God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 916

Facing the countless assault from below, Agu Ya’s left hand reached out and coalesced the Radiance of Life in front of him. As the beams struck the shield, they caused ripples but were ultimately unable to penetrate.


A type 6 Divine Warrior would be able to control the Radiance of Life freely in all sorts of combat situations. The electromagnetic beams were also not at a level where they could injure him.

The automatic weapons that were suppressing the foreign soldiers outside the wall were now focusing fire on Agu Ya under Bai Yi’s control, blasting him with all they got.


After forcefully withstanding goodness knows how many attacks, Agu Ya finally landed on the ground with a pale face, spitting out a large mouthful of blood. The Radiance of Life around his left hand had already collapsed.

When the Radiance of Life on Agu Ya’s left hand flickered out, Yue Zhong appeared behind him noiselessly with the help of the Third Order Stealth. He sent a powerful punch at Agu Ya’s body, enhanced by the Dark Dou Qi.

Agu Ya’s body was incredibly tough, even more so than alloy metal. Under that blow, he was sent flying out like thunder. However, his reaction had been incredibly quick, as his tail swung up with lightning speed and smashed into Yue Zhong barely a millisecond after taking Yue Zhong’s hit.


A huge hole appeared in the Type 5 Battle Suit on Yue Zhong, the immense force causing a few of his bones to fracture. He was also sent flying dozens of meters while spitting out a mouthful of blood.

From afar, a number of laser-mounted vehicles quickly adjusted their aim and fired at Agu Ya.

Agu Ya also spat out blood, his Radiance of Life shining in front of him, forcefully blocking the beams.

The life force of a Type 6 expert was truly abundant, within a short span of time, it is hard for the electromagnetic beams to penetrate it.

If it had been any Type 5 expert, they might be able to summon the Radiance of Life to block, but it would be effective only for a short while. Once the Radiance of Life was broken through, they would then be pierced by the beams.

Yue Zhong slammed hard into a wall, spitting another mouthful of blood. His organs were jolted, as the intense pain nearly sent him unconscious. If it was not for his Third Order Body of Steel, that earlier strike from Agu Ya could have broken him in two.

He bit down hard on his tongue, and the pain kept him awake. He saw the Radiance of Life enveloping Agu Ya’s right hand. Channeling his own Devil Flame, a powerful scarlet arrow coalesced, and it shot through the air instantaneously, slamming into the Radiance of Life.

As the Devil Flames burst out, the Radiance of Life was broken through and started to burn away.

At the moment it collapsed, the Devil Flame punched through and enveloped Agu Ya.


Agu Ya immediately screamed out in agony, thrashing about violently, yet he did not die immediately.

The electromagnetic beams and laser beams continued to slam into his body, resulting in many holes. With a bright flash, his body was soon turned to ash under the intense blaze of the Devil Flames.

With Agu Ya’s death, a huge amount of Life Force came out of his body, before being absorbed into Yue Zhong through the God and Devil Imprint. It swirled around the gold God-Devil Nucleus, nourishing it and causing it to grow even larger.

Some light-gold energy flowed out of the nucleus, spreading through his 4 limbs, enhancing his body.

“Congratulations, your Body of Steel has reached the Fourth Order.”

“Congratulations, you have gained +40 in all attributes.”

“Congratulations, you have gained 6 skill points to be allocated.”

The sweet notifications rang out, and Yue Zhong knew that he had evolved once more. He quickly assigned 5 skill points into the Dark Dou Qi, pushing it to the Fifth Order.

Some light-gold energy flow converged on the bronze rune representing the Dark Dou Qi skill in his mind, and as the gold energy wrapped around the rune, some silverish and profound engravings appeared on the runes.

Yue Zhong quickly channeled the Dark Dou Qi to his injuries, and his bones started producing cracking sounds, as they began healing rapidly.


Within 5 minutes, Yue Zhong’s wounds had recovered with the help of the Dark Dou Qi and Regeneration skills.

