God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 918

In the sky, Yue Zhong suddenly felt a hair-raising sense of danger. He turned to the source, only to discover a terrifying figure wrapped in black energy shooting towards him.

Yue Zhong eyed the figure and felt a sense of fear and helplessness. His Danger Perception was alarming him about the vast difference between himself and the owner of that black energy. In front of him, he’s just a slightly bigger ant.

“Type 7 expert!!!”

His thoughts came up to this point, and he could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

If it were a Type 6 peak expert, even if Yue Zhong was not a match, his Danger Perception could alert him to the threat of the enemy, but never helplessness.

Currently, under the oppressive aura of the Type 7 Emperor Ba Long, Yue Zhong’s body was shuddering. He was extremely clear that in a frontal clash, he would be smacked to death in a single hit.

It must be known that Yue Zhong had to give it his all, together with the defenses of the Fort, to kill the Type 6 Agu Ya with a sneak attack. Against this existence that was superior to Agu Ya, Yue Zhong knew he had no chance of victory.

Yue Zhong patted Greenie’s back and barked, “Greenie, go!! Maximum speed!!!”

Even Greenie had felt the threat from the Type 7 Emperor Ba Long. It channeled its innate ability in a frenzy, as countless tornadoes were whipped up around its body. Its speed then increased by 50%, reaching Mach-3 Speed.

“Damn it!!”

Emperor Ba Long saw Greenie fleeing quickly, and let out an infuriated roar. As a Type 7 expert, it could manipulate the energy of the environment to propel it through the air. However, it was not an air-based expert, thus, its speed could only reach Mach-1. It was unable to catch up to the speedy Greenie.

“Break for me!!”

The eyes of Emperor Ba Long flashed, as he threw out his right fist that was wrapped in that overbearing black energy, while his body was covered with an abundant Radiance of Life.

A black-and-white beam shot towards Greenie like a laser beam, twisting violently, and tore Greenie’s body apart. A huge bloody hole appeared as bones, blood, and organs fell out from the wound.

Suffering this grievous wound, Greenie’s body shuddered, and the energies around its body disappeared. Its eyes dimmed as it began to plummet towards the ground.



The moment they landed on the ground, Yue Zhong rushed over towards Greenie, whose body was wracked with injuries, his heart aching for it.

Greenie was one of the earliest Tamed Beast of Yue Zhong, having followed him through countless battles. It had saved his life on countless occasions. He had grown to treat it as his most important companion, and now that this little fellow had been gravely injured by the Emperor Ba Long, Yue Zhong was filled with anguish and hatred.

“Damn Dino-person!! There’ll be a day for your reckoning!! I’ll crush your entire race!!”

Yue Zhong suppressed the pain in his heart, as he swept a glance at Greenie, before activating his Dark Dou Qi and Third Order Stealth. He then dashed towards the forest.

Currently, Greenie was still not dead. However, if Yue Zhong were to stay, then the two of them would definitely die. The Type 7 Divine Warrior was simply too strong. Yue Zhong had no way of dealing with it even by employing all his trump cards.


Yue Zhong had not left for more than 10 seconds when the black figure shot past overhead. It did not even spare Greenie a glance.

Emperor Ba Long had slaughtered numerous Mutant Beasts, many of them Type 5. Only those at the Type 6 and Type 7 realm would cause him to hesitate. A Type 4 Mutant Beast was practically an ant to him.

Yue Zhong dashed through the forest, empowered by the Dark Dou Qi. His speed had reached the 2.5 Mach limit. The air and wind around him were like blades that cut into his skin. If it was not for his powerful Endurance, he could not possibly travel like this for long.

At that speed, his Stamina was also being reduced at a drastic rate. He could at most hang out for another 5 minutes.


As he ran, his heart was pounding fast. He knew that the dangerous entity was closing in on him. On the ground, even if his speed was 2.5 Mach, he could not outrun the Type 7 Emperor Ba Long.

The stern and overbearing voice from the Dino-Emperor resounded, “Human, surrender now and hand me the God and Devil Imprint obediently and I will spare your life, making you a leader of the country!”

