God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 897

Under Chen Du’s orders, the 8,000 reserve troops quickly dispersed out into countless smaller units, making use of the terrain to begin their counterattack. These soldiers were made up of the most elite soldiers under Chen Du. With their resistance, Chen Tai’s City Guards were forced to slow their advance.


Yue Zhong ordered, “Go, eradicate those who resist.”


“Yes! Master!”

Under Yue Zhong’s orders, 20 Reapers appeared, forming a unit under Bai Yi’s control. They rushed right into the fray of the battle.

When the 20 Reapers appeared, the energy shields absorbed the majority of the bullets from the rebel soldiers. At the same time, their lasers and electromagnetic cannons tore through the ranks of the rebel soldiers.


“It’s the Reapers!!”


The moment the 20 Reapers jumped into the fray, the rebels felt despair, their morale dropping once again.


One officer muttered absentmindedly, “Heavy firearms!! Where are our heavy weapons? Our cannons, missiles, Reapers?! Where did they go?”

The rebels had no heavy weapons and were as helpless as gun-wielding soldiers facing tanks. They could only be slaughtered, especially since the Reapers were under Bai Yi’s control. Thus, their accuracy was incredibly efficient. The rebel soldiers were simply defenseless.


After they resisted for a while, their defenses were finally broken through, and the entire unit collapsed. Many chose to flee, while the rest abandoned their weapons and surrendered.

Yue Zhong did not choose to chase after those soldiers after crushing them, instead, he turned the spearhead of the attack towards the outer city gates.

Although the outer gates had been constantly assaulted by the 4 Great Clans, the city wall was still an important structure in the hundreds of years. As the final stand, it was not so easy to destroy it even with heavy weapons.

At the same time, there were many armories outside the outer city gates, with huge amounts of firepower, Reapers, laser gun-mounted vehicles, electromagnetic cannons, as well as other heavy weapons inside.

These weapons had not been utilized earlier because of Yue Zhong and Bai Yi. Many of the weapons were automated or used computers to control. If the City Guards had used them, Bai Yi would have gained control in an instant and used them against the Imperial City.

There were many soldiers of the 4 Great Clans stationed outside the city gates. Many of them were devastated by the assault of those terrifying Reapers.

After half a day of battle, Yue Zhong finally brought the entire outer city under his control.

Along the way, with Chen Tai’s help, he had even enlisted over 5,000 City Guards, while making use of the Reapers to wipe out another 2,000 who were not willing to submit.

Once the gates fell into Yue Zhong’s hands, he quickly deployed men to activate the automated defense systems.

The Reapers, Mech Fighters, automatic laser weapons were all activated, swiftly occupying the various vantage points.


In the city, the forces of the 4 Great Clans also swiftly gathered, occupying the various defense points.

Inside a secret basement, the 4 Clan Lords were seated around a table.

Dou Meng’s pupils narrowed, “What do we do now? That fellow already controls the outer city. With his Super A.I., they will be able to gather an immense armored force to attack us. We will not be able to hold out.”

If the Super A.I. in Yue Zhong’s hands could gain enough automated weapons, it would be able to unleash a terrifying might. The 4 Great Clans were extremely clear about this, it was precisely because of this that they had decided to do away with Yue Zhong right after Wei Ming Qing’s death. However, they had underestimated Yue Zhong, failing to kill him. Instead, they had allowed him to counterattack with intensity.

Zhao Sheng hesitated a while before replying, “We can gather all the upper clans in the city to fight against him together. He has only about 10,000 people, while we can deploy 100,000. It should be enough to defeat him.”

Lu Yi snorted coldly, “100,000. It’s not as if you guys don’t know what quality those 100,000 are. Among them, the only true soldiers number only about 20,000. And they were those who had just been beaten back by Yue Zhong. The rest of the 80,000 soldiers are just a motley bunch. There might be some experts among them, but against Yue Zhong’s armored unit, they would be able to take down a few Reapers and that’s it. Furthermore, they are just a bunch of wildcards. If we succeed, it’s not too bad, but who knows if they’ll stab us in the back if things go awry.

