God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 915

Agu Ya continued to wreak havoc amongst the Prism Laser Cannons. As he rampaged, from time to time, there would be laser and electromagnetic beams that blasted at him, only to be blocked by that layer of black energy shield.

On this Xue Luo Fort, Agu Ya was a one-man army, seemingly invincible. Numerous Mech-Fighters came up to block him under Bai Yi’s controls, only to be smashed into pieces.

Inside the command center, Zheng Yan He’s heart turned cold, “He is a Type 6 High-Grade Dino-General.”

Hearing this, everyone inside the center turned pale.

A Type 5 Dino-General was already an invincible existence in close combat, therefore, the appearance of a Type 6 Dino-General was equivalent to a calamity.

The 1st Fort had been breached by a Type 6 Dino-General before. At that time, the entire 1st Fort had been detonated, causing everyone within to die, only then were they able to eliminate that Type 6 Dino-General.

The final Xue Luo Fort was the only defense standing between the enemies and Cloud Region. Once it was destroyed, Cloud Region would be exposed.

Zheng Yan He turned to the 20 Iron-Blood Warriors behind him who were wearing Type 5 Battle Suits, and bowed deeply, “Now, I can only count on you guys, General Lin Lie. I’ll leave it to you guys.”


The general of the Iron-Blood Warriors, Lin Lie, replied solemnly, “Great General, the military’s task has always been to protect the country. This is what we should do.”

The other 19 Iron-Blood Warriors also had resolute gazes.

“Great General, Your Majesty Yue Zhong, we’re off!”

Lin Lie looked towards Yue Zhong and Zheng Yan He, bowing deeply, before pulling out the Scarlet Dragon Pill that could cause a human to employ their fullest potential, and swallowed it.

The rest of them also did the same.

Yue Zhong sighed.

The Scarlet Dragon Pill could channel the latent potential of humans, pushing their prowess to a Type 5 realm from the Type 4 realm. Their physique would also be enhanced several times. However, it was not long-lasting, furthermore, once used, the user will become a monster. After the effects have passed, the user would pass away as a freak.

The 20 Iron-Blood Warriors knew this outcome and yet chose to proceed with their sacrifice.

It was because of people like them, who were not afraid of sacrificing themselves for the sake of their fellow people, that the humans were able to survive these hundreds of years.

Compared to them, Wei Ming Qing was trash. In order to break through, he had chosen to sacrifice millions of his fellow people. He was nothing compared to these courageous warriors.

After consuming those pills, Lin Lie’ eyes flashed with hope as he bowed deeply, “General, Your Majesty, after our deaths. I hope that we can be cremated, and buried with our comrades. We would appreciate passing like our fellow humans.”

After swallowing the pills, when Lin Lie and the rest died, their bodies would still be in the grotesque state. This was the price for gaining a strength through a shortcut. They were not afraid of death but feared the lack of recognition from their comrades.

Yue Zhong nodded solemnly, “Of course!! As long as I’m alive, I will definitely set out to finish your wishes.”

Lin Lie looked at Yue Zhong with gratitude and quickly led his 19 comrades to the city wall, “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

By the time they reached the wall, the 20 of them had already turned into 3m-tall freaks, their veins bulging and fangs coming out of their mouths. Their bodies were covered in scales, and their nails had turned to claws.

Yue Zhong looked at them, his eyes flashing with a complicated gaze. He turned and disappeared from his location.

“Kill him!!”

Lin Lie roared out in rage, pointing at Agu Ya in the distance. The Type 5 Battle Suit glowed, and all the power converged in his body, allowing him to take a half-step into the Type 6 realm.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!!”

The other 19 Iron-Blood Warriors roared out in response, their eyes flashing with bloodlust. They turned into beams of light that shot towards the Type 6 Agu Ya.


Just as Agu Ya destroyed the last Prism Laser Cannon, the black box in his hands also cracked and disintegrated. The precious Type 6 Nucleus was still intact.

Due to problems with the production, the black box could not fully absorb the power of the Type 6 Nucleus.

Every defensive treasure had their limitations. The black box in Agu Ya’s hands was no different, after absorbing so many hits, it finally crumbled.

“It reached its limits already? Forget it, I’ve already dealt with the Prism Laser Cannons. Now, let me take my time with this Fort.”

