God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 910

Zheng Yan He’s tone turned solemn, “We have fought for so long, our soldiers are already tired. Even if we have enough equipment to support another 2 days, under such circumstances, we will only suffer. We need to let them retreat and have a good rest.”

From the time the Dino-Army launched their attack, the death toll had been steadily rising.

In the first 10 days, the 1st Fort had only lost not more than a hundred men. However, once the automated defenses were destroyed, the soldiers had no chance to rest, and their casualty rate was climbing.

Just yesterday, they had already lost 1,300 soldiers. Furthermore, the battle today had not gone on for long, but 500 elite Iron-Blood Warriors were already killed in action Such a loss was too hard for Zheng Yan He to bear.

It was especially so for those soldiers sent from the other Forts as reinforcements, many of them could not compare to the elites of the 1st Fort. The few days of intense combat was already reaching their threshold, if they were to continue like that, it was likely that they would collapse.

Xu Jian saluted before leaving quietly, “Understood!”

Soon, behind the 1st Fort, many soldiers with exhaustion written all over their faces could be seen retreating towards the 2nd Fort.

Many of the soldiers from the 1st Fort eyed this structure they had called home for numerous months and years with hot tears flowing down their faces. They had fought and defended it with all their might and were clear that this time, it was truly goodbye. There was no way of returning to this place that they were proud of.

In order to eliminate most of the Type 5 experts, the 1st Fort was buried with energy bombs. Although they had successfully wiped out this batch of Type 5 experts, the resulting explosions had also caused a huge hole in the Fort.


Seeing such a huge hole in the Fort wall, many soldiers of the foreign races and species surged forward.


The human’s physique was vastly inferior to these races. The moment the enemy got close to them, the human soldiers would definitely die.

Just as the hundreds of enemy soldiers charged through the hole, a number of laser beams shot out from nowhere.

The hundreds of soldiers were instantly turned to sliced meat.

Even so, many more continued to pour in through the hole, before being shredded apart by the automatic laser vehicles already waiting behind the wall.

Zheng Yan He had already expected that the explosion would damage the wall, and thus, he had made the necessary preparations as well.

Following the mass evacuation of the soldiers, the defense of the 1st Fort became much more simple. Right at this time, the 2,000 Mech-Fighters that Zheng Yan He had kept from the battle finally joined in the fray.

The moment they stepped in, although it was insufficient to turn the tides, it was enough to buy time for the human soldiers to retreat.

From afar, Agu Ya caught sight of the Mech-Fighters taking over the positions of the humans and his eyes turned sharp, “Seems like Zheng Yan He is retreating.”

One Mid-Grade Dino-General asked, “My liege, shall we increase the attack?”


Agu Ya spoke slowly, “No matter. It would just benefit Zheng Yan he. These crafty humans definitely planted bombs within the 1st Fort. The more we send, when the defenses fall, the more we will lose.”

If they were not concerned about the energy bombs beneath the 1st Fort, the Type 6 Divine Warriors of the Tyranno-Kingdom would have long charged in.

Out here on the battlefield, a Type 6 Divine Warrior was incredibly power, with almost no opponent. As long as they made it up the Fort, they would be able to slaughter every single soldier without a sweat.

Initially, the 1st Fort had been assaulted by such a Tyranno-King before, however, after he had breached the Fort, he was taken out by the energy bombs buried.”

In this Third World, every single Type 6 Divine Warrior was a peak existence. Other than the Dino-Race being the land-rulers, as well as the Sea Clan within the waters, the number of Type 6 experts in most other races never exceeded 10.

The loss of a Type 6 Tyranno-King was a huge blow to the kingdom. At that time, there had only been 5 Type 6 Tyranno-Kings. After losing one, they had no choice but to stop the assault on the Xue Luo Forts. After all, there were 20 of them, without the Type 6 experts to act, it was hard to take down each one.

The intense siege continued for over half a day before the 2,000 Mech-Fighters were finally ripped apart by the huge number of enemy forces.

