God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 909

The Type 4 Snake Warriors saw the sudden appearance of the 40 Iron-Blood Warriors and opened their mouths, firing poisonous liquids at the Iron-Blood Warriors.

Two of the Iron-Blood Warriors slashed out, activating their psychic abilities, causing the trajectory of the poison liquids to shift.

The rest of the Iron-Blood Warriors appeared in front of the Type 4 Snake-Warriors like lightning bolts, their spears thrusting out with tyrannical strength, directly killing a number of them.

These Iron-Blood Warriors were the elite of the elite, each one of them soldiers that had crawled out from mountains of corpses. They all had strength at the peak of Type 4, and adding on the enhancement of their Type 4 Battle Suits, they were able to unleash a Type 5 strength.

This was the trump card that the 1st Fort had kept hidden, meant to deal with any enemy experts. Without these Iron-Blood Warriors, then under the circumstances where the automatic weapons were all destroyed, the Type 5 foreign races would be invincible.


The Type 5 Snake-Warrior expert caught sight of the Iron-Blood Warriors, its pupils narrowing. With a flash of its body, it quickly slithered towards one of them, slashing out viciously.

At that instant, the Snake-Warrior’s claws tore through the Type 4 Battle Suit, piercing the chest plate of the Iron-Blood Warrior.

The eyes of the Iron-Blood Warrior flashed with despair, as he roared with rage. His both hands grabbed the hand of the Type 5 Snake Warrior firmly, locking him in place.

The Type 5 Snake-Warrior sneered, and his left claw slapped towards the head of the Iron-Blood Warrior. He just had to crush the head of this insignificant human in front of him and he would gain his freedom.

Right at this time, without any noise, 2 Iron-Blood Warriors suddenly appeared behind the Type 5 Snake Warrior, their Battle Spears thrusting at him.


Due to the sudden turn of events, the Type 5 Snake Warrior had no way of dodging. He stared wide-eyed as the 2 Battle Spears penetrated his body, and the powerful energy blasted forth, tearing his body into pieces.

This Type 5 Snake-Warrior that had killed over a hundred soldiers had died at the hands of the Iron-Blood Warriors.

With his dead, the Iron-Blood Warrior that had used his own body to lock the Snake-Warrior turned darker, his entire body slumping down without energy.

Another Iron-Blood Warrior rushed up to support him, asking worriedly, “Ah Sheng, how is it?”

The poisoned Iron-Blood Warrior muttered with difficulty, “I think it’s too late for me. Take my equipment, save it for one of our brothers.”

“Watch out!!”

At that moment, the alarmed shout of another of their comrades rang out.


A powerful bolt of energy that seemed to pierce right through the heavens shot towards them. It pierced the 2 Iron-Blood Warriors, before exploding on the wall of the 1st Fort.

Countless debris fell while the 2 Iron-Blood Warriors had been blasted apart. There was a huge hole in the Fort wall itself as well as if a missile had exploded right in the middle of it.

Zheng Yan He saw the state of destruction, having lost his 2 Iron-Blood Warriors in the blink of an eye, and he roared out, “Type 6 Divine Warrior!! Activate the energy shield!!”


The moment his words came out, another flurry of arrows shot out with terrifying speed, instantly shredding 6 Iron-Blood Warriors.

Those Iron-Blood Warriors used all their strength and might, but in the face of pure strength, they were still weak.

Soon, a huge energy shield appeared in the sky, covering the entire area of 20m beyond the Xue Luo Forts.

The powerful arrows that had casually destroyed a few Type 5 Divine Warriors slammed into the shield, causing powerful waves that rippled out, yet unable to pierce through.

The hundreds and thousands of Snake-Warriors were also left outside the barrier, and they began a frenzied assault on the energy shield, wearing down the energy reserves.

The remaining 32 Iron-Blood Warriors continued to fight back, supported by the other soldiers, as they dealt with those Snake-Warriors that were caught within the shield.

The moment those 32 Iron-Blood Warriors joined in the fray, and the Snake-Warriors near the Fort wall were quickly exterminated.

After wiping out those Snake-Warriors, the 32 Iron-Blood Warriors retreated back into the Fort swiftly, while the energy shield disappeared. The countless Snake-Warriors caught beyond the shield surged forward once more, and both sides began another intense round.

At the same time, the energy cannons adjusted their aims, and with bright flashes, volleys of energy missiles were fired at the direction where the powerful arrows of the Type 6 Divine Warrior came from.

As the rounds landed, the entire region was engulfed in bright flashes of explosions.

