God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 900

The bodies of these Eyeless Beasts seemed no different from ordinary Mutant Beasts. However, they were Type 4 existences, and that meant, there was definitely something terrifying about them.

What caused Yue Zhong’s scalp to go numb was that from what he could observe, there were more than a hundred of them in his line of sight.

The lake was extremely vast, and if he were to estimate the number based on the proximity that he was seeing, it was likely that there were over a thousand of them.


If a thousand of these monsters were to be unleashed, even a Type 5 Mutant Beast would be consumed till only the bones were left.

Although Yue Zhong was strong, facing a thousand of these freaks would spell his death.

When he saw these Eyeless Beasts resting, he twisted around and swam towards the shore.

At this moment, a Mutant Black Fish of about 10m swam near the bottom of the lake.

One of the Eyeless Beast about a hundred meters away from it suddenly sprang into action, It reached the Mutant Black Fish in seconds and opened its jaws to chomp down on that unsuspecting Mutant Black Fish.


With a loud crack, the Mutant Black Fish could not even react and its head was directly crushed by the jaws of the Type 4 Eyeless Beast. Fresh blood spread out in the water.

The blood immediately attracted the rest of the Eyeless Beasts, each of them shooting towards the corpse of the Mutant Black Fish like lightning bolts.

In a matter of seconds, the entire Mutant Black Fish was consumed.

Yue Zhong saw this and his heart turned cold. In the waters, his combat strength would not even reach such a terrifying level. The Mutant Black Fish was so easily taken out by those Eyeless Beast. If it were him there, facing those Eyeless Beasts, he would likely be destroyed in a second as well.

Yue Zhong swam to the shore and frowned while pondering, “What do I do?”

Yue Zhong did not know how Wei Ming Qing got in and out freely. This was a lake where even a Type 6 expert could be torn to pieces. Now that Wei Ming Qing was dead, finding out how to reach the bottom of the lake had become a difficult thing.

“Drain the water out?”

Yue Zhong continued to stare at the lake with a vexed expression. If he drained the waters, he could deploy the army to clear up all the beasts in the water. However, it would take an indeterminate amount of time, and what he lacked now was time.

He thought hard and long and did away with a few conjectures. He suddenly thought of the scene where the Mutant Black Fish was torn to bits, and his eyes brightened up. With a communicator device, he issued an order to Bai Yi.

Soon, under Bai Yi’s deployment, all the battle personnel were in place.

Having made his preparations, Yue Zhong came to the side of the lake, pulling out a bottle full of Type 5 Mutant Beast blood, and poured it slowly into the lake.

The blood of a Type 5 Mutant Beast was a huge boon to most Mutant Beasts, helping to push their evolution. The moment the blood entered the water, the lake started to churn. Many Mutant Prawns, Mutant Crabs, and Mutant Lice swam over, fighting to take in the blood of the Type 5 Mutant BEast.

One particular Type 3 Mutant Water Centipede charged out with its sharp pincers and sucked in deep. A huge number of the smaller Mutant Beasts were all drawn into its mouth. It then clamped down and crushed down on those Mutant Beasts.

The various aquatic Mutant Beasts swam over.

In order to obtain the Type 5 blood, many larger ones began to attack the weaker Mutant Beasts, sucking them all into their stomachs.

Yue Zhong poured half the bottle into the lake, before pouring the rest outwards.

Attracted by the scent of the blood, many more low-level Mutant Beasts began to swarm over.

Yue Zhong watched the horde of low-level Mutant Beasts and frowned. He pulled out his Type 5 Black Tooth Blade and slashed out, slaughtering them with ease. The precious Type 5 blood was not for these low-level Mutant Beasts.

The low-level Mutant Beasts were killed easily by Yue Zhong. With his Type 5 Divine Warrior strength, it was not tiring to deal a thousand of them.

After killing a hundred of them, the water suddenly churned violently. At that instant, one of the Eyeless Beast shot out from the water, opening its huge jaws to bite down on the Type 3 Mutant Water Centipede. The jaws of the Eyeless Beast crushed the head of the Mutant Water Centipede like it was nothing.

The water churned even more, as numerous Eyeless Beasts shot out from the water, pouncing on the various large aquatic Mutant Beasts. They opened their jaws and clamped down on those defenseless beasts.

