God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 912

Above the 20th Fort, Zheng Yan He was in a command center, watching the intense battle below, his eyes bloodshot.

The Dino-warriors had pushed the vassal forces to attack constantly without rest, while Zheng Yan He had been commanding the battle without resting himself. Although he was a Type 5 Divine Warrior, after so many days, even he was exhausted. However, he stood firm on the frontline to command.

After these few days, everyone had to admit that Zheng Yan He was truly an ingenious commander at defense. With his impeccable timing and strategic commands, they had been able to hold out for so long.

The fall of the 19 Forts was not because Zheng Yan He was not capable, but the enemies were too overbearing.

This time, it was a battle against the overlords of the land, with an unending number of soldiers. If it was not for the Mech-Fighters being utilized, the 200,000 human soldiers would have long been wiped out.


“Leader Yue Zhong is here!”

“Leader Yue Zhong!!


All of a sudden, cheers erupted from the human crowd.

“Yue Zhong?”

When Zheng Yan He heard this name, his eyebrows arched, and he turned towards the source of the commotion. He discovered a young man walking over, guarded by 20 Type 4 experts.

Zheng Yan He turned to the 2 Type 5 experts besides him, Wu Bao and Wei Wu, saying, “Old Wu, Old Wei, let’s go over.”

Wu Bao and Wu Wei might not surpass Zheng Yan He in terms of combat ability, but they were still peak experts. They wore Type 5 Battle Suits so that they can charge into joining the fray anytime they were required.

Wu Bao and Wei Wu both looked towards Yue Zhong with complicated gleams, before nodding and following Zheng Yan He.

Zheng Yan He eyed Yue Zhong, bowing respectfully, “Emperor Yue Zhong, I did not perform my duties properly and am guilty of this heavy offense, I plead for your mercy.”

He knew that Yue Zhong held their lives and deaths in his palm now. If Yue Zhong were to revoke their military authority, they had no way of contesting it either. When he thought of how he had refused Yue Zhong previously, his heart sank. Should Yue Zhong be a narrow-minded person, then he would likely just kill them. It did not matter if he died, however, he did not want the 20th Fort to be conquered due to his death. That would result in the bloodshed of the entire Cloud Region.

Wu Bao and Wei Wu also stepped forward to bow, “Wu Bao (Wei Wu) begs for Your Majesty’s mercy!”

Yue Zhong hurried to support them up, his face serious, “What offenses are you guys guilty of? If it wasn’t for the effort of you Generals, the 20 Forts would have long since fallen. I’m still hoping for the 3 of you to continue and aid me in defending the Cloud Region, you’re the last hope for our humankind!”

Zheng Yan He’s heart relaxed, as he swore a promise to Yue Zhong, “Thank you, Your Majesty!! Your subordinate will definitely defend this fort until my death! As long as the fort stands, I will stay! If the fort falls, I shall die together with it!”

Yue Zhong continued, “Let Zheng Yan He handle this. I’ve brought 20,000 Mech-Fighters with me, 250,000 engineering robots, a hundred energy cannons, a hundred heavy assault helicopters, 80 Reapers, 300 Laser Gun-mounted vehicles, a 1,000 heavy tanks, as well as 2,000 City Guards. With such a force, are you able to hold out for 20 days?”

This time, Yue Zhong had sent out a large number of equipment and weapons to the 20th Fort, preparing for this crucial battle.

In this battle, Yue Zhong was clear that with the present strength of the humans in Cloud Region, they will definitely fail. However, he hopes to borrow the 20 Forts to wear down the vassal forces, buying more time for the humans of Cloud Region.

Zheng Yan He was moved, as he responded, “Your subordinate will guard this place for the next 20 days!”

The might of the armored unit that Yue Zhong brought was astonishing. If it were unleashed in Cloud Region, no single faction would be able to defend themselves. The fact that Yue Zhong was dedicating so many resources to the Forts defenses caused Zheng Yan He to be moved.

Yue Zhong then saluted Zheng Yan Ha and spoke, “Then I’ll hand over the command to you! I will be on the frontlines as a soldier! It’s up to you now!”

He knew that his experience in commanding troops was not sufficient. At the same time, he was not well versed in the Fort defenses. As the matter concerned the lives and deaths of over 180,000 human soldiers, he chose to pass the authority to someone with experience.

