God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 157

The mutant rats’ strategy was unfortunately for them, flawed. This was because the mutant rats’ fur were combustible, and the use of flammable oil made it very hard to put out the fire. As a result, all the mutant rats that rushed into the flame were quickly incinerated by the inferno and perished. However, the zeal in which the mutant rat tide charged headlong into the blaze regardless of how many of them were killed had unsettled all the men.

Kong Tianyu had just dispatched the last of the mutant rats that managed to enter into their ranks. Looking at the mutant rats that continuously rushed into the flames, he remarked “It would be wonderful if they all rush through the fire and commit suicide.”

If there was only one mutant rat, even an ordinary man could muster up the courage to attack and kill it. However, if there were more than 3 rats attacking an ordinary man, the one that would be killed would definitely be the man. If there are more than 20 rats, even an evolver like Kong Tianyu would be in serious danger if he is not protected by the snakeskin armour.

Initially, looking at the sea of mutant rats made the humans despair. It was estimated that there were at least 30,000 rats. Even if they had used up all their bullets, there were no guarantee that they would be able to kill all the rats. But if these rats were stupid enough to do a kamikaze charge by leaping into the flames, that would be an ideal scenario in the minds of the men.

From among the granary came another shrill cry, and surprisingly, the mutant rats that were thoughtlessly throwing themselves into the sea of flames suddenly stopped rushing into the fire. Instead, they surrounded the fire at a safe distance, and glared menacingly at the survivors entrapped within, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Yue Zhong raised his eyebrows, and in his heart, he thought that the mutant rats must have a leader that was co-ordinating their attacks.

The uncountable sea of mutant rats that were not afraid of death was already very difficult to handle. Now that there was a leader leading and co-ordinating them, the difficulty of killing these rats had increased by at least a factor of ten.

There is a limit to the supply of oil that Yue Zhong and the rest of the humans had brought along, and it was not possible for them to continuously spray the oil. Under the combined firepower and fire, the humans had already killed over 4000 mutant rats. But as they looked over the sea of fire, they saw that there were still countless numbers of mutant rats surrounding them. This sight chilled the men to their bones and nobody desired to move out of the protection of the fire.

As for Yue Zhong’s team, in the short span of 10 mins, they had already used up over 20,000 bullets. This reduced their bullet supplies by one-third. If this continues on, their bullet supplies cannot last for even half an hour more.

After observing this, Yue Zhong walked into the Longhai military group camp area, and requested to speak with the military commander, Xu Zhenggang.

“What the f**k do you want?” Looking at Yue Zhong, Xu Zhenggang raised his eyebrows and directly questioned Yue Zhong. Xu Zhenggang is feeling very depressed – the number of mutant rats had exceeded his wildest expectations. In addition, there was a leader commanding the rats. This made him felt that the battle is impossible to win, and he already had the desire to flee.

The flammable oil was made up of a combination of petrol and crude oil. After the apocalypse, petrol and crude oil were also very valuable resources. The two ambulances that were filled with barrels of petrol and crude oil accounted for 25% of the oil in Longhai survival base camp. Xu Zhenggang had no desire to waste the expensive oil on trying to take control of a granary that he felt was unconquerable.

Yue Zhong looked into Xu Zhenggang eyes and said. “These rats have a leader. I want to take some men to kill this mutant rat leader. 10 minutes. I hope you can lead your men and my men to protect this camp for just 10 minutes. If at the end of 10 mins, I have not returned, you may either choose to lead the men to retreat or continue to wait here.”

Looking at the current situation, if Xu Zhenggang chose to flee the scene, the coalition of various factions and powers in Longhai survival camp will definitely retreat with the military. Once this happens, if Yue Zhong’s men continued to remain in this area and defend the camp, it is certain that they will be annihilated by the mutant rat horde.

Xu Zhenggang might have belonged to a different faction from Yue Zhong, but he was an upright man and a man of his word. If he made a promise to protect the camp, he would die to protect the camp rather than to retreat. It was for this reason that Yue Zhong trusted this man.

