God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 894

At that moment when the flame-attribute Type 5 expert was killed, another Type 5 expert had a cold glint in his eyes. He waved his hands, and sent a powerful tornado out, forcefully separating Wei Ming Qing and the blood mist that seemed to possess a life of its own.

Wei Ming Qing was able to make use of his Type 6 strength to trample over thousands, as well as his invincibility, was partly due to the blood mist.

If it was not for the blood mist covering Wei Ming Qing’s true location, and deflecting countless attacks, even if he was a peak-Type 6 expert, he could not possibly rampage through without some injuries.

Zhao Chun continued to activate his own ability, freezing large chunks of the blood mist into blocks. As long as the blood mist could be separated and sealed, then his combat power would be limited.

2 other close-combat specialist charged forth with their Battle Spears thrusting out. There was a terrifying energy collected at the tip blasting towards them.

Another one had the ability to manipulate gravity. His eyes turned bloodshot as he channeled it, enveloping Wei Ming Qing, causing his body to sink.


Wei Ming Qing glanced at the 2 Type 5 experts with the Battle Spears and sent out his palms enveloped with the bloody radiance towards them.

The 2 Type 5 experts thrust out, the powerful spears blasting through the bloody hands, slamming into Wei Ming Qing.

Wei Ming Qing’s face turned steely, as the blood mist gathered around him, turning into a shield.

The 2 energy thrust slammed into the shield, easily piercing it. They penetrated through his body, revealing 2 bone-deep wounds.

However, at that moment, the blood mist suddenly flashed past them and chopped off their heads.

“Audacious!!! What guts to actually harm this Seat!! This Seat will slaughter all 9 generations of your family!! 10 even!!”

Wei Ming Qing let out a roar like an enraged beast. The wounds he suffered were healing at an incredible speed. All of a sudden, dozens of blood arrows shot out from his body, piercing towards the remaining 3 Type 5 Divine Warriors.

Zhao Chun’s face fell. He swiftly channeled his energy, as an unbelievable cold energy emitted out from him, causing even his skins to be covered with icicles.

The sharp blood arrows pierced through the icicles, giving the ice a bloody, red hue.

The Type 5 Gravity Manipulation user, as well as the Wind Controller, were not as fortunate, their bodies instantly pierced by the dozens of blood arrows. Instantly, they were riddled with holes as their bodies were sucked dry of all blood.

The moment Wei Ming Qing got the upper hand, he laughed out loud maniacally, “Haha!! This Seat is invincible!! The world belongs to this Seat!! I will wipe out all your traitors!! Wipe out all your families and lineage!! Hahahaha!!”

As he was roaring with laughter, Yue Zhong appeared right in front of him like a flash of lightning, wearing his Type 5 Battle Suit.

Wei Ming Qing was a devil that was going to breakthrough to the Type 7 realm, and one who had killed too many innocents, Yue Zhong would not let him live.

Wei Ming Qing glanced at Yue Zhong and snorted coldly, “Peasant, die!!”

He and his blood mist had been separated by the Wind Controller earlier, and both lunged towards Yue Zhong. As long as Yue Zhong was caught in the blood mist, he would be sucked dry.

Right at this time, a bright red Devil Flame encased Yue Zhong. The moment the blood mist got too close, it was incinerated into nothing.

“You have some ability, but in front of this Seat, you’re just a small ant!”

Wei Ming Qing glared coldly at Yue Zhong while pointed out with his palm. 10 bright red beams that could pierce even the armor of Type 5 Battle Suits shot out, slamming into Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong had disappeared from his location in a split second.

“Illusion? Where’s the main body?”

Wei Ming Qing looked at the scattered clone of Yue Zhong, an uneasy feeling creeping up his heart. He chose to back away quickly. His speed was simply amazing, to the point where some Dino Warriors know that they were not a match for him. That’s no way to maintain the struggle.

