God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 893

Each time the blood mist killed an enemy, it seemed to grow slightly more. It was a terrifying sight.

Many of the rebel soldiers were turned into emaciated corpses, at the same time, the Reapers that they held hope in were being desecrated by Wei Ming Qing. This caused them to collapse totally.

The rebel forces had been able to invade the inner city because of the Reapers. The moment those Reapers were destroyed, the soldiers had no fighting spirit left.

In the skies, the other trump card of the rebel forces were the heavy assault helicopters. They started to drop energy missiles at the blood mist.

Those powerful missiles could blast a Type 6 expert to pieces, this was one of the measures that Cloud Region used to kill the High-Grade Dino-Generals.

The missiles had just been fired, when the blood mist below suddenly burst out, turning into blood drops that defied gravity, shooting towards the incoming missiles.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The missiles that could obliterate an entire building detonated, while the blood mist withdrew and shrank back.

“Assault helicopters? Hmph! You think that just because you’re in the air, this Seat will not be able to do anything? Go to hell!!”

From the blood mist, there was a powerful rumble. The massive blood mist shrank and condensed in itself, before suddenly shooting multiple blood arrows upwards, piercing towards one of the helicopters.


The blood arrows pierced the cockpit and penetrated the head of the pilot as he stared in despair and shock.


The next moment, a larger blood arrow shot out from the body of the pilot, who had already turned into a dried corpse, as he slumped in his seat.

Having lost the pilot, the assault helicopter wobbled before descending towards the ground. In a loud explosion and fiery blaze, the helicopter blew up and consumed hundreds of rebels.

After destroying one assault helicopter, the blood mist continued to sweep towards the other helicopters, repeating the pattern of piercing the pilots and sucking them dry. The assault helicopters would then crash.

Across the entire battlefield, only the assault helicopters with the guided Energy Missiles could pose a threat to the blood demon-like Wei Ming Qing.

As the various helicopters were being destroyed, the rest quickly raised their altitude, ascending higher into the skies.

At a distance, inside a command center, as the commanders looked at how Wei Ming Qing was rampaging across the battlefield, everyone’s faces were ugly.

A middle-aged man in a suit stared at the demon-like Wei Ming Qing, his eyes narrowing, “We have to stop him!! If he continues to rampage, we will all die here!”

This middle-aged man in a suit was called Dou Hua, one of the elite clansmen of the Dou Clan. He was also one of the leading generals of the rebellion.

Dou Hua commanded the private forces of the Dou Clan, before the rebellion, he had just pretended to be an unimportant manager of a small company. Due to the sudden events, he did not have time to change, directly joining the fray.

Zhang Qiu Yan, a beautiful and sultry woman beside him, had a narrowed gaze as well, “That’s right, he’s insane!! If he were to turn the tides, all of us would die!”

Although many of the upper echelons of the city had joined in the rebellion, there were others who still stood by Wei Ming Qing, while some chose to sit on the fence and wait to see what would happen.

The moment the assault on the inner city failed, Wei Ming Qing would be able to banish every single party involved in the rebellion to hell.

Although Wei Ming Qing had turned extremely cruel, he had governed for many years. Many subjects were still loyal to him, many city lords at his beck and call. If he were to gain the upper hand, it would be nigh-impossible for the rebels to turn the tides back.


“Seems like it’s only us to stop him. Let’s go!”


One muscular expert in a Type 5 Battle Suit spoke out before he charged out towards Wei Ming Qing’s position valiantly.


8 other Type 5 experts exchanged looks and followed right after.

Right now, facing the strange and terrifying blood mist, there were no weapons of war that could stand up to that. The only way was to rely on those Type 5 experts who could utilize the Type 5 Battle Suits.

Ordinary people were basically like ants in front of Wei Ming Qing’s blood mist, the moment they were enveloped in it, they would lose their lives.


The leader of the group of Type 5 experts appeared in front of Wei Ming Qing in a few breaths. With a wave of his hand, a powerful freezing energy emitted out from his hands, freezing the drops of blood.


