God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 901

The Eyeless Beasts were Type 4 Mutant Beasts after all. They had a terrifying regeneration speed, and those who were sliced in two by those Reapers continued to struggle.

Yue Zhong darted about, appearing before one particular Eyeless Beast. His right fist was covered in Dark Dou Qi and he slammed down viciously on the head of the Eyeless Beast.

The Eyeless Beast let out a howl of anguish, as strange liquid flowed out of its mouth. Its lower body continued to thrash about.

Yue Zhong continued to rain blows harshly, his right fist covered with the Dark Dou Qi. It was like having two sledgehammers pummeling the head of the Eyeless Beast.

Yue Zhong was a true Type 5 Divine Warrior after all. With the enhancement of his Dark Dou Qi, his strength that exploded out far surpassed any humans of the same realm. He was even stronger than a Mid-Grade Dino-General. Most Type 4 Mutant Beasts could not afford to underestimate his strength.

The Type 4 Eyeless Beast struggled for a long while, before it finally crumpled, obviously near death.

With a tap of Yue Zhong’s hand, he sent a Type 4 Puppet Rune into the beast, overriding its will.

After subjugating this beast, Yue Zhong then gave a vial of Type 5 Mutant Blood and a Type 4 Beast nucleus to it.

Upon swallowing those, the Type 4 Eyeless Beast quickly recovered, regenerating a lower body.

The regeneration of a Type 4 Mutant Beast was terrifying. It was even stronger than Yue Zhong with his Regeneration skill. With enough energy, a beast could swiftly regain limbs and lost body parts.

Having controlled it, Yue Zhong dashed towards the various Type 4 Eyeless Beasts. Under his assault, they were heavily injured, before made into his puppets.

Since Yue Zhong had conquered the 8 Xue Luo Forts, he had obtained a huge number of Type 4 Nuclei and could create many Type 4 Puppet Runes as he wished.

Soon, of the dozens of Type 4 Eyeless Beasts on land, 23 had been subjugated by Yue Zhong, turned into his puppets.

He then continued to use the same methods to lure more Eyeless Beasts up on land after that.

Very soon, many dozens were attracted up, while Yue Zhong continued to attack, bringing another 18 Eyeless Beasts under him.

After numerous repetitions, Yue Zhong finally gained 75 Eyeless Beasts.

It was difficult for him to lure any more beyond that.

He looked at the 75 Eyeless Beasts laying quietly on the ground, emitting a terrifying aura and his eyes flashed with appreciation, “I think this should be enough.”

If these 75 Eyeless Beasts were to attack a Type 5 aquatic Mutant Beast, it would be possible for them to ravage it.

With them as his underwater guard, Yue Zhong felt safer about entering Bi Tao Lake.

“Let’s go!” He came to the lake and gave an order. The 75 Type 4 Eyeless Beasts quickly dived in like coiling dragons.

Yue Zhong put on the Sea Mask as well and entered the water.

When they submerged themselves, no beasts dared to approach Yue Zhong with his 75 Eyeless Beasts as guards.

Along the way, the Sea Mask allowed him to have the ability to see clearly underwater, while the Night Vision ability allowed him to peer into the dark. With these 2, he was able to make out what the situation was like beneath Bi Tao Lake.

At the deepest part of the lake, there was a region that was covered with an energy shield. No aquatic Mutant Beasts were lurking within, at the same time, there were no Mutant Beasts within the region of 10m of the shield as well.

Yue Zhong had not dived in for long, but 2 Eyeless Beasts suddenly stirred about 300m away, as though they had caught the scent of humans, and darted towards him.

The moment those 2 Eyeless Beasts moved, Yue Zhong commanded his troop of Eyeless Beasts to attack them as well.

In an instant, his team of Eyeless Beasts tore into the 2 poor monsters, their sharp teeth sinking into their flesh. Within seconds, the 2 of them were torn to shreds.

With the protection of the 75 Eyeless Beasts, Yue Zhong quickly arrived at the location of the energy shield. He passed through it without any problems. It seemed that the energy shield could not prevent humans from entering or leaving.

