-Type 6! This monster should be at the peak of the Type 6 realm if I’m not wrong!!”

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