A look of shock and emotions welled up in Zheng Yan He’s eyes, “Your Majesty!! I will not let you down!”

Wu Bao and Wei Wu also had emotional looks. After all, in the past, the emperors had seldom appeared on the battlefield.

And yet, Yue Zhong was already the Emperor that Cloud Region recognized, he was still willing to fight on the frontlines. This bolstered their emotions and morale.

Yue Zhong chuckled, before taking up his Electromagnetic Cannon and walked out.

“Leader Yue Zhong!!”

“It’s Sir Yue Zhong!!”

” Leader Yue Zhong is about to join us in battle!”

“His Majesty! His Majesty is actually fighting alongside us!!”


Many people knew of Yue Zhong’s identity and status, and instantly, the entire Fort erupted in cheers. The morale shot through the roof. With Yue Zhong personally leading the frontlines, it meant that Cloud Region had no plans to abandon or give up on them.

Wu Bao eyed him and commented softly, “Seems like it’s not bad that he became the new ruler of Cloud Region.”

Wei Wu roared out with laughter, pulling out his own Electromagnetic Cannon and darted forwards into the battlefield, firing at the enemy soldiers, “Old Wu! We can’t call him that anymore!! He’s the Emperor now!! Fighting for this Emperor is truly an honor! An honor for all of Cloud Region!! Haha!! Seeing him, even I can’t help but want to slaughter more foreign dogs!! I’m heading off!!”

In the palace of the Tyranno-Kingdom, a huge shadow in the darkness suddenly opened its eyes. A bright gleam appeared, as though capable of slicing through the earth itself.

“It’s here!! He’s finally appeared!! That is the God and Devil Imprint!! He’s a Type 5 Divine Warrior!! Great!! Great!! He must already have a God-Devil Nucleus!! I must kill him!! He’s mine!!! Once I absorb his strength, I can break through and become a Type 8 Divine Warrior!!”

With that, a powerful strength burst out from the area, as the huge shadow got up, the shockwave spreading outwards.


Within the Capital, many experts quickly kneeled and trembled when they felt the shockwave.

In one corner, Type 6 Tyranno-Queen Agu Xi was affected by the shockwave as well. Her face turned pale, as she trembled slightly, as though she could not move, “Strong!! Is that the might of the Type 7 Dino-Emperor?! He’s truly terrifying!! Just the pressure was enough to suppress 30% of my strength!! Fearsome!!”

A powerful sound reverberated across the entire kingdom, “Convey my orders!! Everyone is to charge for the Fort!”

At the next moment, there was a loud explosion, as a huge hole appeared in the palace, while a dark light shot out from within, traveling towards the distance.

Agu Xi glanced at the speed of the black shadow in the skies, her eyes flashing with envy, “The Type 7 Dino-Emperor already possesses the ability to control the energy of heaven and earth. Even if he’s not a winged-type, he can already travel through the air. The legends were true, it seems. Once we evolve to the Type 7 realm, we’ll not be bound to the land.”

As a Type 6 Tyranno-King, Agu Xi was already near invincible, no one was a match for her. However, she had one regret, which was that she could not fly. Each time she came across an airborne enemy, she could only watch them fly away.

With the orders of the Type 7 Dino-Emperor, the majority of the Dino-army forces began to launch an assault towards the direction of the Xue Luo Fort.

From the skies, the countless dino-warriors were like ants, a line that stretched for over a hundred li, as they made for the Fort.

Most of the Dino-Races were warriors. It was just an issue of how strong they were. Most of the weaker male Dino-Warriors were at least at the Type 3 stage, while the female ones might not necessarily be stronger, but made up for it with their viciousness and ferocity.

It was because of their savage nature that everyone was a warrior, and thus, they could all fight, and completely suppress humankind, preventing the technologically advanced humans from stepping out of Cloud Region.

At the same time, they did not mind cannibalism in times of hunger. They were willing to consume the corpses of their comrades. With their various vassal forces, there was the support of rations, as well as the nourishment of the Blood Honey. This was how their backend support was much solid compared to the humans.

On the 20th Fort, Yue Zhong was firing constantly with his Electromagnetic Cannon, easily blasting off the heads of over 20 Boar-Warriors in the span of a breath. All of a sudden, his brows furrowed, as he felt an impending sense of crisis.

“What’s going on? Why do I feel like something bad’s about to happen?”


He looked towards the distance, and could not tell the source of his rising sense of unease.

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