God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 895

The soldiers by Dou Hua’s side immediately raised their guns to fire at Yue Zhong.

Bright laser and electromagnetic beams shot into the sky, turning into a net that threatened to engulf Greenie.

The might of those beams were truly powerful, even a Type 4 Mutant Beast might not be able to withstand them. However, while Greenie’s body was large, its speed had reached Mach-2. It traversed 680m in a mere second, allowing it to evade those beams.

If the rebel forces had the central computer to help them, there was still a possibility of injuring Greenie. Without the calculation abilities, the ordinary soldiers had no way to catch Greenie’s profound movements.

In just 4 seconds, Greenie flew above the command center with a strong gust. It opened its huge wings and send blades of winds at the rebel soldiers below.

Under the torrent of wind blades, many of the rebel soldiers were sliced up in multiple parts, their limbs flying everywhere. It looked like hell.

Yue Zhong leaped down lightly, appearing in front of Dou Hua who had a bitter look right now. He asked with a dark expression, “Why did you act against me?”

Dou Hua’s face fell, gritting his teeth, he replied, “It’s all a misunderstanding. We just wanted to make sure that Wei Ming Qing was killed thoroughly. You know that a Type 6 Divine Warrior is terrifying. If he left here, we will all die. Let me apologize to you here, this was a decision made by myself. If you want to kill, just kill me.”


Yue Zhong looked at the stubborn Dou Hua who did not want to admit his mistake, and his eyes flashed coldly. The Type 4 Flame Blade appeared in his hands, and he swung it down in a flash, severing Dou Hua’s right arm. Blood splattered while Dou Hua’s face contorted in agony.

Yue Zhong laughed coldly in response, “You think that I’ll believe such an absurd lie? If I’m not wrong, you bastards had already been prepared against my A.I. and was looking for a chance to kill me. Burning the bridge after crossing the waters, what a crude method used by politicians.”

Dou Hua’s face twisted, he knew that the lie had been exposed, and roared out loud, “That’s right! The Super A.I. in your hands is too dangerous to us! As long as you’re alive, and you possess that, our countless equipment and central computers would be ineffective. You’re a cancer to the entire Cloud Region. As long as you exist, the tech of Cloud Region would never improve. Only by killing you will we be able to improve by leaps and bounds. Why don’t you kill yourself? For the sake of humanity, someone like you should just die!”

Inside the Imperial Capital, there were many guided Energy Bombs, Reapers, and other terrifying super-weapons. However, they all required the central computer to calculate the maximum effectiveness in firing them.

Since Yue Zhong had Bai Yi, it was possible for him to gain control over everything in the Capital. As long as he was still in the capital, the 4 Great Clans would not dare utilize any of the weapons. Their fates were basically in his hands.

This time, the 4 Great Clans could attack Wei Ming Qing because they had received Yue Zhong’s help in controlling the Reapers and guided Energy Missiles. Whereas Wei Ming Qing’s side had to suffer from the absence of a central computer. The 4 Great Clans would naturally not allow Yue Zhong to continue existing with them.

“As expected. Since you guys want to kill me, I will not show any mercy either.”

With a cold look, Yue Zhong shot forward and knocked Dou Hua unconscious. At the same time, his right hand glowed, as a single Type 2 Puppet Rune appeared and entered Dou Hua’s head.

Dou Hua was then slapped awake, his previous grim expression replaced with a respectful one, “Greetings Master!!”

Yue Zhong pointed at him, handing several Puppet Runes over, “Set off with White Bones, gather your subordinates, turn them into Puppets.”

Dou Hua replied respectfully, “Yes! Master!”

After that, Dou Hua retreated with White Bones.

Yue Zhong’s killing intent did not subside, “Since you guys want to force my hand, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” He then asked Bai Yi, “Where are the 4 fogeys?”

Bai Yi responded, “Master, there’s no information. The enemy has already cut off all power, I can’t triangulate their position.”

Those Clan lords were also slippery heads; since they knew of Yue Zhong’s power, they would not stay in a dangerous place.

Yue Zhong frowned and asked, “What’s the situation of the battle outside the city?”

