God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 905

Dou Meng barked out at the generals, “We can prove it, His Majesty Yue Zhong had already slaughtered Wei Ming Qing, and is the true ruler of our Capital. Diāo Jìn, you’re still not kneeling to swear your loyalty?”

The projection of Diāo Jìn immediately got down on his knees as he professed his subservience, “Yes! Diāo Jìn greets Your Majesty Yue Zhong!! Diāo Jìn is willing to serve Your Majesty till my death!!”

Few people knew that the General Diāo Jìn of the Xue Luo Forts was actually someone from the Dou Clan. In fact, he was a direct clansman. However, he had buried his name and hidden his identity from a young age and was supported to become the General he was today with the clan’s help.

The 4 Clans had such huge power within Cloud Region that they had many pawns planted everywhere. It was precisely because of this that Wei Ming Qing did not dare to touch them.

Lù Yǔ sighed gently, and got down on a knee, swearing fealty to Yue Zhong, “Lù Yǔ greets Your Majesty Yue Zhong! Lù Yǔ is willing to serve with all my life!”

With the collapse of the palace, Cloud Region was no longer under the control of the Wei Clan. There was no point in maintaining a stubborn loyalty to Wei Ming Qing. At the same time, Yue Zhong had control over 8 of the Forts. If the rest did not agree, there was only death.

After the 2 generals got down on their knees, the other 7 generals followed suit.

Once he had subjugated the remaining 9 Forts, Yue Zhong gave the order for all Forts to send 2,000 soldiers each and the necessary equipment over to the 1st Fort as reinforcements.

At the 1st Fort, when Zheng Yan He received 18,000 soldiers, he heaved a sigh of relief. As long as they were not abandoned by the rest behind, he could hold out for much longer.

Inside the Imperial Capital, within a study, Yue Zhong was looking through a document with his brows furrowed.

Within Cloud Region, there were many different cities. After Wei Ming Qing had died, Yue Zhong immediately sent men to pay a visit to the different city lords.

Under the influence of the upper clans as well as the 4 Great Clans, half of the city lords chose to submit to Yue Zhong, sending hostages to the Capital.

The other half chose to separate from Yue Zhong’s rule, declaring independence. Those city lords immediately created a new rebellion faction, forming the upper echelons of the new rebel force.

Some of the rebels also took the chance and chaos to attack other places and raise their own banners, intending to set up their own government and rule.

Due to the various ambitious characters, it became a time of turmoil.

In a short period of time, there were many areas that broke out in conflict and tension within Cloud Region.

If there were no external enemies, such minor problems would not be an issue to Yue Zhong. Bai Yi was enough to control most of the advanced weaponry, and he just had to deploy a few generals over to wipe out such mobs.

However, what Yue Zhong lacked most now was time. By the time he cleared all these problems, the Dino-race would have already killed their way in, causing a sea of blood.

Yue Zhong looked at these documents and picked out 2 names with a strong killing intent, “Liu Yun Feng, Zhang Jin He!”

These 2 were the strongest among the rebel forces. They had taken advantage of the period of chaos to take out a few cities, expanding their faction quickly.

Yue Zhong frowned and barked, “Phantom!”


From the dark, the beautiful yet cold assassin appeared, looking at Yue Zhong quietly while awaiting her orders.

Yue Zhong stared back at this young woman, falling silent for a while. In the end, he handed it to her, saying, “Go deal with all these people.”

Phantom took a look at the list, only to discover a few small-time warlords. They were just lording over a few hundred or thousands of people. With Phantom’s Type 5 strength, it was going to be an easy job for her.

Phantom kept the list and spoke, “Your Majesty, it’s not difficult to take these people down. But once they’re dead, those places would have no one to maintain order. I fear more chaos will ensue.”

Although Phantom was a peak assassin, she was not some airhead. Killing those leaders was not a problem, it was what comes after.

Yue Zhong had thought of this and replied, “Go take 500 Shadow Guards with you. Each time you take out a leader, leave 10 of them to bring the people back here.”

Phantom was more assured this time and replied, “Understood!”

The Shadow Guards were soldiers that Yue Zhong had controlled with the Puppet Runes. They were loyal to him, and could easily quell any small factions.

After Phantom left, Yue Zhong summoned Liu Tai, Liu Du, and many other generals. Each of them was assigned a mechanized infantry battalion as well as 20 handheld computers with Bai Yi’s copies to go and suppress the rebels.

A short while later, many vehicles left the Capital in a cloud of smoke, making their way towards the various places of rebellion.

Long Leaf City was a city about 200 li away from the Capital. The city lord was called Liu Shang, one of Wei Ming Qing’s trusted aide in the past. After Wei Ming Qing was dead, Liu Shang declared his independence and brought his 2,000 city guards to control the city.

Inside the manor, there were many beautiful women dancing passionately, while Liu Shang and a few of his subordinates were seated around with their arms around ladies. They drank as they enjoyed the dance in front of them.

As they were indulging themselves, one of them spoke in a drunken stupor, “King, are you sure there’s no problem with declaring our independence? Yue Zhong must be capable to be able to take down the Capital. If we try to take him on with our strength, I fear that it’s useless.”

The Capital was not only the government of the Cloud Region, it was also the place where culture, economy and many industrial and manufacturing industries were at. Weapons, ammunitions and high-tech equipment were produced there.

Since Yue Zhong controlled the Capital, as long as he had the resources, he could continually push out weapons. While these warlords were all pig-brained, they at least knew that those high-tech weapons were not something they could handle. Yue Zhong just had to deploy a unit with such weapons, and they would all die.

Liu Shang reached out to grab the breasts of the woman in his arms, while he laughed, “I do not know how Yue Zhong came to control the Capital. However, the 4 Great Clans are not just for display. If Yue Zhong really wants to control the entire Capital, he will have to spend more than 2 years. Within this time, we will sit back and observe, joining the stronger party. Even if Yue Zhong really gain control, don’t we just have to surrender at the right time and join him? Since we already have Long Leaf City, we already hold some bargaining chips.”


The various generals all praised while roaring with laughter, “The King is wise!!”

Liu Shang continued to laugh in an unbridled manner “Hahaha! Drink! Everyone drink!!”

At this time, 5 flies flew into the hall, their eyes fixed on Liu Shang, while data flashed in their eyes.

On top of a tall skyscraper 6km away from the city manor, 20 Mech-Fighters wielding sniper cannons were aiming at the cannon.

These 3m-tall humanoid robots were cheaper to manufacture, unlike the Reapers, and only required ordinary Mutant Nuclei or Type 2 Nuclei to operate. Hence, they were widely used throughout Cloud Region. Within the Capital alone, there were over 200,000 of them.

During the siege on the palace, these Mech-Fighters were not deployed, because they would just be controlled by Bai Yi.

Inside a command vehicle outside of Long Leaf City, Cheng Du had his hands behind his back, eyeing a display as he ordered coldly, “Attack!”

At that instant, the 20 Mech-Fighters fired their weapons, and the powerful electromagnetic cannons shot through the distance, directly penetrating the heads of Liu Shang and his few generals within the manor accurately.

The heads of these low-lives disappeared suddenly, and fresh blood splattered from where their heads used to be. The dancers screamed as the corpses slumped to the ground.

Through the monitor, Liu Du’s eyes flashed with a complicated expression as he witnessed how powerful the combination of Bai Yi, the Mech-Fighters, and the surveillance flies was. It was a truly strange feeling. He held Yue Zhong in higher regard, at the same time, there was more fear.

He fell silent for a moment, before ordering once more coldly, “Storm the city!!”

500 warriors in Type 3 Battle Suits rushed out, attacking the city.

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