God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 914

Yue Zhong gave an order to Bai Yi, “Bai Yi, get rid of those Type 5 Enhancers!”

If they did not take care of the Type 5 experts, the entire troop in the Fort would be slowly killed, and the 180,000-strong army would not last a few days.


Bai Yi’s eyes turned to data and numbers, as she made some calculations, “Yes! Choosing the most threatening targets automatically.”

All of a sudden, multiple laser beams shot out from the Fort, forming a dense rain that swept into the distance.

The Type 5 Bear-Warrior that could toss the boulder of hundreds of tonnes quickly dashed away, retreating with explosive speed. However, in the end, he did not manage to outrun the laser beams.

At the point of contact, the Type 5 Bear-Warrior bellowed in rage, as a powerful Radiance of Light appeared, blocking in front of him.

The lasers that could pierce through armored vehicles like they were nothing slammed into Radiance of Light, causing ripples.


However, after blocking a few hundred beams, the Radiance of Light collapsed. The multiple beams tore into the skin of the Type 5 Bear-Warrior, penetrating his body, leaving it full of bloody holes.

After dealing with the Type 5 Bear-Warrior, the cluster of Prism Laser Cannons behind the fort wall adjusted their aims under Bai Yi’s control. They then began to lock onto the Type 5 Green Lizard-Warrior that could control Wind Blades.

A large group of laser beams fired out, directly tearing through the Type 5 Lizard-Warrior, as he slumped to the ground lifelessly.

The Prism Laser Cannons then continued to take out the various Type 5 experts. However, the airborne enemy troops also attacked the Prism Laser Cannons, taking them out one by one.

These Prism Laser Cannons were specifically used to deal with the Type 5 and Type 6 Warriors, it was the reason those Type 5 experts did not dare be unbridled.

The Type 5 experts of the vassal forces were being killed by the Prism Laser Cannons consistently, while the airborne races were met with the electromagnetic cannons.


In the midst of all that, the Prism Laser Cannons were being damaged by the airborne vassal forces, their efficiency being cut down constantly.

If the Prism Laser Cannons were able to unleash their firepower without interruption, they would be able to kill a Type 5 expert in a single hit. If they were just firing blindly it would not be as effective.

The cruel battle continued for a long while, without any pause. The enemy forces continued to surge forward to the Fort, before being reduced to corpses.

Countless enemy foreign soldiers were killed in the relentless firepower. Their corpses began to pile up, forming mounds, allowing the soldiers behind to ascend them to continue the attack on the fort.

In order to deal with those mounds that were quickly turning into some grotesque pathway to the top of the fort, the fort would fire out napalms from time to time. The blaze would consume the dead soldiers, reducing them to ash.

About 500m away from the fort, there could be multiple piles of charred bones, while black smoke rose everywhere, emitting a putrid stench.

The area in front of the fort was like a slaughterhouse, with the frenzied and ferocious foreign races being killed.

The battle waged on for an entire day, even in the dark of the night, the foreign races continued to charge forwards without rest, assaulting the fort without any care for their own lives.

Flares were shot into the sky, illuminating the night sky, and countless lasers instantly blast out at the enemy forces, eradicating another wave.


This was the pattern that lasted for an entire 3 days and 3 nights, and the total number of dead foreign soldiers outside the fort numbered over a million.

However, the assault of the foreign races was truly intense, forcing the energy cannons within the Fort to fire almost without stop. Under that sort of output, the cannons began to fail.

Those Prism Laser Cannons that could instantly wipe out a Type 5 Divine Warrior were also failing, with ⅔ of them totally destroyed. Within the Fort, the casualty rate of the human soldiers had reached 5,000. They had also lost 80,000 of their Mech Fighters.

Early the next morning, a number of soldiers were walking out of their covers with faces of exhaustion, while new soldiers took over them.

In a battle of life-and-death, it was easy to wear a person out. Even the most elite of soldiers would not be able to battle constantly without rest. In fact, most of them were lacking any semblance to their usual selves. Not only were they physically fatigued, they were mentally drained.

“They’re here! The Dino-Warriors are attacking!!”

Suddenly, there were shouts of alarm.