Xu Zhenggang glanced at Yue Zhong and carefully considered for a moment. He was well aware of the situation in LongHai survival camp. Only with enough food would there be peace inside the camp. Only with enough food will it allow the survivors in the camp to continue to live. He gritted his teeth before agreeing to Yue Zhong’s request. “All right, I promise you that I will defend this camp for 10 more minutes. But once 10 minutes are up, even if you have not returned, I will led all the men to retreat.”

“Thank you!”

Yue Zhong returned to his camp, and had his men formed a circle, before explaining “I am going to kill the leader that is directing this mutant rat horde. This mission is likely to be a suicide mission, and death is likely. Those who are willing to go with me, step forward. For those who are not willing to risk your lives, I will not force you.”

All his men stepped out without hesitation. This show of support made Yue Zhong very touched.

For this mission, all the men who had followed Yue Zhong had experienced numerous combats with zombies under Yue Zhong’s leadership. Each of them was a hot-blooded man and a mighty evolver. Seeing that their leader Yue Zhong had chosen to put himself in the path of danger instead of being the first to retreat has stirred their hot-blooded feelings. They would follow Yue Zhong to the ends of the world if required!

Yue Zhong was very touched as he addressed his men in a firm voice. “Each one of you are the pride of my team! Ji Qing Wu, please follow me to kill the leader of the rat horde. The rest of you must defend this place for 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes you do not see me returning here, then you are to leave this place. Kong Tianyu will be your temporary leader while I am gone. Remember, you must defend this place for 10 minutes and not leave this place before 10 minutes is up.”

Among all the men who chose to follow Yue Zhong, Ji Qing Wu was the strongest evolver. To attempt to assassinate the leader of the rat horde, he would need the assistance of the strongest men under him. After Ji Qing Wu, Kong Tianyu was the second strongest man in Yue Zhong’s team, and had served him loyally since he joined Yue Zhong’s team in Always Bright village. Therefore he assign Kong Tianyu as his deputy commander in his absence.

Kong Tianyu had a solemn expression as he replied. “Yes! Captain Yue!”

Once he finished his announcement, he immediately chose to activate a special skill of wearing White Bones as an armour. Then he grabbed Ji Qing Wu in his left hand, and fired a piece of bone deep into the ground. Using the extension of bone as an extensible ladder, he vaulted towards the sea of mutant rats.

Once the bone ladder could no longer be extended any further, the two of them dropped into the sea of mutant rats.

The mutant rats immediately attacked these two humans that dared to enter into their mist with a frenzy.

As the two of them dropped into the sea of rats, Ji Qing Wu quickly executed a circular blade dance, and her blade dance decapitated all the mutant rats in a small circle around them. For just 1 or 2 seconds, there were no mutant rats around them. Then the tide of rats continued to pour in.

But the relief of a second or two is more than enough for Yue Zhong to penetrate another bone spike into the ground, and reused his bone ladder technique to launch himself and Ji Qing Wu forward.

Using this method of dropping and creating new extensible bone ladders, Yue Zhong speedily made his way towards the granary. [translator notes: Hoo… freaking unbelievable man! This killed it for me… L ]

From afar, Yue Zhong could see that on top of the granary in Shang Lin County, there was 7 special mutant rats. 6 of these rats were as big as a human being, and their skin were of cyan colour. But what really set these rats apart was that they looked like humanoid rats (I will refer to these as ratmen from now on ok?) The ratmen stood upright on their hind legs like humans. The crawls on their ‘ hands'[1] are filled with sharp claws that are at least 20 cm long. (Translator notes: for a picture, please look at [2]).

In the middle of the 6 special rats is a gigantic silver white rat. This rat is as big as a bear, and there is a crown of white fur that extend from the top of its head like a crown. Each of its claws are at least 40 cm long, and its eyes flushed with intelligence.

(Translator notes: for a picture, please look at [3]).


[1] For those who says rats do not have any hands, the ‘hands’ refer to the fore legs of the rat.

The White colour gaint King Rat!

The White colour gaint King Rat!

A massive Ratman!

A massive Ratman!

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