As long as he could create some Wei Ming Qing could rejoin with his blood mist, and they could deal with Yue Zhong easier.

The moment Wei Ming Qing moved, he suddenly sank, as though his back just gained an additional ten thousand jin.

Yue Zhong appeared mysteriously behind Wei Ming Qing, thrusting out a spear viciously.

Wei Ming Qing’s eyes finally had some hint of panic. He waved his huge hands, slapping the Battle Spear away. The might of the Type 6 Divine Warrior exploded out.

At that moment, Yue Zhong let go of the spear.

Wei Ming Qing’s full force slammed into the spear, knocking it over thousands of meters.

Yue Zhong put all his weight into the collision, slamming into Wei Ming Qing like a thunderbolt. His Strength exploded out, forcing the Type 6 Divine Warrior to be knocked flying.

When Yue Zhong crashed into Wei Ming Qing, the insane Emperor felt his inner organs tremble, and he almost threw up. Although he was a Type 6 Divine Warrior, in terms of physique, he was inferior to Yue Zhong who had the Third Order Body of Steel. After all, humans were one of the weaker intelligent species.

“This fellow is weak in close combat!”

The moment Yue Zhong determined that fact, he shot forward and his entire right fist was covered in Devil Flames, punching towards Wei Ming Qing. He wanted to take down this peak-Type 6 Divine Warrior in the shortest possible time. Otherwise, once Wei Ming Qing managed to put some distance between them, he would suffer the consequences.

As the Emperor of Cloud Region, Wei Ming Qing seldom needed to act personally in the past. Although he was strong, his close combat skills were weak. He was basically incomparable with Yue Zhong who had countless experience.

Yue Zhong’s right fist slammed into Wei Ming Qing’s stomach, and the powerful force coupled with the Devil Flames blasted out, enveloping his entire body.


Under the intense burning of the Devil Flame, Wei Ming Qing screamed out in agony. A thick blood mist suddenly came out from his body, trying to extinguish the Devil Flames.

Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame was at the Fourth Order stage, there was nothing it could not burn. The moment it lit, even a Type 5 Divine Warrior would not be able to extinguish the flames easily.

The blood mist continued to churn around Wei Ming Qing, trying to put out the flames while enveloping Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong stared at Wei Ming Qing, his fists raining blows on Wei Ming Qing mercilessly. Under the enhancement of his Dark Dou Qi as well as the Type 5 Battle Suit, every single punch could penetrate even an armored vehicle. However, against Wei Ming Qing, he could not punch through.

Wei Ming Qing was breathless and could not recover from the constant attacks by Yue Zhong. He then opened his mouth, firing a long arrow-like blood mist towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong grabbed hold of Wei Ming Qing, twisting his body and slammed him down towards the ground.

When the blood arrow pierced through Yue Zhong’s Devil Flames, it slammed into his shoulder, penetrating through the Type 5 Battle Suit, before being stopped by the Type 5 Mutant Sea Snake scale-armor.

He grabbed hold of Wei Ming Qing once more, kicking viciously at his waist. With his immense strength, the kick crushed the gonads of Wei Ming Qing.


Wei Ming Qing screamed in pain, even if he was a Type 6 expert, the precious family jewels of anybody would be a weak spot. Despite his strength, he could not help but scream.

At this time, the separated blood mist swarmed over, enveloping the both of them.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, his Devil Flames blazing upwards in a pillar. The blood mist started to burn up in loud crackling sounds, without any means to get close. He then grabbed Wei Ming Qing, and brought his knee up in a cruel fashion, slamming into Wei Ming Qing’s bloody waist.

Being attacked at the same spot over and over again, Wei Ming Qing’s face was contorted in pain, his body trembling non-stop.


Yue Zhong continued to rain blows on Wei Ming Qing’s head, his strength and Devil Flames exploding out.

Another mass of blood mist seeped out of Wei Ming Qing’s body, congealing to block the Devil Flames.