Bai Yi responded, “Before I lost connection with the copies, the 4 Great Clans was gaining the advantage. General Wei Shou had already died. The rest of the City Guards were also surrendering, only a few are still resisting.”

The 4 Clan lords were not fools. It was precisely at the moment when they had broken in, where Yue Zhong’s strength did not matter, that they chose to fall out with him.

Yue Zhong then jumped back onto Greenie, “Let’s head to the outer city!”

Greenie flapped once and turned into a flash of green as it soared towards the outer city.

Soon after, Yue Zhong came to the airspace above the battlefield. He looked down, only to find the soldiers of the 4 Great Clan sweeping the battlefield while thousands of captives were being led out of the city.

In some alleys, there were still bright flashes and sounds of conflicts.


Yue Zhong patted Greenie’s back, “Go down!”

Greenie flapped once and shot down.

“That is!! Open fire!!! Kill it!!”

One officer belonging to the 4 Great Clans caught sight of Greenie and exclaimed loudly.

However, it was much too late. Yue Zhong leaped down from Greenie’s back, and with a cold glint, the Black Tooth Blade in his hands slashed out. He darted through the 40-man unit like a specter.

The blade continued to dance, as blood splattered everywhere. In barely a few breaths, all of them had been killed.


The surrendered City Guards looked at Yue Zhong with shock.

“I’m Yue Zhong, the 4 Great Clans would definitely not let you people off because of your loyalty to Wei Ming Qing. If you want to live, grab your weapons and come with me. We shall attack their armory and wipe them out! If you don’t mind dying, then just surrender.”

With a point, 2 Reapers appeared out of thin air.

Seeing this, their eyes widened in shock. Although Cloud Region’s technology was advanced, it was not to the stage where spatial technology could be used in the way Yue Zhong did. It was beyond anything that they knew.

A burly officer with a long scar across his face stood up and said, “Sir, those rebels have a Super A.I., if these 2 Reapers were to meet their A.I., there’s a possibility of it being stolen.”

Yue Zhong stared at the officer and spoke coldly, “The A.I. was mine, to begin with. From now on, they will be the ones unable to use their weapons.”


When they heard this, the faces of all the City Guards changed. This time, the main reason why they had lost was that of the Super A.I., causing them to be helpless.

If it was not for the Super A.I., then even if all the rebel forces joined hands, it was impossible to defeat the City Guards with their superior technology and firepower.

Yue Zhong continued to ask aggressively, “Wei Ming Qing is already dead. Are you intending to continue to be loyal to a dead man? Or to fight for your own freedom and your comrades to wipe out the rebel troops?”

The officer stared at Yue Zhong with bloodshot eyes, “Since you stood with the 4 Great Clans, why betray them now?”

The gazes of the City Guards fell upon Yue Zhong, they were obviously full of suspicion as well.

Yue Zhong replied blandly, “They acted to kill me first. Don’t tell me I can’t defend myself and wait for them to kill me? Are you willing to join me or wait for them to kill you?!”

The officer stared at Yue Zhong and spoke, “I’m Chen Tai. I’m willing to serve you, but you must promise me this: If you win, you must ensure the safety of my brothers, and you cannot make us slaves or refugees.”

The winner decided the rules, while the losers in Cloud Region suffered. They were either slaves or refugees, their descendants doomed to be the same.


When thinking about the possibility of suffering such a fate, the soldiers could not help but tremble.

Yue Zhong replied solemnly, “If we win, I will definitely not mistreat you all. As long as you follow me, you will definitely not become slaves or refugees.”

Chen Tai then faced back and barked, “Fine! Brothers! Arm yourselves! Let’s fight!”

The City Guards swiftly regained their fighting morale, and equipped themselves, before standing by Chen Tai’s side.

Yue Zhong then led this troop towards the heavy weapons of the 4 Great Clans.

“Those are Reapers, why did they suddenly appear here?!”

“Shit! Those are Reapers!!”


The moment the rebel forces of the 4 Great Clans saw the 2 Reapers, their faces fell. The next moment, the 2 Reapers unleash carnage upon the soldiers, punching them all full of holes.

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