God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 907

Right outside of Fire Tooth City, there were many Mech-Fighters of about 3m each clustered together, as well as 20 Reapers in the middle of them.

Some distance away, one could see many mechanized vehicles and cannons pointed at the city. There were even heavy assault helicopters in the skies.

Such a troop immediately brought about a stifling and oppressive pressure on the people within the city. Facing such a terrifying force, no one could maintain their calm.

The moment they saw this huge mechanized unit making its way towards them, the rebels turned pale and lost all fighting spirit. Especially since they knew they were just cannon fodder. Those soldiers had no armor and were only wielding wooden spears. Pitting their fleshy bodies against these steel behemoths was practically suicide.

Inside the city, atop a very secretive skyscraper, 2 middle-aged men looked out at the scene outside of the city, their expressions ugly.

One of them had a valiant look, and he turned to his comrade, whose height was about 2m, and his frame bulky and muscular, and asked, “Jin He, what do you think?”

The first man was one of the 2 leaders, Liu Yun Feng, while the muscular one was Zhang Jin He.

The 2 leaders were initially foes, often backstabbing each other. For the sake of controlling the different cities they had conquered, they had come to blows often times. However, when faced with Yue Zhong’s crushing of the various rebel factions, they felt a sense of crisis and had no choice but to join together.

Zhang Jin He eyed the mechanized infantry, his scalp turning numb, “Our troops are no match for this unit.”

Liu Yun Feng gritted his teeth, “The Capital truly has unfathomable resources. How the hell did Yue Zhong take down Wei Ming Qing and even take over all these so smoothly?! Damn it!!”

When Yue Zhong came to power, he quickly sealed all information from getting out, thus, the riff-raff rebels did not know about the battle. They only managed to gleam some superficial information from what Yue Zhong actually disseminate.

Zhang Jin He asked slowly, “What do we do now?”

Liu Yun Feng had a crazed look, “Let them in, we will fight it out with them. We have 500,000 soldiers, if they are all united and do not fear death, we definitely can take them down.”

Zhang Jin He frowned and felt that this Liu Yun Feng was crazy. He had trained up some of the soldiers and knew fully well what they were capable of.

Even if they were pitted against a 3,000-strong unit with decent weapons, they would likely lose. Zhang Jin He started to despise Liu Yun Feng for his lack of foresight and clarity.

However, while Liu Yun Feng was hopeless in the military, he was charismatic and motivating in his words. He could pull people together, and in that sense, he was mightier than Zhang Jin He.

Zhang Jin He did not engage in any further discussion with Liu Yun Feng, instead, he turned to look at the mechanized unit outside and frowned, “What are they waiting for?”

At this moment, a number of robot flies had flown to different parts of the city, their eyes fixed on the various city guards.

“That is…!! Not good!! Hide!!”

Zhang Jin He was a Type 5 expert, and with his powerful physique, he managed to catch sight of the robotic fly loitering about the region a 100 meter away from him. His expression changed and he yelled.


At that moment, following Yue Zhong’s cold order, the metal robots outside immediately pulled their triggers. The electromagnetic beams shot through the air, directly piercing the heads of the various city guards, blasting their heads apart.

The area where the 2 leaders were at was the main focus, with dozens of beams firing upon them. Liu Yun Feng and dozens of his bodyguards were instantly pulverized.

Zhang Jin He’s response was frightening. The moment he discovered the electronic fly, he already knew that things were bad. With a twist of his body, he swiftly disappeared from his location while the incoming electromagnetic beams blasted the location where he had stood.

In just a single round, all the elites of the Fire Tooth City were killed or heavily injured. Yue Zhong’s troops continued to march onward into the city.

Lin Xuan grabbed a ray gun and roared, firing at the nearby rebel soldier, “To hell with it!! All of us, let’s fight back!! Kill these damn rebels and use their heads to seek pardon!! Those who want riches, follow me!!”

“Fight back!!”



“Kill these damn rebel dogs!!”


Many soldiers grabbed their wooden spears and charged right into the rebel troops, attacking them.

“What are you guys doing?!”

“Bunch of fools, we’re liberating you!! You dare to act against us?! Repaying our kindness with evil!”


When the rebel soldiers received the sudden attack from their own ranks, they were accosted on both sides.

Yue Zhong saw the chaos within and did not pay too much attention, “Inner conflict?”

In this battle, Yue Zhong had deployed 5,000 Mech-Fighters to assault Fire Tooth City. It would be no issue to take them down. What he worried was not if he could defeat them, but rather those that flee.

The 5,000 Mech-Fighters continued straight into the city like a hot knife through butter.

The moment those 5,000 Mech-Fighters entered the fray, the rebel forces could not withstand the uprising nor the concentrated attack, thus, they fell apart, fleeing and stampeding over themselves.

“It’s over!”


Zhang Jin He watched the chaos spreading among the troops and immediately turned to flee.

Right now, the defeat of the rebels was imminent. Even if Zhang Jin He was a Type 5 Divine Warrior, there was no way he could take on so many Mech-Fighters on his own.

The gates of the city opened up, as many rebel soldiers tried to flee.


One general had just carried his subordinate out when he starred in despair at the hundreds of Mech-Fighters waiting outside the gate.

At the next moment, hundreds of beams of electromagnetic beams rained down upon the despairing rebels, obliterating them.

“What a vicious guy!! He’s not showing any mercy at all!!”

Zhang Jin He was following the rebel forces out, and when he saw the hundreds of soldiers being annihilated in a single breath, his heart nearly stopped, and he was filled with fear. Obviously, Yue Zhong had no plans of throwing all his forces into attacking, instead, he had sent some to surround the entire place. He wanted to catch them all.

A number of rebels tried fleeing from other locations as well, only to be shot dead by the various Mech-Fighters situated at every single exit.

“Throw down your weapons, we’ll spare those who surrender!”

“Throw down your weapons, we’ll spare those who surrender!”


At this moment, there were sounds of persuasion played from the Mech-Fighters, leaving those rebel soldiers who intended to fight to the death, to throw their weapons and surrender.

Zhang Jin He’s eyes flashed coldly, as he sucked in a deep breath, and pushed his speed to the maximum, leaping over the city wall.


He had just leaped over when he was met with dozens of electromagnetic beams.

Zhang Jin He activated his ability, Speed Manipulation, and his speed of descent shot up explosively, bringing him to the ground.

The beams shot at empty air.

Bai Yi’s eyes started to churn with data as she reported, “Enemy’s strength is being reevaluated. Based on the analysis, 30% chance that enemy is peak Type 4 expert, 70% chance that he’s a Type 5 expert. Adjusting firing rate and aim.”

60 vehicles that were equipped with high-tech weapons adjusted their cannons, and at the next moment, 2,400 beams of lasers that became an entire pillar shot at Zhang Jin He.

A sense of crisis filled his heart, as he channeled his ability once more, pushing his speed to the Mach-2 realm, trying his best to flee. Such a speed was enough to escape the lock-on from a majority of weapons.

However, the speed of sound could not fight the speed of light. The moment the pillar of lasers swept past him, his entire body was punched with multiple holes, as blood flowed from every single one of them. His eyes were filled with shock and disbelief. He was a Type 5 expert, a rare breed of humans, and yet, he had fallen like that under the assault of such weapons. He was truly unwilling.


Zhang Jin He’s death did not concern Yue Zhong much, after all, it was incredibly normal for Bai Yi and the amount of firepower he had to take down a Type 5 expert.

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