Yue Zhong kept quiet, taking a deep breath, and charged forwards without the intention of minding his words. As long as he spoke, he would reveal his location, and his speed would decrease. At this critical juncture, even slowing down slightly would mean death.


After one second, Yue Zhong looked up into the sky with joy, noticing the fortress-like Storm Battleship soaring over here.

Activating his Bone-Encompassing Armor, the bone carapace enveloped him. With a thought, 2 sharp bone spikes sent him into the sky, towards the Storm Battleship.

Emperor Ba Long lifted his head and recognized the Storm Battleship. His pupils narrowed, as he shot towards it, “This is the Storm Battleship!! One of the final war weapons of humankind. This antiquity is still around?! It doesn’t seem to have enough energy. Let me destroy this weapon myself!”

The Storm Battleship was a legacy weapon from the war between the humans and Dino-race. At its peak, even Type 7 experts would perish under its assault.

However, it required a huge amount of energy. Each time it battled, it would require Type 6 and even Type 7 Mutant Beast nuclei. It could not sustain combat for long and in the end, many of them had been destroyed by the Type 7 experts then.

Emperor Ba Long looked on as Yue Zhong got on the Battleship, his eyes flashing with a cold light. He then channeled the black energy through his right fist and sent a punch towards the Battleship.

A black fist tore through the skies, blasting towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong had no way of dodging it, and could only channel the Dark Dou Qi to envelop himself. He flipped his hands and a huge shield and another energy shield appeared, blocking in front of him.

When the black beam slammed into the energy shield, it shattered instantly. It then hit the huge shield, also destroying it. Finally, having lost some of its momentum, the beam then slammed into Yue Zhong, sending him shooting towards the Battleship, leaving him with more broken bones.

“Thankfully I’ve already evolved. Otherwise, I would have died from that strike.” Yue Zhong felt a sharp pain in his chest, as he coughed out once. A large amount of blood came out, mixed in with some pieces of his organs, and he thought to himself.

If it were him before fighting Agu Ya, that single strike could have killed him. Since he evolved and his Dark Dou Qi had been strengthened, it had saved his life, preventing him from becoming a meat paste.

“Attack!! Protect the Leader!!”

Many of Yue Zhong’s soldiers on board the ship quickly joined the fray. They pulled out laser guns and electromagnetic cannons and fired wildly at Emperor Ba Long.

When the attacks hit the body of Emperor Ba Long, they were dispersed without much effect.

At the same time, over a thousand Winged elites flew out, pulling out their bows and arrows and firing at Emperor Ba Long.



Emperor Ba Long eyed the Winged elites coldly and sucked in a deep breath before barking out loud.


A tyrannical soundwave blasted outward, and the thousand Winged Elites who were lower than the Type 3 Divine Realm realm bled from their orifices and died. The rest who were more fortunate felt their eardrums shatter and a powerful headache.

The thousand Winged Elites started to fall out of the air from a single roar emitted by the Emperor Ba Long.

Within the Storm Battleship, although it had a strong soundproof material, the hundreds of human soldiers were still affected the tremors caused by the roar. They also bled from their orifices and died.

“Bai Yi, hurry activate the defense systems!”

Yue Zhong charged through the Battleship and came in front of a computer panel where a compartment appeared. He swiftly placed the 2 precious Type 6 Mutant Beast nuclei as well as 10 Type 5 nuclei, hollering out anxiously.

The moment Emperor Ba Long was allowed to rampage through this Battleship, the hundreds of thousands of lives on this Battleship would be sacrificed. That was how terrifying a Type 7 expert was, they were akin to a disaster.

“Got it! Systems activated, energy transference in progress!”


“Detecting defensive systems, progress at 83.3%…”

“Permission granted, energy transference through, defenses activated!”


After a flurry of announcements from Bai Yi, the Storm Battleship lit up radiantly, releasing bright lights everywhere.

The calm and impassive Emperor Ba Long finally felt a tinge of fear, “Shit!! The defense systems are activated!”

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