God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 904

At this point, a number of humanoid robots came to the city wall, wielding electromagnetic cannons as they fired down at the Mice-Warriors. The flashing beams blasted many of them dead.

Within the 1st Fort, there were the Mech Fighters, and in the defense of the Forts, they could replace human soldiers and fight dangerous battles.

Once these Mech Fighters joined the fray, they began to take out many Mice-Warriors scaling the wall.

However, the boulders that were being flung from below managed to strike these Mech Fighters, turning them into scrap metal.

The intense battle continued for a long while, lasting the entire night. The Dino-people did not stop in their assault at all.

Early the next morning, as the sun rose, Zheng Yan He’s eyes were bloodshot from the lack of sleep. He surveyed the surroundings, and saw the numerous Mice-Warrior corpses. The casualty toll was too high, forming small mountains of dead Mice-Warriors, and the strong blood scent could be detected even from the top of the Forts.

In front of the fort, there were large ditches and holes. These were the impact from the energy cannons from the night prior. The holes were filled with corpses and dismembered limbs as well. The entire battlefield looked right out of hell, and it could be described as mountains of corpses and a sea of blood.

The casualties on the Dino-people side had been heavy, with over 150,000 Mice-Warriors dead. The surviving few had begun to retreat, when another group of creatures took over their place. This time, it was the Lizard-People, whose bodies were covered in a layer of green scales. They ran forth with all their might, pouncing towards the Fort.

Zheng Yan He saw this and his face sunk. He quickly summoned a signal officer and said, “Convey my order, go notify Miss Han Qiong, and inform that the Dino-people are not relenting at all. We need as many reinforcements we can get.”

The signal officer replied, “Understood!”

Zheng Yan He looked into the distance, before calling out, “Wait, tell her this. Based on the current intensity of attacks, we can hold out for another 10 days at most. Tell Miss Han Qiong to notify Yue Zhong to be prepared. This time, our Cloud Region might be in trouble.”

In just one day, there were already 300,000 dead foreign species, their corpses piled up into hills and their blood flowed all about the ground. It was truly a hellish sight, while the humans had only lost about 20 of their soldiers.

While such a battle record seemed almost perfect, in truth, it was just one day’s worth of battle, and many of the automated weapons and defenses had already been destroyed, while many nuclei had already been used up and shattered.

The casualty rate of the 1st Fort might not be high, but the combat ability had already decreased drastically.

With the flow of time, the automatic weapons were being destroyed constantly. It would only spell greater troubles for the 1st Fort. To hang on for another 10 days was already an amazing feat.

The signal officer knew the severity of the situation, and left quickly after responding, “Understood!”

In the meeting hall of the 20th Fort, the commanders of Yue Zhong’s army sat in a discussion.

After hearing the report of Zheng Yan He’s request, Ma Lei frowned, “Again? Didn’t we just assist him before? That Zheng Yan He is truly greedy.”

Not long ago, according to Yue Zhong’s instructions, Han Qiong had sent a troop of the original Xue Luo soldiers to Zheng Yan He, together with some nuclei.

Zheng Yan He remained the ruler of the 1st Fort, and did not submit to Yue Zhong. Instead, he chose to maintain status quo with his 2 brothers, while requesting for resources from Yue Zhong shamelessly. This caused Ma Lei to be extremely unhappy.

After all, in a battle of technology, equipment was extremely important. Each time they sent something to Zheng Yan He, it meant that their own resources were depleted.

Han Qiong’s pretty countenance was bunched up, as she asked Luo Qing Qing, “Sis Qing Qing, what do you think?”

Although Luo Qing Qing was the head of Storm Valley, and had to represent Storm Valley’s interest, she was already integrated with the troops of Yue Zhong, and were reliant on them. If Yue Zhong’s army was defeated, their Storm Valley would not have an easy time either.

Her grasp on the big picture, was incredibly astute, and she gave her opinion, “I feel that we have to support. If the lips are gone, the teeth will be cold. Every additional day that the 1st Fort can hold out, we will gain an additional day for preparations.”

Han Qiong nodded and her gaze fell upon Shao Yun.

He spoke solemnly, “Since the matter at hand is important, I feel we should leave the decision to Leader, that’s the most appropriate.”

There were many talents under Yue Zhong. Shao Yun from the Shao Village was already an expert, however, he was just a fighter. His only good point was that he chose to follow Yue Zhong from an early point, and thus could become a general.