Atop the city wall, Yue Zhong eyed the Tyranno-Warriors charging towards the Fort at the speed of sound, his brows furrowing, “The Dino-Warriors! Are they finally sending out their elites?”

This time, among the 20,000 Lizard-Warriors, there were 4,000 Tyranno-Warriors mixed in.

The 4,000 Tyranno-Warriors were charging forward with all their might, their speed reaching the sound barrier. It was like a thousand Fighter Jets shooting for the Fort.

Facing these Tyranno-Warriors with terrifying speed, the soldiers within the Xue Luo Fort began to attack crazily.

Although there would be some Tyranno-Warriors that got killed by the barrage of laser and electromagnetic beams, over thousands of them managed to get past and got close to the wall.

Yue Zhong dashed forward, aiming at the Tyranno-Warriors with his Electromagnetic Cannons. His shots caused many of the Type 4 Tyranno-Warriors to be instantly killed by a blast to their heads.

2,000 Xue Luo Guards with their Type 3 Battle Suits came up to the wall as well, firing their weapons down at the Tyranno-Warriors. Many of the intact self-defense weapons adjusted their aim towards the Tyranno-Warriors.

Buffeted by the beams, many Tyranno-Warriors were shot full of holes.

However, the combat ability of these Tyranno-Warriors was superior to most other Type 4 experts. With a flash of their bodies, they quickly scaled up the fort as agile as the Lizard-Warriors. They came up to the automated defenses and crushed them with their bare hands.

These Tyranno-Warriors were stronger than most other foreign races. As they leaped up the fort, most of the automated defense systems stood no chance.

40 Low-Grade Dino-Generals and 10 Mid-Grade Dino-Generals suddenly leaped out from the midst of the Tyranno-Warriors, breaching into the Xue Luo Fort.

These Tyranno-Generals were incredibly vicious, the moment one of them landed among the Xue Luo Guards, he charged right into their mist, his right fist slamming into their heads.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

With loud sounds of bone cracking, the heads of those Xue Luo Guards burst apart like watermelons.

The Mid-Grade Tyranno-Generals cut through the troops in all directions, everywhere their blade fell, the heads of countless Xue Luo Guards would roll.

“Go to hell! Beast!!”

Following roars of rage, 10 Type 4 Iron-Blood Warriors charged towards one Mid-Grade Tyranno-General with bloodshot eyes.

The eyes of the Mid-Grade Tyranno-General flashed with a fierce glint. His body disappeared, and he reappeared outside of the encirclement. At the next moment, the heads of the 10 Type 4 Iron-Blood Warriors split apart in showers of blood, while he did not even suffer the slightest bit of injury.

Facing these terrifying Tyranno-Generals, more Prism Laser Cannons rose out from the Fort, firing at the Tyranno-Generals with no mercy.

As the laser beams blasted out, a number of Xue Luo Guard elites that were engaged with the Tyranno-General were all killed together.


It was only under such shots that did not distinguish friend or foe that could swiftly take out a Type 5 Tyranno-General.

Within the barrage of laser beams, a 3m-tall figure suddenly glowed with a dark energy shield. He turned into a flash of light that burst through the beams, which caused ripples in his shield but not truly damaging him.

This particular figure was the Type 6 Tyranno-King Agu Ya, who had been forced to the edge. The black box in his hands was a prehistoric tech from the humans of the past, that allowed the user to be covered in a powerful energy shield, powered by a Type 6 Nucleus. It was with this treasure that the energy shield could withstand the laser beams.

In a breath’s time, Agu Ya had appeared among the Prism Laser Cannons. He pulled out a 4m-large bone ax, and began to unleash hell to the equipment.


Crash! Shatter!

With the loud sounds of destruction, many of the Prism Laser Cannons were destroyed by Agu Ya.

He did not seem to stop in his movements at all, continuing his rampage on the weapons around him. Just him alone was equivalent to the might of an entire army. One by one, the Prism Laser Cannons were reduced to rubble quickly.

The might of their attacks thus became weaker, less threatening to Agu Ya over time.

On the fort, countless automated weapons appeared, aiming for Agu Ya under the control of Bai Yi.

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