God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 906

The leader of Long Leaf City was killed in the assassination carried out by those Mech-Fighters. The entire city was now without a leader, and they lacked heavy firepower.

Liu Du’s 500 soldiers in Type 3 Battle Suits charged into the city, very quickly slaughtering those who tried to take advantage of the chaos to create trouble.

At the same time, with Bai Yi’s help, 200 Mech-Fighters became terrifying snipers. As long as any of the city guards were discovered, electromagnetic beams would fire out, blasting the heads of these poor soldiers.

Under such assault, the troops of Long Leaf City were soon defeated by Liu Du and quickly surrendered.

Liu Du saw the rebels and thought coldly, “This was easy. These fools are so pathetically weak, yet they want to establish their own independence. What wishful thinking.”

“If I were to rebel right now, my fate would be like them, slaughtered easily and becoming someone else’s merit.” He gloated in his heart while eyeing the handheld tablet with Bai Yi in it.

This time, the attack on Long Leaf City had been largely simple and successful due to Bai Yi. Without her, Liu Du was confident in taking down the city as well, but the cost and time would be very different.

Thinking about her power, the last bit of ambitions in Liu Du’s heart disappeared entirely.

Black Wood City was another city about 700 km south of the Capital. The city lord had been slaughtered by his own subordinates at the time of Wei Ming Qing’s death. The entire city had fragmented into a warzone, with countless factions warring.

Inside a villa, 6 men were naked and laughing as they pounced towards a few teenage girls in satin.

These girls were all wide-eyed with fear as they tried to run for as long as they could, but their stamina could not compare to these men. Soon, one was captured and tackled to the ground.

The rest of the 5 men roared with laughter, as they jumped forward and tore her clothes off.

“No!!” The teenage girl struggled as she screamed, kicking out wildly. Her leg connected with the lower body of the man.

The face of the man turned ugly before he slapped the girl viciously, causing her face to swell, “F*ck! Damn bitch! You dare to injure your granddaddy!! When this granddaddy f*ck you to death later, I will throw you to the streets and let those dirty, stinky beggars have their turn with you!!”

Hearing this threat, the rest of the teenage girls had fear on their faces. They had seen for themselves how some other girls had fought against these perverts and were thrown out on the street, before being abused by those people on the streets. They had died without being able to fight back, their lower bodies ravaged beyond help.

“So it’s you bunch of beasts? Truly deserving of death!”

At this time, a chilly voice resounded from a corner of the living hall.

The leader of the men, who was called Ta Ba Wu, threw the girl back on the ground, looking around as he barked, “Who is it? Stop playing games and scram the hell out!!”

The rest of the men also looked around warily.

All of a sudden, Phantom appeared right in the middle of the hall in front of their eyes, “Against you scum, I don’t need to do any tricks.”


Ta Ba Wu caught sight of the alluring Phantom and his eyes brightened. He had just spoken a single word when his body began to fall apart in many slices, as fresh blood splattered everywhere.

Before he had spoken, he was already sliced by Phantom with her crazy speed.

However, due to her blade being too sharp and too quick, he was able to fit in one word before he fell apart.

One of the men roared out in fear and shock, “Everybody up!! Kill her!!”

The remaining men had frenzied looks as they charged up at Phantom.

A powerful killing intent billowed out from Phantom as she disappeared from her location.


The next instant, all 5 men had bloody holes in their chest area, their hearts already sliced up.

Phantom reappeared at her location, as though she had never moved at all.

“I’m Phantom, a general under his Majesty Yue Zhong from the Capital. I’ve been tasked to rescue you, people.” Phantom clapped her hands, and 10 Shadow Guards appeared in the hall, wearing their Type 3 Battle Suits while covered in blood. She pointed to them and said, “Go with them, they will bring you to someplace safe.”

After that, she disappeared in the blink of an eye. Yue Zhong had handed her a long list of targets. She had to be on her way swiftly, and deal with every single one of them.

The girls were stunned for a long while, before approaching the 10 Shadow Guards.

Only then did the Shadow Guards turn around quietly and walked out, gathering the rest of the survivors.

As the survivors were all gathered by the Shadow Guards, they then set off for the Capital.

Yue Zhong sent out many small units, easily suppressing the countless factions and uprisings. Each unit was able to crush the enemy’s power with the help of Bai Yi, leaving not a single member of the rebels alive.

With every passing day, the various cities received updates and news about more factions being eradicated by Yue Zhong, with the head of the factions killed, and their power wiped out.

When such reports came in, many city lords who had submitted but were still harboring malicious intents became obedient and followed Yue Zhong with renewed confidence. They broke off all communications and connections with any rebel forces. Some even captured the rebel commanders hiding within their cities, presented as a token of their loyalty.

In a few short days, the winds of change blew, and many rebelling factions had been wiped out by Yue Zhong’s army.

Many others felt the imminent danger and fear and chose to submit. However, there were others that went over to submit to Liu Yun Feng and Zhang Jin He.

These 2 largest rebels absorbed the multiple smaller factions and expanded profusely. At the same time, they felt the pressure of Yue Zhong’s forces, thus increasing their own military might. In just a few days, their armies reached the figure of 500,000, while supporting 2 million survivors.

Fire Tooth City was a border side city, about 1,000 km away from the Xue Luo Forts. In the past, it had been one of the more prosperous cities.

Right now, it was a huge army camp, where many soldiers were wearing different uniforms, wielding long wooden spears, their faces devoid of any energy.

While Liu Yun Feng and Zhang Jin He managed to conquer a few cities, many of them were of different sizes, and they only managed to salvage barely enough equipment and weapons to arm 30,000. When the other forces joined them, they gained an additional 10,000-men’s worth of weapons. The rest of the army could only on melee weapons like wooden spears and other blades.

One soldier was holding his bowl of porridge and took a sip. He could not help but curse, “Porridge again!! Damn disgusting shit!! How many days has it been?! If we just eat this, how do we have the energy to fight?”

Another middle-aged soldier looked at him and frowned, “Little Lin, enough. Be careful, the walls have ears.”

The young soldier, Lin Xuan, continued to swear, “I insist on saying it. All of us have to eat this every day, while those at the top get to eat white rice, fish, and meat. And they dare say Yue Zhong is the tyrant that is depriving us of everything. I think that it’s those that have forced us to conscript are the true bastards!”

Liu Yun Feng and Zhang Jin He had conquered dozens of cities, gaining a large number of rations. However, as they expanded to over 500,000 troops as well as 2 million survivors, the expenditure was monstrous. Hence, other than the elites who could eat their fill, the rest of the cannon fodder could only eat porridge.

The 2 rebel leaders proclaimed their mission to rebel, however, they fell to corruption and the distribution of rice was done through other corrupted officials and channels, thus, the conditions of the rank-and-file soldiers were incredibly poor.

One military officer was just passing by. He heard Lin Xuan’s words and his face turned ugly. Walking over, he kicked out viciously at the young soldier, before cursing, “Shitty bastard, what did you say?! We are the people’s army! We’re fighting for the sake of liberating Cloud Region! You can’t handle this little hardship?! Can you still count yourself as a people’s soldier?! Men, drag him out! Give him 30 lashes!”

2 soldiers quickly walked over and dragged Lin Xuan out.

Lin Xuan stared at the officer with hatred in his eyes but lowered his head eventually.

“Not good!! Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!”

All of a sudden, one signal officer shouted out in panic.


The officer turned to look out, only to discover a scene that caused his heart to run cold.

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