God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 155

After Zhang Yun manage to force White Bones back, he immediately jumped down from the window. He is equipped with numerous items from the [System], and with the items’ enhancement to his stats, he did not sustain any damage even after jumping down from the third storey.

[Translator Note: Weird? I recalled he was in bed with 4 beauties, and only had time to put on his protective vest before Yue Zhong charge into his room. This means he should be naked from his chest down and does not have much equipment on him. Where did these equipment come from?]

40 grenade launcher

I googled and there is really a R40 grenade launcher! The author knows his military weapons well!

Zhang Yun had just escaped from the window and had only ran a short distance, when Yue Zhong carried a massive type 40 grenade launcher and appeared from window next to his room. Yue Zhong took aim at Zhang Yun and launched a rocket grenade.

“DAMN IT!!” Zhang Yun look at the Yue Zhong lugging that type 40 grenade launcher and his face turn even paler. (Translator notes: Hello author, his face has already turn pale so many times and cannot be any paler already… ) Zhang Yun had no idea how Yue Zhong manage to bring so many heavy weapons into LongHai survival camp. He does not have even have a type 40 grenade launcher! This type of weapon is only available to highly ranking officers in the military, and just one rocket fired from the grenade launcher can blow an armoured camp into pieces.

Zhang Yun desperately used all his stamina and spiritual force to create a wall of ice in a semi-circle around him.

With a massive “Boom!” sound, the rocket grenade connected with the wall of ice, and immediately exploded. A wave of fire and smoke rapidly spread out from the point of the impact and completely engulfed Zhang Yun in its blast radius.

After the smoke has dissipated, a charred black body collapsed to the ground. This body is the corpse of Zhang Yun, who had been roasted alive from the grenade.

While Zhang Yun’s ice manipulation skill allowed him to create a barrier of ice-wall to protect himself against the barrage of bullets against 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, but that was the limit of his defensive skill. Against a powerful weapon of war such as a type 40 grenade launcher, even his ice wall could not withstand the impact.

It is true that Evolvers are very powerful, and have superhuman powers. But the weapons of war that was developed using the best and the brightest minds of mankind is in no way inferior to evolvers. It is because of this reason that in this survival camp, the strongest power is not the 4 strongest evolvers (of which Ice King Zhang Yun is a part of), but is the military that have experience in conducting wars.

Of course Zhang Yun’s skills are very strong, but he did not even had a chance to fully utilize his powers before he is killed by Yue Zhong’s clever use of military weapons.

Once Zhang Yun is dead, Yue Zhong jumped down from the window, and search Zhang Yun corpse to see if he can get any equipment from the [System]. But Yue Zhong’s luck is not very good – the items on Zhang Yun’s corpse had been blown into dust from the impact of the grenade launch. However, all is not lost, as somehow the ice jade ring manage to survive the carnage and is not broken.

Level 3 treasure: Ice Jade Ring. Grants 6 points of spiritual power when wore, and have a special property: Once a day it can create an ice cone.

Yue Zhong immediately equipped the ice Jade Ring. To him, Spirtual power is also important.

After Zhang Yun was killed, the Ice King’s men were left without a leader. Under the attack of evolvers like Ji Qing Wi, Chen Shitou, Cheng Yu, Kong TianYu etc, if the Ice King’s men refused to surrender, they were killed outright.

Once the 2nd strongest men in the Ice King group, Zhao Xiong, saw things were not going on well for the Ice King group, he immediately made his escape.

Not long after, the Ice King’s men who chose to surrender were tied up and led out of the villa one after another. Other than the men, the villa contains a lot of food and at least 10 women.

Yue Zhong party escorted the captives and the women towards his camp.

On the way back to the camp, there are occasional policemen and soldiers who saw the procession. However, all of them had already been instructed by their superiors to pretend that they did not see anything. Even if there were no instructions from the top, they also had no desire to stop Yue Zhong’s party or create any troubles for this group of fierce looking men.

The news of the Ice King being assassinated quickly spread through the grapevine in LongHai city. Ice King Group is actually an evil group that oppressed many people. Learning that the Ice King was killed, many oppressed citizens clapped and cheered in happiness.

But the rest of the factions in power residing in LongHai survival camp had a different attitude- they were apprehensive of Yue Zhong’s power. After all, Ice King Group is relatively powerful within LongHai survival camp. The fact that Yue Zhong managed to destroy the group in the span of one night made them feel threatened.