Yue Zhong was about 20m from the shore. He saw one Type 3 Mutant Black Fish that was over 30m in length, the size of a house, being pounced on by one of the Eyeless Beasts. The monster bit out a hole in the head and burrowed in.

The gigantic Type 3 Black Fish struggled for a while, before floating lifelessly. The Eyeless Beast emerged from another part of the body, covered in blood, looking extremely terrifying.


These Eyeless Beasts were obviously the overlords of this Bi Tao Lake, the moment they appeared, the rest of the Mutant Beasts began to flee.


Yue Zhong saw the rest of the Mutant Beasts disappearing, and hurried to scatter the remaining Type 5 Mutant Beast blood. At the same time, he took out some slabs of Type 5 Beast meat and threw them to the ground.

The moment the blood splattered, the Eyeless Beasts swarmed over like flies, pouncing towards Yue Zhong as well.

When they got on land, their speed was still as terrifying, slithering on the ground viciously. It was a horrifying scene that caused people to fear.

Yue Zhong dodged and continued to throw out slabs of Type 5 Beast Meat, attracting those Eyeless Beasts.


In just a few breaths, Yue Zhong had lured over dozens of those beasts to leave the lake.


At that moment, numerous Mech Fighters and 20 Reapers appeared, firing their lasers and electromagnetic beams at the Eyeless Beasts.


With Bai Yi’s accurate calculations, the beams rained down on the Eyeless Beasts, punching them full of holes.

Immediately, 7 of them writhed in pools of blood, struggling violently.

In retaliation, some of them lunged towards the Reapers that had appeared in front of them.

The Reapers opened up their energy shields, and the teeth of the Eyeless Beasts sunk into the shields but were unable to proceed further.

The electronic eyes of the Reapers flashed, as they slashed out with their alloy blades. The large blades came slashing down with immense force, slicing up the Eyeless Beasts, leaving them writhing in agony.

A Type 4 Mutant Beast nucleus was a rare resource in places like the Green Region. However, in Cloud Region, with the existences of the powerful Reapers, it was not uncommon to obtain Type 4 Nuclei.

At the same time, due to the abundant resources and technology, Cloud Region was able to produce many experts, thus there were a decent number of Type 5 experts.

With Yue Zhong’s specially set up ambush, the battle lasted for about 4 minutes, and 30 Eyeless Beasts were either killed or heavily injured.

When the remaining 7 Eyeless Beasts saw that things were not going well, they swiftly fled towards the lake. Although Type 4 Mutant Beasts were generally still low on the intelligence quotient, when they meet an existence they could not defeat, they would flee as it was in their nature to survive.


As the 7 Eyeless Beasts were fleeing, Yue Zhong swiftly turned around, activating his Summon Tamed Beasts technique. Turtle climbed out from the void and opened its huge mouth, blasting cold air and freezing one of the Eyeless Beast.


The moment Turtle appeared, it channeled its innate ability. The freezing field spread out and caused 4 of them to freeze instantly.

Yue Zhong channeled the Dark Dou Qi, wielding his Black Tooth Blade as he charged towards the remaining 3 Eyeless Beasts.

In a flash, Yue Zhong had already appeared in front of one of the Eyeless Beast.

The Eyeless Beast snarled and opened its huge mouth, lunging towards Yue Zhong with its jaws opened. Its speed was extremely quick, and a Type 5 Divine Warrior might not be able to evade. The strength of the Eyeless Beasts might not be able to match Type 3 Mutant Beasts, but when they pounced, their speed was terrifying.

Yue Zhong did not dodge nor evade. His Dark Dou Qi covered his entire body, he waved his Black Tooth Blade at the Eyeless Beast, channeling the Dark Dou Qi into his Black Tooth Blade. His flurry of attacks immediately sliced the Eyeless Beast into two from its head down.

After the Dark Dou Qi was enhanced to the Fourth Order +3, Yue Zhong was able to enhance any weapons he used with it, exhibiting more of its might.

After killing one of them, Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a cold glint, as he charged for the 2 remaining ones. With his blade trailing behind him, the 2 Eyeless Beasts were soon made short work of.

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