God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 913

After 2 days, the entire area in front of the 20th Fort was littered with the corpses of the foreign races. Many of these soldiers had not even matured and were already thrown into battle, dying miserably in front of the fort.

For the sake of this war, the dozens of Dino-Kingdoms had activated their vassal forces, throwing them all into the fight. Just the numbers that had reached the battlefield alone already reached more than 5 million.

Right now, along the way towards the 20th Fort, there were piles and heaps of corpses and dismembered limbs.

300 Type 4 Mutant Beasts, a vast number of Pterosaurs, Velociraptors, as well other Mutant Beasts were devouring these corpses.

These vassal forces were the best mobile rations, after their deaths, not only would consumption go down, their blood could be collected to become Blood Honey, while their corpses could become food for the other Mutant Beatts behind them.

When the members of the vassal forces saw such a cruel scene, their faces were pale, yet they did not dare to say anything. Their strength was too weak compared to the Tyranno-Kingdom. Furthermore, these vassal forces did not have the technology nor the Forts as defenses. If they betrayed the Tyranno-Kingdom, there was only death for them. A single Type 6 Tyranno-King was enough to wipe out an entire race.

Far away from the Fort, Agu Ya stared at the Black Lizard-warrior corpses from the laser beams, no change in expression.

Beside him, the rest of the Black Lizard-Warriors were pale, their eyes filled with pain. They were an elite troop, and yet, barely after a day, they had already lost 20,000 of their people. The humans, on the other hand, suffered little casualties. However, Agu Ya did not give the command to retreat, and the Black Lizard-Warriors did not dare say anything.

Agu Ya eyed the 20th Fort, his eyes flashing with heat, “We have lost another 400,000 soldiers in these 2 days. We still have 1.6 million troops. This assault can continue for 8 days. By then, the reinforcements will arrive. This last stand of the humans will definitely fall this time!”

The Xue Luo 20 Forts had withstood the attacks of the Tyranno-Kingdom for years, if it wasn’t for them, with the strength of the kingdom, all the humans in Cloud Region would have been slaughtered.

All of a sudden, a black shadow shot through the skies like a shooting star, landing in the Dino-Army camp. A powerful aura gushed out, enveloping the entire area.

Under the pressure of that terrifying aura, everyone present within the camp trembled.

“It’s His Majesty, Emperor Ba Long!”

Agu Ya was shocked, and immediately brought all his Mid-Grade Dino-Generals as well as the Type 5 experts to the center of the camp.

“We greet Your Majesty, Emperor Ba Long!”


Agu Ya got down on one knee, declaring with reverence.

“We greet Your Majesty, Emperor Ba Long”

The rest of the subjects also got down on their knees, enveloped by that overwhelming pressure. They did not dare to even look up as they welcomed him with fear and respect.

Emperor Ba Long ordered coldly, “Get up. Agu Ya. I want you to disregard everything and take down that 20th Fort within 7 days.”

Agu Ya was shocked as he exclaimed, “Your Majesty, why the hurry? With our strength, we will just need a month at most. We will be able to take down the Xue Luo Fort. We will not suffer so many casualties as well! If we have to throw all we have within the 7 days, we will lose many of our elites.”

The Dino-warriors were making use of the vassals as cannon fodder as well as a means to chip away at the defenses of the humans. Like this, they would not lose their own elites. If they had to take down the last fort within the next 7 days, he would have to deploy the elites of the Dino-Warriors. They would be able to take down the Fort but at a high cost.


“Are you questioning my order?”

Following that icy tone, a powerful killing intent erupted and enveloped Agu Ya, while Emperor Ba Long’s gaze fell upon Agu Ya like swords.

Agu Ya immediately replied with his back in cold sweat when he sensed that killing intent, “No! Your subject does not dare!”

A Type 7 Dino-Emperor was very different from a Type 6 Dino-King. Among the Dino-warriors, the Type 7 Dino-Emperor was a god-like existence. If Emperor Ba Long gave the order to kill Agu Ya on the spot, no one would stand up for him.