He then stood up swiftly and started stretching, discovering that he was in tip-top condition, “My recovery abilities are on par with a Type 4 Mutant Beast. In terms of combat strength, while I’m still slightly off from the Type 6 realm, I’m at least at the peak of Type 5.”

“Oh! This is Type 6 Nucleus, nice!”

Yue Zhong suppressed his joy and swiftly kept the Type 6 Nucleus into his ring, before charging back towards the wall.


Although Agu Ya had been killed by Yue Zhong and Bai Yi joining hands, he had managed to destroy the cluster of Prism Laser Cannons.


At the same time, in order to kill this Agu Ya, Bai Yi had to redirect most of the firepower, allowing the other elites of the foreign races to approach the fort.

Zheng Yan He deployed 10,000 soldiers into the battle, and both sides got embroiled in a cruel slaughter.


The human soldiers had the advantage of technologically advanced weapons, while they were not a match for the Tyranno-Warriors which were natural close quarter combat specialists.

A dozen Tyranno-Warriors charged into the human army and began to slaughter human soldiers. Their bodies darted across the battlefield, everywhere they went, fresh blood would splatter amidst dismembered limbs, and the human soldiers were basically helpless.

However, the remaining Iron-Blood Warriors that had consumed the Scarlet Dragon Pills and not joined the battle at the fort quickly dashed forward to meet the Tyranno-Warriors and elites from the foreign races.

When they were facing Agu Ya, they had been helpless. However, with their half-step Type 6 Realm, they were truly able to fend off the elites of the foreign races.

At this time, a number of heavy assault helicopters rose into the skies, releasing energy bombs and cluster bombs over the foreign armies.

White light, flames, and dust rose into the skies, enveloping the entire area. Tens of thousands of soldiers died under the bombardment from the assault helicopters.

All of a sudden, numerous Type 3 and Type 4 Pterosaurs flew into the air, heading for the assault helicopters.

Some of those that flew too far ahead was pounced on by the Type 4 Pterosaurs. The rotating blades were all knocked askew, and they shuddered in mid-air before plunging towards the ground, exploding in a ball of flames.

In response, the heavy assault helicopters began to fire at those Type 4 Pterosaurs, the guided energy missiles exploding upon contact. It resulted in huge, bloody holes, and the Pterosaurs squawked as they fell to their deaths.

Due to the absence of the Prism Laser Cannons, the heavy assault helicopters had no choice but to retreat while attacking, back into the range of the anti-air defenses. However, the Type 3 and Type 4 Pterosaurs did not seem to mind their own lives, chasing after them and perishing together with the destruction of the helicopters.

In the skies, an entire flock of Pterosaurs flew towards them, with Tyranno-Warriors, Diplodocus-Warriors, Velociraptor-Warriors and other Dino-Warriors riding on them.

Within the Xue Luo Fort, the strongest air defense was the Laser Prism Cannons, their effective range over 18 km. If they were still present, the airborne enemy troops would not have an easy time.


Since those equipment were already destroyed, the Dino-Warriors began to activate their elite forces.

Facing the insane assault of the helicopters, Yue Zhong’s army did not care so much about reserving their strength and threw all they had into the battle.


The Pterosaur riders came above the fort and jumped down, intending to land straight within the Fort.


Many of them perished on their way down, due to the multiple laser beams. However, a fair bit managed to land.

The moment they landed, they were like an unstoppable force, massacring the human soldiers.

At the frontlines of the battle, those Iron-Blood Warriors were coming to the end of the effects of the Scarlet Dragon Pills, coughing out blood as they crumpled to the ground. The next moment, they were torn apart by the foreign races.

In order to fend off the Dino-Warriors, Zheng Yan He sent out another 30 Reapers into the battle. When they entered the battle, they began to reap the lives of the foreign soldiers., decapitating and firing holes at them.

Even so, the human soldiers were still being ripped apart by the foreign races every second. At the same time, the automatic defenses on the fort were being destroyed as well, and the battle reached a dangerous point.

Yue Zhong casually sent out a fist, killing a Type 4 Dino-General, as he frowned when he saw the situation of the fort, “Shit, the fort is going to be breached if this goes on!”

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