God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 156

“Level 5 monster: Mutant Rat – Hunt in massive groups.” Due to Yue Zhong’s Eyes of perception passive skill, he immediately received the information as soon as he saw the mutant rats.

The mutant rat joined together and become a massive black tide, and surrounded the team.

“Open fire! Open fire!!” The leader of coalition of various factions and powers could not help panicking when he saw the endless stream of rats, and immediately shouted out orders.

Immediately the coalition of various factions members all madly fire whatever weapons they had at the mutant rats.

There were too many mutant rats in the rat tide. Even though the shooting skills of the coalition of various factions members were relatively poor, most of the bullets still hit the rats and killed many rats, and those rats that were shot or killed were rapidly crushed by the weight of the other rats behind it as the swarm tided forward.

The problem is the number of mutant rats is many, and despite the fact that a large number of rats have been killed, like a tidal wave, the rats tide does not seem to slow down at all as it rushed towards the team.

Seeing the massive swarm of rats continuously getting closer and closer, the coalition leader was unable to keep his cool under pressure, and tried to escape using the same route that they came in from.

As the jeep entered into the sea of mutant rats, the mutant rats within the rat tide seemed unafraid and attacked the jeep. Although hundreds of mutant rats were crushed and sent flying from the impact of the jeep crashing through them, there were many mutant rats that managed to latch on the jeep, and the jeep seemed to be surround by mutant rats. Even worse, the window of the jeep is completed covered, and this made it impossible for the driver to see anything.

Without any visibility, the driver was unable to steer properly and the jeep crashed into a barren field. Countless mutant rats immediately surrounded and attacked the jeep in a frenzy.

There were burst of sharp shill sound as countless black mutant rats attacked the steel plating on the jeep, and managed to bore a large hole through the plating. Then the mutant rats swarmed into the deep, and bit down on the men inside the vehicle. From the jeep, there came a sound of screaming, and splatters of blood splashed on the windows of the car. The car shook for some time, and finally stopped moving.

[Translator notes: This is really scary to me due to my superb imagination! I am so glad I am not in that jeep]

What happened to this jeep seems to foreshadow what happened to the other vehicles that tried to run and rush out from the rat tide: These were all swallowed by the swamp of rats. Then there were screams of agony as the men inside each vehicle were eaten alive echoes throughout the granary area. [Translator notes: Urghh… More gore!]

If the teeth of the mutant rat is strong enough to rip about the steel plating on the jeep, of course there is no need to mention what would happen to the other normal vehicles that did not have steel plating.

Each faction leader immediately roared out. “Don’t run away, Idiots! Open fire, quickly open fire, and kill these rats!”

Each of the surviving men immediately spread a sea of bullets into the rat tide. The IFV, the weapons mounted on each donghai military jeep, and Yue Zhong’s heavy machine guns all concentrated fire on the rat horde. Under the stream of concentrated fire, the black coloured rat tide faltered and it seemed as there was an invisible knife cutting through the middle of the rat tide, parting the waters into two sides. Countless numbers of mutant rats were torn into shreds from the concentrated fire.

Although there was a temporary respite, the number of mutant rats were really uncountable, and despite the concentrated fire on the middle of the rat tide, there were some rats that managed to avoid the hail of bullets and successfully landed among the team members.

For the rats that managed to enter Yue Zhong’s camp, Ji Qing Wu used her superior sword skills, Tang imitation blade and mysterious footwork skills to slice apart the rats. Many rats were sliced into two pieces, as their blood splattered all over the floor.

Chen Shitou, Kong Tianyu and the other evolvers from Yue Zhong’s camp also used the Tang imitation blades on any stray mutant rats that managed to get close.

Individually or in a small number, these mutant rats were not scary at all. Even a normal human can easily kill one if they were unafraid of it. But if anyone is engulfed in the sea of rats, it is almost impossible to survive.

For the few isolated cases of mutant rats that successfully managed to enter the coalition team’s rank, some of the more skilled warriors were also easily able to kill them, but there were some that panicked and it is with some difficulty that these rats were put down. These rats are only as big as a cat, and only had a bite or scratch attack, and post little danger to them. Only six of the collation team members were scratched by the mutant rats, and there was no causality among the team.

The mutant rats seemed to be trapped between a rock and a hard place. (If they retreat they would be gunned down by concentrated fire, and if they rushed forward, those that managed to infiltrate each faction is easily put down. Although a massive number of rats were killed and the rat eyes turned bloodshot, still the rat tide remained unrelenting and continued to rush towards the team.

Under the barrage of heavy fire, in less than 10 minutes, there were over 2000 mutant rats that have been tore into shreds. However, there were also about 200 mutant rats that managed to enter the human camp and the number is constantly increasing.

In the coalition of factions/powers team, a man who was armed with a machete had just chopped a mutant rat to death. In the next moment, suddenly two mutant rat lunged at him. One of the rats bit his shoulder, and the teeth that can break apart a steel plate took out a big chuck of flesh. The other mutant rat bit him on his leg, and tore off a large stripe of meat and blood.

“Aarhhhh!!!!” The man could not resist letting out a miserable cry. His left hand grabbed the rat that was on his shoulder, and threw the rat to a side.

Immediately after the man threw the rat away, another 4 mutant rats rushed towards him, and latched onto his body as they chomped their sharp teeth into his flesh.

The man desperately struggled in pain while crying out for help, growing weaker with each successive bite. After a short while, his cries disappeared and he stopped moving. There was no one around to save him as more and more rats has successfully rushed through the bullet storm and entered the camp.

Other than the evolvers who were equipped with many protective items, or Yue Zhong’s team members who were well equipped with snake skin armour, the rest of the teams began to show signs of people dying, and the death count of humans also began to rise.

Due to the non-stop firing of the heavy machine guns that was mounted on the vehicles, all the heavy machine guns began to heat up and turn red hot. The battle between the men and rats had only last 10 mins, but now the guns were now white hot, and could not continue to fire.

Seeing this unfavourable situation, Yue Zhong seldomly commanded his man, “Spray the oil!”

The tanks on the two fire engines on Yue Zhong’s team did not contain water, but oil. The firemen has already readied themselves to hose the rat horde with oil, and was just waiting for Yue Zhong’s command. Upon hearing the command, they immediately sprayed the oil in a semi-circle around the ground in front of Yue Zhong’s team.

Cheng Yu then lighted a bottle of Molotov cocktail and hurled it towards the oil on the ground.

Upon contact with the Molotov cocktail, the ground that was sprayed with oil caught fire, and burned all the mutant rats within the area into ashes.

On the LongHai military camp side, they had also prepared two ambulances loaded with barrels of flammable oil. They also spilled the flammable oil on their territory, and set fire to it, forming a wall of fire.

The reason that man is superior to animals is because man has intelligence and is able to think of ways to deal with problems.

But the mutant rats were not the same. Even though there is a wall of fire blocking their path, the mutant rats still continue their strategy of rushing through the fire in swamps. But each mutant rat that passed through the sea of flame were burned to death. There was an unpleasant smell in the air hundreds of mutant rats were burned. Still the rat tide continues to swarm over the fire, as if they want to use the corpse of the fallen to create a gap in the fire ….

Side Notes:

[Translator notes: Thanks for the nightmare of rats gnawing at me. Wait, that is Fruits and Veggies – he is so hungry that he bit my leg while asleep. Due to the accident today, he did not had any dinner, and felt asleep next to his phone, even though the rice with veggies is in the fridge. Well his loss and my gain???? ]

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