God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 902

About 5 kilometers away from the Xue Luo Guards, there were many tents set up, the entire patch of the forest looking like a huge army camp.

The Dino-Warriors were thick-skinned and were not particular. There were no problems for them to sleep on the ground. However, if they could sleep in even more comfortable options, they would not choose the floor as well.

Other than these Dino-Warriors, there were various other vassal races, and they needed their own space as well.

In the huge camp, there was a clear distinction among the various races and warriors, including about 6 or 7 different humanoid-species.

At the center of the army camp, there was a huge tent, with over 100 commanders of the various races gathered, waiting quietly.

Seated in the main seat, there was the Type 6 Tyranno-King Agu Ya from the Tyrannosaurus Kingdom. This Tyranno-King was 3m-tall, his body covered in black scales. His entire frame was bulky and muscular, and he had a thick, long tail wrapped around his waist. His looks were about 90% similar to humans, and was considerably good-looking, if not for the fact that he had a vicious and savage expression.

Agu Ya was looking coldly at the various leaders gathered. Each time his gaze fell upon someone, the person would tremble.

Agu Ya suddenly barked out, “Yun Shi!”

A Winged man with white wings stood up and shuddered, “Your subordinate is here!!”

Agu Ya ordered coldly, “Your Clan was late for a minute! Go bring me the heads of a thousand of your people.”


Yun Shi’s face turned incredibly pale. He wanted to argue, but under that intense gaze, he lowered his head, and responded bitterly, “Yes! Your Majesty!”

This Tyranno-King was incredibly cruel and vicious. If Yun Shi dared to resist, the entire Winged Race would have been executed.

Although Yun Shi was a Type 5 expert himself, against Agu Ya, he would be slaughtered in a heartbeat.

Seeing his tyranny, the rest of the leaders also trembled, feeling even more on edge.

Agu Ya barked out coldly, “Since everyone is present, then set off to attack the Xue Luo Forts immediately!”

With his order, the rest of the leaders immediately went into action, deploying their troops according to plan.

“They’re here!”

Due to the many satellites, the moment the Dino-warriors acted, Zheng Yan He discovered them and quickly came to the wall to observe.

Sometimes, it was hard to make an accurate judgment just from the satellites. In comparison, Zheng Yan He trusted his senses and gut more. Because of this, he was able to defend and lead the 1st Fort for so many years.

Not long after, a number of human-like Pig-Warriors with boar heads and human physique burst out from the forests, wielding large wooden bats. They grunted in fury as they charged towards the Fort.

Zheng Yan He saw the incoming surge of Pig-Warriors and frowned, “What are these?! Damn it, this time, it’s going to be hard to survive this.”

In the past battles between Cloud Region and the Tyranno Kingdom, the strength of the Tyranno-Warriors had been shocking. Their vassals were also powerful races. However, it was the first time that Zheng Yan He had seen this Pig-Warriors, and he came to the conclusion that there must be at least 2 Dino-Kingdoms colluding together.

Even if Cloud Region was stable, fighting against 2 Dino-Kingdoms was hard. Right now, Cloud Region was still recovering from a state of panic, it was even more vulnerable.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The Pig-Warriors charged right into the landmine area, detonating the explosives planted earlier. Many of them were blasted apart, and their casualties rose.

When Zheng Yan He saw this, he was not happy. These Pig-Warriors were obviously cannon-fodder.


The moment those Pig-Warriors got to a range of about 300m away from the 1st Fort, the commanders gave their orders, and countless beams of laser and electromagnetic shots fired out, penetrating the heads of many Pig-Warriors.

Inside the 1st Fort, the central computers began to whir and with the help of the satellites in the sky, the data was quickly transmitted to all the soldiers with multi-purpose helmets.

The soldiers had undergone strict training and were able to follow the targeting functions of the helmet, easily taking out enemies at about a distance of 300m.

Without the calculations of the central computer, then the accuracy of these soldiers would decrease greatly.

The horde of Pig-Warriors seemed to have encountered some wall, unable to proceed beyond 300m. They fell to the ground, with varying levels of injuries and the death toll was still climbing.

After a thousand of the Pig-Warriors had died, their morale finally crumbled and they turned around to flee. The one weakness of intelligent species was that, when the casualty count was too high, they would lose morale and spirit.

Right at this time, a number of Bloodthirsty Dragon Warriors came charging out, beating some war drums to incite morale and valor. Each of them was at least 3m tall and were muscular.

A strange drumbeat echoed out across the battlefield.

The Pig-Warriors heard these drumbeats and their eyes turned bloodshot, turning around once more and launched an assault on the 1st Fort.

This was the innate ability of the Bloodthirsty Dragon Warriors, Bloodlust. They could make use of any music instruments to incite a battle-crazed state in any warrior. In that state, the soldiers would not fear death and only sought to eradicate their enemies.

The beams continued to rain upon the Pig-Warriors from the 1st Fort, tearing them apart mercilessly.

The Pig-Warriors had lost all rationality, advancing forward as much as they can as corpses formed closer and closer to the walls of the 1st Fort.

From the Dino-Warriors camp, the Type 5 leader of the Pig-Warrior clan watched his own elite soldiers being slaughtered with a pale countenance. Although his body was trembling with grief and rage, he continued to send his troops forward. If he dared to resist Agu Ya, the entire Pig-Warrior Race would be wiped out.

The intense battle continued all the way till noon, and over a dozen thousand Pig-Warrior corpses laid strewn across the ground near the Xue Luo Forts. There were piles and piles of them, giving off a desolate vibe. The 1st Fort had not suffered a single casualty yet.

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