Ma Lei also nodded and agreed, “Right, it’s too important, we need Leader to give his decision.”

Although Ma Lei recognized and acknowledged Han Qiong and Sun Lan Lan, as a man, he was still slightly sour about his position being beneath 2 women. He preferred to listen to Yue Zhong.

Without any change in expression, Han Qiong pulled out the communicator and soon, Yue Zhong’s image was projected out.

Han Qiong looked at him and spoke, “Leader, Zheng Yan He has requested our aid once more. He said if he doesn’t receive aid, he can hold out for another 10 days at most. Do we proceed or not?”

Yue Zhong declared, “Help him! We need to provide our support. Send another batch of resources, and hand a clone of Bai Yi over. If he isn’t willing, don’t force him. I will assign another batch of resources to you guys soon.”

Zheng Yan He had ruled the 1st Fort for so long, and knew every single nook and cranny of the place. He had fought against the Tyranno-Kingdom for so long as well. Even if Yue Zhong were to be placed in his shoes, he might not do a great enough job. All he could do was to provide the logistics and gather the people behind to leave Cloud Region.

Yue Zhong knew clearly how terrifying the Dino-race was. If it were just a Tyranno-Kingdom, he still had the confidence to beat them back. However, if there were an alliance between 2 or more kingdoms, Cloud Region was a lost cause.

Han Qiong asked curiously, “Resources? Leader, where are you getting resources?”

Due to Yue Zhong’s busy schedule of settling the capital and establishing the cabinet, Han Qiong and the rest had not been updated about his conquering of the Capital.

Yue Zhong replied mildly, “I’ve already taken the Capital. I’m now the lord here. I can naturally send resources. Han Qiong, patch me to Diao Jin, Lù Yǔ, Cháo Xuān Zhèng, Gài Lóng, Yì Yì, Qīn Xù, Hǎi Yì, Yóng Bǎi, Yán Lóng.”

“What? Has the capital already been conquered by him? How is that possible?” Hearing this news, Luo Qing Qing’s face turned, her heart filled with shock.

Han Qiong, Shao Yun and Ma Lei were the same, their eyes flashing with disbelief. They were sure that the defenses of the Capital was no weaker than the Forts. No matter how strong Yue Zhong was, they could not imagine how he had single-handedly gain the Capital.

Shao Yun sighed in his heart, his admiration for Yue Zhong growing again, “He truly is exceptional!”

Han Qiong suppressed the waves of shock and quickly notified the 9 generals of the other Forts.


Soon, the projection device flashed, and a number of beams shone to reveal the projections of the generals.

The Generals from the 4th to the 12th Forts were all lukewarm, not intending to join nor oppose Yue Zhong. However, they maintained a cordial relationship with him. Otherwise, should Yue Zhong cut off their logistics and supplies, they would die.

Diāo Jìn, one of the generals, who had a muscular build and imposing aura, peered at Han Qiong and asked solemnly, “Miss Han Qiong, you’ve summoned us, what’s going on?”

A number of gazes fell upon her, intending to seek an explanation.

Yue Zhong eyed the 9 generals and spoke, “It was me.”

Lù Yǔ recognized Yue Zhong’s voice and exclaimed, “Leader Yue Zhong, it was you!”

The rest of the generals swiveled to look at Yue Zhong’s projection as well.

“Yes!” Yue Zhong eyed them coldly and spoke, “I’ve already conquered the Capital, you now have 2 options. 1: Submit to me and serve me, I can promise you a life of luxury. 2: Death, should you refuse to serve me, I will wipe you as well as those who are connected you out from the face of this planet.”

The hearts of the 9 generals trembled, filled with shock. They had refused to surrender to Yue Zhong because of the existence of the Capital and Wei Ming Qing in the past. There were too many of their loved ones in the Capital as well. Now, Yue Zhong was claiming that he already took down the Capital. This was an unbelievable matter to them.

Lù Yǔ asked with suspicion, “Leader Yue Zhong, are you for real? Where’s your proof?”

The rest of the generals looked to Yue Zhong in doubt.

“His Majesty Yue Zhong is speaking the truth, we can vouch for it!”

With a flash, the Clan Heads of the 4 Great Clans, Zhou Clan Head, and 3 other Clan Heads from the upper clans who have been confirmed a seat in the cabinet appeared through projections as well. Dou Meng looked straight at Lù Yǔ and spoke.

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