One of the Eyeless Beasts touched the shield and was instantly electrocuted and shuddered, before crumpling to one side.

Yue Zhong swiftly ordered, “Disperse, guard the area!”

With that order, the remaining Eyeless Beasts spread out right outside of the energy shield.

They covered a large area, standing guard for Yue Zhong.

As for Yue Zhong, he came up to an alloy door and noticed that there was a palm-shaped box right outside the door. It was evidently a fingerprint scanner of some sorts.

Since Yue Zhong did not have Wei Ming Qing’s prints, he pulled out the tablet with Bai Yi and spoke, “Open the door.”


Data flashed across Bai Yi’s eyes, and soon, there was a robotic voice from within the door, “No issues with identification. S-Class clearance. Please enter!”

The door opened swiftly, revealing a lit tunnel.

Yue Zhong walked right in, following it for about 10km, before arriving at a lavish treasury.

The treasury was about 1sq km and 20m in height. There were many chests filled with Mutant Beast nuclei.

Other than those nuclei, there were also 3,000 sets of Type 4 Battle Suits, each fitted with Type 4 Nuclei, as well as a 100 of the rarer Type 5 Battle Suits, fitted with Type 5 Nuclei.

In the past, the strongest human expert would at most reach Type 5 in this Third World. Hence, the design of the Battle Suits reached Type 5 at most. After all, even if a Type 6 Battle Suit was produced successfully if no human could unleash its full potential, then it was for naught.

Other than these nuclei, there were also sorts of strange and extraterrestrial-looking gems. Each of them could easily be sold for an exorbitant price outside.

Yue Zhong did not look at the precious stones and gems longer than necessary. Instead, he made a beeline for the crystal podium in the center of the treasury.

Right on the podium, there was a fist-sized nucleus that was slightly blue in color. It was likely the Type 6 Mutant Beast nucleus. The entire Cloud Region only had this one Type 6 Nucleus.

Yue Zhong took the Type 6 Nucleus from the podium, keeping it inside his Storage Ring.

“Is this Blood Honey?” After keeping the Type 6 Nucleus, he swept a glance across the room, and discovered vats filled blood. The color of the blood was thicker than any other Blood Honey he had seen, and they were emitting a strong bloody scent.

Yue Zhong stared at the Blood Honey, thinking about the millions of people sacrificed by Wei Ming Qing to obtain this. He felt uncomfortable but still kept them in his Storage Ring with a wave of his hands.

“Ah! There’s another secret passage!”

Yue Zhong kept all the treasures and combed the area once more carefully, discovering a secret tunnel.

He followed the passage, and after some time, he walked right out into a valley.

“That!! That’s the Gate of Hell! It’s actually the Gate of Hell!!”

The moment Yue Zhong walked out of the tunnel, he saw the distinctive Gate of Hell about 100m away from him. It had countless engravings of skeletons, monsters, Mutant Beasts, emitting an ancient, archaic aura.

He came in front of it, his right hand touching the closed Gate. Suddenly, there was a notification, “You’ve already accomplished the mission to open the Gate of Hell. Do you want to open this Gate that leads to the Second World? Once you do, the gate will not be closed, until you complete the gate-closing mission.”

Yue Zhong’s heart turned cold and made a decision immediately, “No! Don’t open it yet!”

It was not the time to open the Gate of Hells yet.

Yue Zhong felt some relief in his heart, “Finally! The people of Cloud Region finally have a road of retreat.”

The Cloud Region was surrounded by mountains on all sides, with the Xue Luo Forts being the only way to enter and exit. While such an amazing terrain provided a natural defense and made it hard to attack, it was also a dead-end for the humans. Should the Xue Luo Forts get breached, the people of Cloud Region would have no way of retreat.

With the Gate of Hell, there was finally a chance of retreat and survival.

He swiftly walked out of the valley and noticed that it was linked to the Capital. It was obviously a path of retreat for the Wei Clan. Unfortunately, before it could be utilized, the Wei Clan had been eradicated.

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