God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 917

Deep within the Dino-Army camp, the Type 7 Emperor Ba Long looked towards the distance while covered in a layer of dark energy. He coldly ordered, “Kong Liang Jin, Kong Xun Zhu, go bring your men to attack as well! We must destroy that fort!”


The 2 Type 6 High-Grade Dino-Generals stood up and saluted respectfully, before making their way out.

Soon, 2 units dashed out of the camp swiftly. One unit comprised of tall and massive Diplodocus-Warriors of about 7 or 8m in height. The other had smaller Velociraptor-Warriors of about 1.67m. In these 2 units, the weakest was a Low-Grade Dino-General, and they were considered the elite of the elite among the Diplodocus Kingdom and the Velociraptor Kingdom.

Among them, there were 60 of the rare Type 5 Mid-Grade Dino-Generals, while the Low-Grade Dino-Generals numbered 3,000. In the field, they could easily wipe out a 300,000-strong unit of any other race.

These 2 terrifying units were made up mostly of Type 4 experts, their speed already surpassing the sound barrier. They got through the vassal forces and made a beeline for the Fort.

Each Low-Grade Dino-General was capable of slaughtering over hundreds of human soldiers in close combat. Therefore, they had no fear as they rush through the battlefield.


The energy cannons on the fort continued to fire out continuously, but due to the lapse between firing rate, after paying the price of a few casualties, they managed to breach the defensive line of the cannons.

“Warning! Warning!! Based on calculations, the enemy has deployed 122 Type 5 Mid-Grade Dino-Generals, 2 Type 6 Dino-Generals, and 8,345 Type 4 Dino-Generals. Once they get close, the chances of the fort being destroyed will be 95%.”

All of a sudden, Bai Yi’s voice sounded out from the communicator in Yue Zhong’s right hand.

When Agu Ya was attacking the fort, Bai Yi had already picked up the information on the Type 5 and Type 6 Dino-Generals from various sensors.

Due to Yue Zhong’s concern about another assault by a Type 6 expert, most of the biological sensors had been activated, and information flowed to Bai Yi constantly, allowing her to perform live-updates and calculations.

When they heard the report, everyone inside the command center turned pale.

They had just witnessed the terror of a Type 6 expert for themselves barely moments ago. Agu Ya was able to destroy those Iron-Blood Warriors who had don on Type 5 Battle Suits and consumed the Scarlet Dragon Pills. He even managed to destroy those Prism Laser Cannons that could devastate Type 5 experts. Now, 2 were on their way, with Xue Luo Fort’s current defenses, it was impossible to withstand such an attack.

If the defenses of the Xue Luo Fort was still in prime condition, they would be able to beat back the Type 6 experts. However, they did not have that now. The deaths of the millions of vassal soldiers were not in vain. They used their own lives in exchange for the destruction of the defense systems, wearing down on the strength of the fort. At the moment when the defenses were the weakest, the Type 6 experts chose to act.

Zheng Yan He’s face fell slightly. However, he maintained his calm, passing a flurry of orders, “Adjust the Energy Missiles, coordinates…”

A small mountain behind the 20th Fort split open, revealing a number of missile launchers. Many guided Energy Missiles shot into the skies, soaring the front of the Fort.

About 6km behind the Fort, there were some rocket firing pads as well, as the vehicles and weapons parked there began to unleash a torrential rain of rockets into the skies.

From the various corners of the Fort, panels opened, as guided missiles shot out towards the front area of the Fort.

In order to wipe out those 2 incoming Type 6 experts, all the weapons were activated.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

In front of the 20 Forts, bright lights flashed without any blind spots, blasting many of the foreign races as well as numerous Dino-Generals.

Many seemingly invincible Type 5 Dino-Generals were also turned to ashes before that mighty carnage before even exhibiting their strength.


While many of the Dino-Generals were reduced to dust, one of the smaller figures had activated her Radiance of Life at the first chance she got, penetrating the death zone, leaping up the fort.

This small shadow was the leader of the Velociraptor-Warriors, the Type 6 Kong Xun Zhu. The moment she leaped up the fort, she charged right for the inner parts.

A number of blood arrows appeared in the air, in the face of this terrifying enemy, the human soldiers could not even react before their heads were cleaved away swiftly.

The Mech-Fighters could not react as well, and they were ripped apart into pieces.

In a breath, over a hundred human soldiers and 300 Mech-Fighters had been eradicated.

The terrifying thing was that Kong Xun Zhu had no intention of staying there for a moment longer than necessary. She continued to charge right through, tearing apart anything in her way.

Seeing this nightmare in front of them, everyone inside the command center felt a chill in their hearts. If she managed to breach the fort, almost nothing could stop her.

Zheng Yan He had a calm expression, continuing to command the various troops to impede Kong Xun Zhu.


Numerous City Guard soldiers in Type 3 Battle Suits charged forwards with battle intent, blocking her way.


Kong Xun Zhu casually tore an automatic electromagnetic cannon apart, laughing coldly at the City Guards in front of her. She then suddenly disappeared from her location.

The bodies of the City Guards suddenly split apart in showers of blood, turning into multiple pieces of flesh.

When everyone in the command center saw this, their hearts almost stopped. The 200 fully-equipped City Guards did not even last 10 seconds. Inside the fort, no one could stop her advance.

At the same time, another devastating scene occurred, as an 8m-tall figure wrapped in Radiance of Life leaped up the fort with ease.

The huge, towering figure was the Type 6 Dino-General Kong Liang Jin, and he was wielding a huge bone about 12m in length. With a single sweep, he smashed through a Reaper. His powerful strength exploded out, causing the energy shield to shatter before the Reaper became a heap of scrap metal.

Seeing this, the soldiers were terrified. Each Reaper was a precious trump card manufactured by the human race. Their energy shields could theoretically withstand the hits of Type 6 experts. However, Kong Liang Jin had just used a single hit to smash the Reaper. His strength was truly at an unfathomable level.

After destroying the Reaper, Kong Liang Jin flashed and reappeared like a demon among the humans, swinging his huge bone bat in a whirlwind, causing carnage.

The moment he came up on the Fort, many of the humans were slaughtered by him, as blood flowed and limbs flew about. It was practically unstoppable.

At this moment, within the command center, Yue Zhong’s projection appeared on a display, as he ordered, “General Zheng, I’ll leave the 20th Fort to you temporarily. I’ve something I need to do, and I’ll have to leave for a while.”

Zheng Yan He nodded with a resolute gaze, “Rest assured, Your Majesty, I will defend this place with my life.”

Yue Zhong then cut off the communication. With a thought, he summoned Greenie, which appeared out of thin air. He pat its back lightly, and they shot into the sky with a flash, heading for the Dino-army camp.

At the same time, the Storm Battleship that had been hidden also soared into the skies, turning into a flash of light that shot towards the distance.

As Yue Zhong and Greenie soared in the air, a number of Type 3 and Type 4 Pterosaurs flew over.

They all had black, hardy scales, their beaks filled with razor-sharp teeth. They even had long, sharp claws.

The dozens of them shot towards Yue Zhong with a cold, killing intent. Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed and began to fire his Electromagnetic Cannon without stop. With his Third Order Firearms Manipulation, the beams pierced through the heads of the Pterosaurs, causing their corpses to plunge to the ground.

“It’s him!! It’s him!! He’s finally out!!! He’s finally come out from the Fort!! Hahahaha!!”

Within the camp, a look of ecstasy flashed in the eyes of the Type 7 Emperor Ba Long, whose body was enveloped in the dark energy. He turned into a beam of light as he shot towards Yue Zhong.

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