The frames of these Mech-Fighters were not exceptional. A Type 2 Divine Warrior would be able to smash them apart.

After destroying the 2,000 Mech-Fighters, the foreign races poured through the 1st Fort, destroying every single piece of equipment they laid their hands on.

At the same time, many of the vassal forces sent out sniffers to dig out the buried energy bombs.

On top of that, 2,000 Lizard-Warriors charged right out, chasing after the retreating human soldiers.

The other vassal forces that were treated as cannon fodder also rushed after the human soldiers.

“These fellows are truly getting crafty!”

From a far distance away, Zheng Yan He saw all that was happening in the 1st Fort through a surveillance camera, and sighed, before pressing a remote control.


Following a loud earthshaking explosion, the entire 1st Fort was engulfed in a bright, white light. The terrifying explosion instantly consumed every single living thing in the vicinity, wiping out all 20,000 soldiers of the Dino-Army.

The dust blew and rose up in a cloud. The ground trembled, and it could be felt even from miles away.

At the moment of the explosion, a powerful shockwave shot out in all directions, wiping out all the Mouse-Warriors that were nearby. They started crumpling to the ground while bleeding from their orifices.

All the foreign races were in shock when they witnessed what had happened in the 1st Fort. Even a Type 7 Divine Warrior would have fallen at the center of that explosion.

When the dust settled, there was a huge crater in the ground, and the entire 1st Fort was obliterated from existence.

Agu Ya eyed that huge crater and ordered coldly, “Continue the attack!”


Instantly, countless soldiers charged out from the forests, dashing through where the 1st Fort used to be, as they made their way towards the 2nd Fort.

This time, the numbers behind the assault on Cloud Region was simply unimaginable. With other dozens of Dino-Kings gathering, it was hard to tell how powerful they were all capable of unleashing.

The deaths of the cannon fodder and vassal forces did not mean much to these Dino-Kings.

Instead, their deaths were a good thing to the Tyranno-Kingdom. This would wear down on any resistance the vassal forces might be inclined to put up.

Although they were vassals, in the eyes of the Dino-Warriors, they were just cannon fodder. Even if an entire species were to be wiped out, the Dino-Warriors would just find others.


Soon, a similar scene of battle started to appear at the 2nd Fort. Many of the enemy forces used their own lives and flesh and blood to destroy the automated weapons.

The 2nd Fort was also a tough nut to crack, covered with countless defenses and automatic weapons. Many soldiers of the foreign races perished right in front of the iron fortress.

Due to the terrain, the structure of the 2nd Fort was smaller than the 1st Fort. At the same time, most of the resources through the years had been pumped into the 1st Fort. Therefore, the strength of the defense of the 2nd Fort was weaker.

However, it was also due to the terrain that the enemy forces could not spread out, and could only surge forward, only to be obliterated by the defenses.

Under the frenzied assault of the foreign races, after another 7 days, as well as the sacrifice of over 500,000 foot soldiers, Zheng Yan He and Wu Bao had no choice but to give up on the 2nd Fort and retreat further into the 3rd Fort.

The defenses of the 3rd Fort were worse than the 2nd.

This time, the enemy only had to pay the price of 300,000 soldiers and a period of 5 days before taking it down.

The Dino-army and its vassal forces had managed to take down 3 forts successively, gaining huge momentum.

While the people within the Xue Luo Forts began to panic, and their morale dropped even further.

It must be known that after the 20 Forts were constructed, other than the 1st Fort that had been constantly fending off attacks, the rest of the Forts had never been besieged before.

Within a month’s time, the 3 strongest Forts had been crushed by the march of the Dino-army, giving a taste of the true might of their strength and terror.

The scary thing was that all the forces that had been attacking right now were the vassal forces. The actual Dino-Army had not yet made a move.

Thinking about this, the soldiers within the Xue Luo Forts could not help but tremble.

Under such immense pressure, the other generals had no choice and submitted their resignation to Han Qiong.

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