Agu Ya eyed the black box, before keeping the Type 6 Nucleus. He eyed the 20 human soldiers charging at him, revealing a savage smile, “Bunch of fools, here to seek death!”

With a tap of his foot, Agu Ya disappeared from his location. He then appeared right in front of one Iron-Blood Warrior. His fist came swinging out with the pressure of Mount Tai towards the soldier.

At that instant, the Iron-Blood Warrior who was wearing a Type 5 Battle Suit had a huge hole in his chest. His heart was crushed, in the end, this half-step Type 6 Iron-Blood Warrior was not a match for Agu Ya.


One other Iron-Blood Warrior roared with rage, his eyes so red that blood seemed ready to spurt out. A powerful psychic chain wrapped around Agu Ya, binding him.



Another Iron-Blood Warrior bellowed in rage, at that instant, both he and Agu Ya felt the gravity increase by a hundred times, forcing both of them down.

After chaining Agu Ya, 8 Iron-Blood Warriors charged forth with their Battle Spears. They thrust out madly, and that strike was enough to injure a Type 6 expert heavily.

This was a strike that they put their all into. An initial Type 6 expert would be killed instantly.

“Idiots!! You humans are too weak!!”

Agu Ya laughed maniacally before his arms flung out with force. The intangible psychic chains immediately broke apart, causing a backlash to the Iron-Blood Warrior, whose face turned pale and his eyes flashed with astonishment.

After shaking off the psychic chains, Agu Ya tapped his foot and charged right for the 8 Iron-Blood Warriors like a cannonball, his fists slamming into them.

In an instant, the bodies of the Iron-Blood Warriors burst apart violently.

Agu Ya was, after all, a peak Type 6 expert, even some Type 7 Divine Warriors who were not strong with close quarter combat might be torn apart by him. As for these human Iron-Blood Warriors, no matter how much enhancements they got, it was far from enough.

At the moment when the 8 Iron-Blood Warriors were annihilated, a few beams of white light had locked onto the region where Agu Ya was at.

“Not good, it’s a guided Energy Missile!!”

Agu Ya’s face fell, and could not care about the remaining Iron-Blood Warriors. With a tap of his foot, he leaped high into the skies, trying his best to charge into the inner part of the Fort. At the same time, his body was covered with a bright Radiance of Life. Like this, unless the entire Fort was detonated, he would not be badly affected.


Just as Agu Ya leaped up, the section of the city wall exploded, and the powerful blast consumed the area, while the resulting shockwave spread out.

Agu Ya’s reaction had been extremely quick, escaping the center of the blast radius. However, he was still besieged by the shockwaves, his Radiance of Life dimming greatly.

Right at that moment, 6 Reapers flew out, their weapons hatch flapping open as they pulled out long alloy blades and shot right for him.

“Fool! Did you think I was unprepared?”

Agu Ya laughed coldly, adjusting the bone ax in his hands. A powerful flame shot out from the end of the ax, propelling him towards one of the Reapers.

As he appeared in front of the Reaper, he suddenly felt an intense sense of crisis. He raised his both arms in front, and the Radiance of Life poured out once more, blocking in front of him.


The Reaper exploded out with a terrifying blast, and the resulting shockwave enveloped Agu Ya entirely.

Bai Yi had already calculated that a Reaper was not a match for the Type 6 Agu Ya, the only way to hurt or possibly kill it would be to detonate itself.

When the light faded and the dust cleared, Agu Ya emerged from the aftermath.

Currently, his Radiance of Life had disappeared, while his body was riddled with injuries. His both arms were flopping at the side, apparently having suffered serious damage. There was a trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth.

He stood in mid-air, bellowing furiously, “You guys dare to injure me?! I will kill you all!! I will kill you all!!”

At this moment, an electromagnetic beam shot out suddenly.

He was unable to defend himself at that moment, and the beam slammed into his right shoulder, blowing out a huge bloody hole.

Agu Ya’s body trembled, the ax in his hands burst out in flames once more, sending him towards the ground.

In the air, Agu Ya’s movement depended entirely on the bone ax in his arms. His speed could not be fast. However, on the ground, he would be able to burst out with an incredible speed.

Just as the ax fired out the beam of fire, multiple electromagnetic beams fired out from below.

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