God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 896

The moment the rebel forces were killed, Chen Tai and the rest quickly rushed over, picking up the equipment on the floor. They then took over the heavy weapons area.

Yue Zhong surveyed his surroundings, “You guys stand guard here. Quickly activate the systems for those weapons. One of you, come with me to reorganize the City Guards.”


Chen Tai barked out, “Zuo Gang!”

One soldier came up and reported, “Yes! Captain!”

Chen Tai then said, “You take some men to defend this location. I will follow Sir Yue Zhong to regroup those Central City Guards!”

Zuo Gang responded, “Understood!”

“Let’s go!”

Yue Zhong grabbed Chen Tai, before channeling his Dark Dou Qi. He charged through the battlefield at a terrifying speed of Mach-2. In a few breaths, he disappeared from the view of everyone present.


Zuo Gang was filled with shock, “Strong!!”


He reigned his feelings in, before ordering the rest, “Quickly activate the systems for the heavy cannons.”


The City Guards had dealt with the heavy weapons before, and since most of their power supply was just cut, and not destroyed, they were quickly able to restart the systems.

Yue Zhong quickly came to the frontlines with Chen Tai in tow. Over 2,000 Central City Guards had surrendered by then, and they were being herded towards a large field. Many electromagnetic cannons were stationed, while over 200 rebel soldiers of the 4 Great Clans were eyeing the City Guards coldly.


The moment there was any strange movements from those City Guards, the electromagnetic cannons would punch them full of holes.

Hiding behind some cover, Chen Tai eyed the 2,000 City Guards with his fists clenched tight. His breathing became ragged, as he eyed Yue Zhong with a pleading look.

Yue Zhong looked back at him and nodded slightly. His pupils narrowing, the Fourth Order Dark Dou Qi enveloped his body. With a tap of his foot, Yue Zhong transformed into a black beam of light as he charged towards the 200 rebel forces.

In a few breaths, Yue Zhong had already reached their midst. He immediately activated his Third Order Art of Fear, and a powerful Spirit attack spread out with him at the center. The soldiers who were engulfed in the skill immediately passed out.

To Chen Tai, all he saw was a flash of black, and the 200 rebel soldiers suddenly crumpled to the ground, causing him to feel shocked.


After dealing with the 200 rebels, Yue Zhong reappeared. He then waved his hand casually, sending his Puppet Runes into each and every one of those fainted soldiers.

In order to conquer the city, Yue Zhong alone was not enough. He needed a troop to support him. After these soldiers were turned into puppets, while their will and combat strength suffered, they could help maintain order and defend locations. They could even be used as cannon fodder.

Chen Tai stood up and exclaimed at the top of his voice, “I’m Captain Chen Tai from the Central City Guards. This is Sir Yue Zhong! We’re here to save you! If you don’t want to be killed by these rebels, nor have your family and loved ones become slaves, then stand! Take up your weapons, and eradicate these damned rebels!!”

“He’s Chen Tai! I recognize him!!”

“They have heavy firepower, how can we fight against them?!”


Hearing Chen Tai’s words, the 2,000 City Guards fell into a state of panic, as many of them began to grumble and question.

Yue Zhong patted Chen Tai’s shoulder and ordered, “I’ll leave here to you. You’d better organize them properly.”

Chen Tai nodded with a grim but excited look, “Yes! Sir!”

He had just been a captain of a 100-man unit in this battle. Yet now, he was suddenly tasked to be the leader of a 2,000-strong troop. This showed how much power Yue Zhong was entrusting him. He was naturally excited.

After handing the 2,000 City Guards to Chen Tai, Yue Zhong brought the 200 rebel soldiers with him as he continued forward.

The group advanced for a few hundred meters when they coincidentally came across a 500-man team.

The leader of the other group looked towards Yue Zhong’s puppets and asked with a frown, “Which unit are you guys from?”

Yue Zhong did not waste any time with them. He shot into their midst like a specter, as a powerful spirit wave spread out, knocking out more than half of the soldiers.

“Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!”

Amongst these soldiers, there was one outstanding one in terms of Spirit that was not too badly affected by Yue Zhong’s attack. He immediately screamed out at the top of his lungs.

A cold blade flashed past the Spirit-based soldier, decapitating his head, directly killing the soldier.