Emperor Ba Long declared coldly, “Good! You shall lead the charge and atone for your sins! If you can bring the person with the gold imprint in front of me, I will help you become a Type 7 Divine Warrior. After hundreds of years, you will become like us!”

The cold sweat behind Agu Ya finally stopped, as he gritted his teeth to reply, “Yes! Your Majesty!”

Agu Ya was extremely clear, that if he failed to deliver within 7 days, all that awaited him was death.

After leaving the central camp, Agu Ya turned to the leaders of the vassal forces, speaking coldly, “You heard it. Within 7 days, if we don’t take down the Xue Luo Fort, and you guys are still alive, then your race will all be annihilated.”

One of the Tiger-Warriors replied solemnly, “Understood! We will definitely give it our all!”

The rest of the leaders also revealed expressions of desperation. For the sake of their own races, they had to risk it all.

Under the coercion of Emperor Ba Long, the style of battle changed radically, becoming more intense. Foreign warriors were now surging forwards without a care for their own lives. They were no long as dispersed as before, instead, charging at the Fort in dense numbers.

The energy cannons within the Xue Luo Fort fired out without stopping. A number of energy bombs landed on the foreign races, blasting large zones of them into oblivion.

Those that managed to make it past the explosions were then met with laser beams, turning them into sieves.


Even so, the soldiers did not relent, continuing to surge forwards in droves like unending ants.

In the skies, the aerial soldiers had increased by 10 times, with over thousands of airborne soldiers now assaulting the fort.

The human soldiers stationed with the Mech-Fighters were pierced by the incoming arrows, as they fell in pools of their own blood.

The Mech-Fighters started to break apart in explosions, or their lines and cables were destroyed, stopping all movement.

Inside Xue Luo Fort, a number of anti-air laser cannons were fired out, blasting apart the Winged Races under the command of Bai Yi.

At that moment when all these were going on, all the Type 4 and Type 5 experts that had been biding their time suddenly attacked.

One particular Type 5 Blue Lizard Leader’s body darted forwards. With a wave of his hand, countless wind blades burst out from a distance of 5 km, slicing at the Fort.

Due to those wind blades, a number of self-defense mechanisms were wrecked.

One 6m-tall Type 5 Bear-Warrior roared out in fury, raising a huge boulder of hundreds of tonnes. He swung it madly, sending it soaring towards the fort like a shooting star.

Faced with that attack, a number of guided energy missiles shot out to slam into the boulder, blasting it apart.

One Type 5 Eagle-Warrior who had sharp eyes soared into the skies. He raised his bow and fixed his aim upon the various fire points atop the city wall, and began firing nonstop.

Within one bunker, there were 2 human soldiers stationed inside, controlling an Electromagnetic Cannon to fire at the foreign races below.

Suddenly, an arrow burst down into the bunker, directly piercing the cannon. At the next moment, 2 other arrows shot right into the skulls of those 2 human soldiers, blood splattering everywhere.

All the Type 5 experts had been mobilized since they had been conserving their strength, they would able to burst forth with ferocious intensity. However, they were now forced to slaughter these humans within a time period, thus, they did not hold back and went all out.

Other than those Type 5 experts, a number of Type 3 Diplodocuses were also flinging stones with vigor towards the Fort, destroying the automatic defenses.

“What’s going on?” On top of the Fort, Yue Zhong looked out at the mad rush of the foreign races and he frowned.

Although the frenzied charge of the foreign races had sped up their deaths, the defenses of the last Xue Luo Fort was also being chipped away. At the same time, due to the Type 5 experts making a move, the casualties of the human soldiers were rising.

The intense and bloody battle went on for an entire hour. Under the relentless assault of the Type 5 experts from the foreign races, over 300 human soldiers had died.

When Yue Zhong heard the report of the casualty rates, a dark look came over his face, “No, we can’t go on like this.”

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