After a few rounds, the energy cannons had no choice but to adjust their aim once more to deal with those Snake-Warriors. There were too many of threatening to break in, and the energy cannons instantly obliterated many of them.

Agu Ya was currently on a high ground, eyeing the Xue Luo Fort from a distance of 10km, and he gave a cold order,” The Xue Luo Guards are all activated! Seems like the 1st Fort is at its limit. Agu Yi, go take some experts and give them the final push!”

One Mid-Grade Dino-General replied solemnly, “Yes! My liege!!”

After that, Agu Yi disappeared from his location.

Soon, a force of about 15 Mid-Grade Dino-Generals, 30 Type 5 experts of various races, 200 Low-Grade Dino-Generals, and 600 Type 4 experts of their vassal forces charged towards the 1st Xue Luo Fort, ignoring the Snake-Warriors in front of them.

Under the countless bombardment of the energy missiles, one Type 5 expert, as well as dozens of Low-Grade Dino-Generals and Type 4 experts from the vassal forces were wiped out.

The rest of the experts charged through the crowd and made it to the wall successfully.

A large number of automatic weapons were destroyed, and the 1st Fort was no longer able to resist the enemy charges or prevent them from invading the 300m region near their walls.

The experts of the vassal forces quickly exhibited their terrifying power, leaping up the wall and scaling it swiftly.

Zheng Yan He’s response was quite timely, as the moment the experts of the vassal forces showed their abilities, a huge energy shield appeared once more, cutting off the support from behind.

500 Iron-Blood Warriors with Type 3 Battle Suits charged out under the lead of the original 32 Iron-Blood Warriors, rushing at the vassal forces.

The leader of the force, Agu Yi, had a ferocious glint in his eyes. With a tap of his foot, his entire body seemed to shoot towards one of the Type 4 Iron-Blood Warriors. He brought his fist towards the head of the warrior, instantly blasting it apart.

2 other Type 4 Iron-Blood Warriors suddenly appeared beside Au Yi and were met with 2 insanely fast fists. Their heads were thus blasted apart as well.

Agu Yi’s strength at the peak of the Type 5 realm was incredibly terrifying. Even some Type 6 Divine Warriors who were not proficient in close combat had died at his hands before.

Even if the Iron-Blood Warriors were enhanced by their Battle Suits, they were not a match for someone like Agu Yi.

After he killed 3 Type 4 Iron-Blood Warriors with ease, his eyes turned bloodshot, his aura terrifying.

The next moment, he appeared within the 500 Iron-Blood Warriors, and without stopping, he punched out, causing each one of them to explode in a pillar of blood. No one was a match for him.

“A Type 5 Dino-Warrior is truly terrifying!!”

In a command center, Zheng Yan He saw how his 500 Iron-Blood Warriors were being slaughtered by those foreign races. His eyes flashed with pain, as though he had turned older by a few years. He gritted his teeth and ordered, “A67, B54 sectors to self-detonate. Laser vehicles, encompassing fire now!”

Hong! Hong!

With his order, the region where the Iron-Blood Warriors were engaged in battle blew up in an earthshaking explosion, and the blast consumed everything around it, including the various Type 5 experts.

The numerous enhanced vehicles hidden within the Fort rolled out, firing without stop at the city wall, killing those foreign races that had survived the earlier detonations.

“I’m sorry!! Forgive me!!!”


Zheng Yan He eyed the city wall, his eyes filled with pain and reluctance. In order to wipe out those Dino-Warriors, he had no choice but to sacrifice his 500 Iron-Blood Warriors. When he gave the order, his heart felt as though it was crushed, after all, those troops had been trained and nurtured by him.

However, he had no choice but to this, there were too little experts among the human forces. If there were no sacrifices, just an expert troop of the enemy was able to wipe out every single human within the Fort.

Xu Jian, Zheng Yan He’s vice-commander, stepped up and offered his consolations, “General, don’t blame yourself. Since the day they chose to become Iron-Blood Warriors, they have expected such a fate! To die on the battlefield defending their fellow humans, it is the highest honor that they can receive. They are all heroes, and will forever be remembered in our hearts.”


“They are all heroes!!” Zheng Yan He’s eyes turned misty and a look of guilt and self-reproach flashed past, before it turned to resolution, “Xu Jian, command the rest to retreat to the 2nd Fort.”

Xu Jian could not help but exclaim, “General! Our Energy Shield is not yet destroyed, are we going to just give up on the 1st Fort?”

Although they had held out for 15 days, under Zhang Yan He’s insightful tactics, the energy shield had not yet been breached, with over 40% power reserved.

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