However, it was too late, the moment the soldier shouted, the signal was already sent into the skies.


“Enemy? How come there would still be an enemy? Behind us no less?”

The soldiers of the 4 Great Clans saw the signal and their faces fell.

The rebel forces that had almost defeated the City Guards regathered, and they made their way towards Yue Zhong and his men.

After countless intense battles, their numbers already reached 40,000. These troops were like a flow of metal that surged towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong tried wiping out 2 emergency reinforcement units, moving choosing to retreat.

The 40,000-strong army was not easy to deal with, as countless experts were inside. The moment he got caught among them, no matter how strong he was, he would be killed.

The seemingly-invincible Type 6 Divine Warrior Wei Ming Qing had still fallen at the hands of a few Type 5 Divine Warriors. If a strong person was not careful, it was possible to be killed by other weaker people that joined hands.

Facing the incoming wave of rebel soldiers, Yue Zhong sent the puppets towards some of the alleys and streets. They made use of the simple covers as they pulled out their weapons and began to fire at the rebel soldiers.

The rebel soldiers had to take out the puppets with care and caution before they could continue advancing.

Both sides engaged in an intense fight. Without the interference of heavy weapons, with the death of each Puppet soldier, a few rebel soldiers would be killed as well.

The 40,000 rebel soldiers quickly gathered, before separating into 8 paths. Each unit was about 4,000 or so, as they slowly surrounded Yue Zhong’s position.

On a high ground, there was a general who was in military uniform, standing straight as he touched his small mustache slightly. He ordered with a cold glint in his eyes, “Attack! Destroy the enemy, leave no one alive!”


This general was called Chen Du, the commander of the force attacking the outer city. He had led the operations against the Central City Guards.


With Chen Du’s orders, the 8 troops quickly launched a fearsome attack towards the area where Yue Zhong was.


Based on Yue Zhong’s current military force, any of the forces could easily wipe out Yue Zhong’s troops.


Seeing the approaching 8 units, Chen Tai’s eyes flashed with fear. However, he stood by Yue Zhong’s side resolutely. They already had no way of retreat, nor surrender. The rebel forces would not let them off.

Yue Zhong stood his ground, eyeing the surging forces with a cold laugh, “Shall we start?”

His pupils narrowed as he ordered, “Fire the cannons!”


Bai Yi’s eyes flashed with data, “Understood! Firing is beginning! Calculating location… Target set!”


At that instant, the heavy cannons that Yue Zhong managed to snatch began to adjust their angles, firing off a volley of shots.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

A bright flash went off in the sky, before landing on the ground. With each bright explosion, a huge number of soldiers would be obliterated, swallowed by the flames and devastation. There was no room for escape, and countless elite soldiers were turned to ash in seconds.

In a few breaths, everywhere Yue Zhong glanced, there were barely a hundred rebel soldiers at every corner. The rest had already been annihilated.

This was the true, terrifying might of a Super A.I. combined with advanced technology.

Yue Zhong spoke coldly, “Convey my orders!! Kill our way out!!”

Chen Tai was moved as he replied, “Yes! Sir!!”

“Kill!! Kill!! Kill!! Brothers, let’s slaughter our way out!!”


With enraged roars, Chen Tai brought the 2,000 City Guards out, rushing towards the rebel soldiers that outnumbered them.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

A number of huge, white explosions blasted in the midst of the rebel soldiers, enveloping them.

The morale of the rebel forces fell apart. Without any fighting spirit, they abandoned their armor, trampling over themselves.

Chen Du eyed the crumbling rebel forces and muttered in a daze, “How did it become like this? How did it become like this?! We were just gaining the advantage!! Why did we lose?! Why?!!”

One of the vice-commanders barked out, “General!! Get yourself together!! We have not lost yet! We still have a reserve troop. Do we send them to battle?!”

Chen Du was arrogant, but he was an exceptional general. Even when faced with such a minor character like Yue Zhong to him, he still kept the reserve troops, not deploying them.

He recovered quickly and passed down a flurry of orders, “Retreat!! Retreat immediately!! We don’t have any heavy weapons, if we fight with him, it will only wear down our fighting strength. Evacuate the troops, employ guerilla tactics to counterattack!”

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