The moment the 4 Great Clans acted, most of the upper clans had joined in their rebellion. These various factions sent their own private armies and equipment. After facing Wei Ming Qing, over 20,000 of these soldiers had either died or were heavily injured, leaving only 80,000.

This 80,000 riff-raff, adding on to the 20,000 elites of the 4 Great Clans, formed the current army within the inner city.

The private forces of the upper clans had little to no training while bullying some citizens was no problem, in an actual military battle, they were weak. During the attack on the inner city, 5,000 City Guards were enough to slaughter over 100,000 of the private forces. This was already a testimony to the weakness of the private soldiers.

Hearing Lu Yi’s words, everyone fell silent. They were clear, that in the face of Yue Zhong’s armored units, the 100,000 would not be able to withstand.

As long as the casualty rate reached a certain degree, those riff-raff would likely submit to Yue Zhong, after all, the majority of them had no enmity with Yue Zhong.

After a moment of silence, Chen Mu suddenly spoke up, “Let’s try talking to him.”

Dou Meng voiced his concern, “I’m afraid that he’s not willing. He already has the upper hand, if he’s vicious enough, he could wipe us all out.”

Chen Mu continued slowly, “As long as he accepts us, we can crown him the Emperor of Cloud Region!”

Zhao Sheng frowned and barked out, “I object!! It was enough with a single Wei Ming Qing, if Yue Zhong really became the Emperor, with his Super A.I., we do not have a shred of bargaining power against him.”

Chen Mu replied coldly, “When Wei Ming Qing was around, was there anything our 4 Great Clans could do? If it was not for Yue Zhong and his Super A.I., we could not have overthrown Wei Ming Qing at all! And now, are we able to stop him from ascending the throne?”

Lu Yi retorted, “Even if we don’t have the strength to stop him, without us, he can forget about ascension being an easy feat.”

Chen Mu nodded, “That’s right, and that’s the only bargaining chip we have, that we must take out.”

Controlling a city was not an easy matter. Yue Zhong did not have a foothold at all. If he wanted to control the city, he would need a lot of energy. If he was to become King, many of the upper clans might proclaim their loyalty and obedience, but there would still be undercurrents.

Inside the room, silence fell upon them once more.

After a long while, Dou Meng spoke slowly, “Let’s send Lu Hua over now”

Soon, an enhanced motorcycle shot towards the outer city gates like the gust of a wind.

On the city walls, a number of City Guards were standing at various vantage points, while Yue Zhong observed the surroundings while pacing up and down the place.

Phantom was following behind him, eyeing this man with a complicated gaze. This person had actually pulled out a troop from within the mayhem and took control of the most important city walls. Currently, with the help of his Super A.I., he had already become the person with the strongest military might within a day.

Chen Tai, who was beside Yue Zhong, suddenly asked, “Sir, may I ask, why aren’t we attacking the inner city? With my troops’ strength, it is definitely enough to crush the rebels.”

Chen Tai had just submitted to Yue Zhong not too long ago. He hoped to use the various battles to prove his loyalty and gain merit.

With the various heavy firepower, Chen Tai had the confidence that with 500 men, they could annihilate the 100,000 men in the inner city.

Yue Zhong had the weapons and the Super A.I. It was practically a fully armed U.S. troop against knife-wielding backward barbarians. There was simply no comparison between both parties.

Yue Zhong eyed the inner city and spoke slowly, “I’m waiting for some people. If they’re smart, they would send some people over today. I will wait until tomorrow the latest. If those rebel heads are still stubborn, then, no mercy to them.”

One soldier came running over at that time, “Sir! There’s an envoy requesting your audience.”

Yue Zhong replied indifferently, “Bring him over.”


Soon, a smart-looking man with decent features appeared. He was wearing a suit and had short, black hair. He saluted as he saw Yue Zhong, “Zhou Xin greets Sir Yue Zhong!”

Yue Zhong turned around and had an indifferent expression, “Speak your mind.”

Zhou Xin looked at him and spoke, “Sir, your talents are heaven-defying and you have eradicated the evil demon Wei Ming Qing, saving the lives of millions here in Cloud Region, and you’re the savior of Cloud Region! Our Zhou Clan is representing the entire Cloud Region and hopes that you, Sir, can ascend the throne and become the new Emperor.”

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