As the frost met the blood, part of the blood mist turned to huge chunks of ice and fell to the ground.

The seemingly endless blood mist began to shrink at a rate visible to the naked eye.


“Zhao Chun, it’s you! Truly the one known as the top Ice user. Impressive! However, in front of this Seat, you’re just a slightly stronger ant. This seat is the true invincible existence of this world. I have already broken through to the Type 6 Divine Warrior realm, soon to reach the Type 7 that no one in history has ever reached before. At that time, this world would be a toy in my hand. Why oppose me? How dare you guys oppose me??”

Following a bellow of rage, Wei Ming Qing reformed and stepped out of the blood mist. His eyes were bloodshot, his entire body covered in the blood that seemed to have a life of its own. He truly looked like a demon, emitting an overbearing and terrifying aura.

At that instant, Wei Ming Qing seemed to broke through the air, passing by the freezing field. He appeared right in front of Zhao Chun, his right hand like a claw. It was wrapped in a thick, bloody aura that aimed for Zhao Chun’s head.

That claw was simple, yet its might reached an unimaginable level. Zhao Chun could only stare wide-eyed at the incoming claw, unable to react!

Zhao Chun could smell the heavy blood scent that could cause a person to vomit.

At that moment, another expert wielding a Battle Spear came thrusting her spear at an extremely quick speed towards Wei Ming Qing.

If Wei Ming Qing forcefully continued to attack Zhao Chun, he would be pierced by that spear.

“Fool!! This Seat is invincible!! Those who oppose me will die!!”

Wei Ming Qing glanced at the incoming spear and bellowed in rage. He suddenly disappeared from his location, bringing a strong bloody scent with him as he appeared beside that small-sized expert. He transformed into a huge blood mist and surrounded that expert.

The face of the small expert fell, as she retreated explosively.

However, the huge blood mist continued to swirl towards her, directly enveloping her.


“Chen Qing!!!”

Seeing this, another Type 5 expert that had just arrived let out a heart-wrenching scream, the Type 5 Nuclei on his back glowing brightly. The strength of the Type 5 Mutant nuclei instantly pushed his power to the max, causing him to take a half-step into the Type 6 realm. With that strength, his feet lit up and he turned into a beam of light that charged right for the blood mist.

Just then, the small figure shot out from within the blood mist, blasting towards the almost-Type 6 expert.


The expert faltered and grabbed the small figure with care, exclaiming in worry, “Qing’er, are you alright?!”

The petite figure trembled slightly before suddenly exploding. A sharp blood arrow shot out, slicing the near-Type 6 expert into multiple parts.

Witnessing this gory scene, the remaining 7 Type 5 experts felt a chill in their hearts. The strength of Wei Ming Qing was seriously too overpowered. In just a breath, he had killed 2 Type 5 Divine Warriors in succession. If he were to continue on like this, they would all likely turn into corpses.

One of the Type 5 Divine Warriors turned pale, his entire body trembling. He shouted as he turned and fled.


Not everyone was able to face death with courage. Many would crumble under the pressure.

“Wei Ming Qing, you bastard, die!!”

A Type 5 expert channeled his Type 5 Nuclei, pushing his power to its limits. He then roared in fury and fired a bright-yellow flame dragon towards the blood mist.


Due to the blood mist occupying a large area, the flame dragon managed to burn parts of the blood mist.

“Bastard!! You dare to act against this Seat, go to hell!”

A loud bellow of rage resounded from within the blood mist. There was a surge of a bloody scent as the mist swarmed towards the Type 5 expert.

In response, the Type 5 expert fired out countless flames in a frenzy, burning huge amounts of blood.

Under the burning flames, the blood mist was getting reduced. If this Type 5 expert was given enough time, it was likely that he could incinerate all of the blood mist.

Suddenly, a figure shot out from within the mist, grabbing the head of the Type 5 expert and wrenched with strength. The entire head and the connecting spine was dragged out and torn from the body, fresh blood splattering everywhere. Another Type 5 expert had died.

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