“I need you to give me an explanation!” The next day, Chen Jian Feng summoned Yue Zhong, and looked at Yue Zhong without any expressions on his face.

Yue Zhong face did not change colour, and he calmly replied. “Ice King Group has twice sent people to kill me, and even framed me for things I did not do. With these provocation, surely I am permitted to fight back?”

Chen Jian Feng stared at Yue Zhong with a poker face. It is impossible to read Chen Jian Feng thoughts from his face as he spoke. “Even then, you should just report the issue to the relevant authorities, and inform us about this issue. We of course will not just sit still and will send someone to take action. But you selfishly acted and kill Ice King Zhang Yun, how are you going to resolve this problem?”

Yue Zhong looked at Chen Jian Feng and suddenly he smiled. “I looted 30 tonnes of food from Ice King Group. I will give you half!”

“20 tonnes!” Chen Jian Feng then relaxed his poker face. In reality, he does not care about the Ice King Group. Destroying this poisonous cancer group means nothing to him. But what he wants is the Ice King Group’s accumulated food supply. 20 tonnes of food. If all the food are turned into porridge, it will be enough to let 2000 more survivors last for one or two more months. The reason why he summoned Yue Zhong today is to ask for some of the food supply that Yue Zhong’s group had raided from the Ice King group. [Translator notes: Off topic: Woahhh.. I did not expect that both LBD&A and this chapter had the same theme, that of corrupted officers in China].

Yue Zhong agreed, “Ok, it is a deal!”

Chen Jian Feng stared at Yue Zhong with a serious voice. “Let’s forget about the matter yesterday. But I do not want this type of thing happening again. If this happens again, I will not let you off this easily.”

If Yue Zhong continues to act without regards for the law, Chen Jian Feng will not sit still, not even if the ones that Yue Zhong killed are all scums from LongHai survival camp.

Yue Zhong did not promise anything, but just replied, “If no one tries to kill me, of course, I will not willfully create trouble.”

Chen Jian Feng raise his eyebrows, and asked “Regarding the raid on the granary, how are your preparations coming along?”

Dongfang military jeep

There is really a DongFeng military Jeep in real life! The author really know his shit!

“No problems.”

After asking about preparation for the raid on the granary, Yue Zhong left the office of Chen Jian Feng.

In the following two days, Yue Zhong’s men transported all the people to Stone Horse Village. This include the female ‘bitches’, Cheng Yu’s 9 children, and workers who agreed to work in Stone Horse village.

On the day of the agreed joint exercise to raid the granary, Yue Zhong forces sent one infantry fighting vehicle, 5 Dongfeng military jeeps with guns mounted on them, 2 Dongfeng Military Trucks, 5 hummers and 2 fire trucks.

On the LongHai survival camp side, the military also sent one infantry fighting vehicle, 4 large trucks, 6 Dongfang military jeeps with guns mounted on them, 6 jeeps, and 3 ambulance.

Other than the military, other factions and powers from LongHai survivor camp united together under one group.

As this mission is viewed as very important by LongHai decision-makers, the various factions and powers were promised by the military that if they were willing to help the military attack the granary, they will be rewarded with a portion of the food.

After the apocalypse, food becomes of paramount importance. If there is food, then there will be people who are willing to work with them in exchange for food. With more people, it means more power. Therefore the various factions and powers are willing to help the military fight in return for a portion of the food supplies. Also, with the the military and Yue Zhong’s men being positioned in front, there is less risk to them, and they are more willing to take risks.

Once the appointed hour arrive, all the vehicles set off for the granary in Shang Lin county.

Surprisingly, along the way, the party did not even see a single creature, not even zombies. This made Yue Zhong felt that something is not right.

The granary is located at the outskirts of Shang Lin county. Surrounding the granary are vast tracts of farmland. However some tracts of farm land that is supposed to be full of crops are now overgrown with a strange type of weed. The remaining farm land seemed to be barren and do not have any crops.

As the group of cars entered the area near the granary, suddenly a shrill cry resounded through the sky. Then hundreds, if not thousands of black rats seemed to crawl out from various rat holes. Each rat is as big as a cat, and the swarm of rats rushed towards the group of cars…

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