Yue Zhong seemed to ignore everything and just continued to slam his fists viciously, turning Wei Ming Qing’s head into a messy, bloody, pulp.

After dozens of blows, the blood mist suddenly dissipated, while Wei Ming Qing’s head was incinerated into ash by the Devil Flames.

A huge orb of life force was absorbed into Yue Zhong’s body.

The tyrant of Cloud Region died just like that at Yue Zhong’s hands.

It was not that Wei Ming Qing was weak, but his experience in close combat was too lacking. As the Emperor of the Cloud Region, he had no need to act at all. Due to that, the moment Yue Zhong got close, he did not know how to deal with it. In the end, he was taken out by the weaker Yue Zhong.

Of course, if it was not for the previous 9 Type 5 Divine Warriors that had sacrificed themselves to separate Wei Ming Qing and the blood mist, Yue Zhong would have died in an instant.

“Congratulations, you have gained +20 in all attributes!”

“Congratulations, you have gained +4 skill points to be allocated.”

The pure life force entered Yue Zhong’s body and he heard the 2 notifications.

After pondering a while, he chose to enhance the Dark Dou Qi, pushing it to the Fourth Order +3 stage.

The Devil Flame was extremely powerful in offense, while the Dark Dou Qi raised Yue Zhong’s strength in all aspect. It was an auxiliary skill, which boosted both his offense and defense. If he wanted to survive better, the Dark Dou Qi was more suitable.

Dou Hua stood on a podium, eyeing the imperial city coldly before giving a cold order, “Is Wei Ming Qing finally dead? Very good, in that case, Yue Zhong has no use to us as well. Convey my orders, shut down all the electronics with clones! Launch the first volley of missiles!!”



One of the signal officers quickly left.

With that order passed, a number of 235mm cannons started adjusting their aim in a jungle about 4km away from the inner city.

Although most of Cloud Region made use of the central computers to adjust their weapons, the weapons could still be adjusted manually.

Bai Yi suddenly appeared in Yue Zhong’s watch, sounding out an alarm, “Warning! Warning! The clones near the inner city have been shut down! Based on conjecture, there’s an 89% chance that the rebel forces have turned on you.”

Yue Zhong’s heart turned cold as a strong sense of danger arose in his heart. He quickly activated his Bone-Encompassing Armor, with White Bones stepping out a void and transforming into a carapace around him.

The bone spikes propelled him off the ground, sending him about 300m into the air.

Hong! Hong! Hong!!

After 3 breaths, there were loud, earthshaking explosions within the inner city, destroying many of the structures and buildings.

The might of those Energy Cannons were extremely terrifying, it was likely that only the energy shield could have blocked that.

Even a Type 6 Divine Warrior would have found it hard to survive that barrage of firepower.

Those 20 heavy cannons were another trump card prepared by the 4 Great Clans. They had originally intended to use it against Wei Ming Qing. However, with the flow of the battle changing, since Wei Ming Qing was dead, Yue Zhong became their next target to be eliminated.

The guided Energy Missiles required the central computer or an A.I. to control to fire it accurately. Whereas the heavy cannons just required the adjustment of angles and trajectories. Against Yue Zhong and his Super A.I., the heavy cannons were the best weapons to utilize.

White Bones’ spikes were easily shattered by that explosion, and Yue Zhong started to descend like a heavy rock.

At this moment, Yue Zhong activated his Summon Tamed Beast skill. A void appeared, and Greenie shot out from it, picking Yue Zhong on its back.

Standing on top of Greenie, Yue Zhong swept a sharp gaze downwards, and immediately caught sight of Dou Hua and the rest in the command center.

Without the use of a computer, Dou Hua and the rest could only make use of a high vantage point to observe.

Yue Zhong patted Greenie’s back, and it immediately shot towards them in a flash of green light.


Dou Hua caught sight of them, and a cold feeling crept up his heart as he roared out, “Attack!! Wipe him out!!”

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