God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 919

Countless beams shot out from the Storm Battleship, and a huge energy shield formed, encompassing the Battleship.

The face of Emperor Ba Long fell, as he stepped through the air, arriving in front of the Battleship. He sent a fist wrapped in the Black Energy, blasting towards the shield.


Following a loud impact, Emperor Ba Long’s fist was able to send a terrifying shockwave all around the shield, the ripple almost breaking it apart.

“Warning! Warning! Due to the attack from a Type 7 expert, the Energy Shield’s defense ability has decreased by 1%!”

After that strike from Emperor Ba Long, alarms rang throughout the entire Storm Battleship.

The massive Battleship’s shield could not diffuse the power of the Emperor Ba Long, it was truly a testimony to how powerful he was.

Yue Zhong swiftly ordered, “Leave here immediately!! Head for the Xue Luo Fort!!”


Under Yue Zhong’s orders, the Battleship flashed forward, with its speed reaching a terrifying Mach-5 speed.

“Damn it!!!”

When Emperor Ba Long saw how fast the Storm Battleship was, he roared out in rage. He sent another fist out, the Black Energy from his fist directly tearing apart a small mountain below him.

The Storm Battleship could only withstand a Type 7 expert if it had a Type 7 Mutant Beast nucleus. However, with the absorption of the Type 6 Nuclei, its flying speed was not something a Type 7 expert could keep up with.

Soon, the Battleship managed to fly above the battlefield.

In the skies, there were many Type 2, Type 3 and even Type 4 Mutant Pterosaurs flying about in droves. It was a horrendous sight, as though the entire sky was being covered.


Yue Zhong eyed the beasts and ordered, “Barge through them!!”


The Storm Battleship then charged through like a shooting star, slamming right into the flock of Pterosaurs.

One of the Type 4 Pterosaur of over 80 m in wingspan was slammed by the Battleship, and its body instantly contorted, turning into meat paste splattering all over the energy shield.

The rest of the Mutant Pterosaurs also faced the same fate when they were slammed into, dropping out of the skies.

In just 2 breaths, over a hundred Pterosaurs had been knocked out of the skies, and the Storm Battleship had charged right through them.

Currently, the Xue Luo Fort was already at a half-collapsed state. Hordes of Dino-warriors were charging into the fort, slaughtering the human soldiers.


There were many human corpses and broken Mech-Fighters strewn all over the field, as well as the broken remnants of the defense systems.

Within the human army, many were fighting back valiantly. However, there were also many who could not take the pressure and fled.

Among these hundred thousand soldiers, the ones who fought back with much valor were the veterans from the 1st to 3rd Forts. They had a strong faith and believed in honor. Even when their casualties reached 40%, they did not crumble nor lose hope, instead, fighting as hard as ever.

Although the soldiers of the 4th to 9th Fort had strict training, the moment their death toll reached 20%, many started to flee in defeat.

Within the Fort, one Type 3 Velociraptor laughed savagely. His body flashed forward and his right claw reached out to slash at a fleeing human soldier, tearing him in two.

“No!! Help!! Help me!!”

Seeing their comrades dying at the hands of the Velociraptor-Warrior, many of the human soldiers began to panic and screamed in fear.

The current number of fleeing soldiers were at least a dozen. If they worked together and turned back to fire at the Type 3 Velociraptor, they might possibly defeat him. However, all that was in their hearts now was fear.

One soldier wearing a Type 4 Battle Suit and wielding a Battle Spear shot forward. His Spear radiated with a bright light, piercing directly into the chest of the Velociraptor-Warrior.

“Don’t run!! Turn around and fight!! I…”


Before he could finish his words, a huge bone mace came down from the sky, smashing into his body, turning him into meat paste.

Kong Liang Jin walked over, his towering height of 8 meters, his eyes flashing with a vicious light. He then grabbed a struggling human soldier and took a huge bite out of him.

With a loud crack, the human soldier was bitten in two, his organs spilling out from Kong Liang Jin’s mouth, giving him an even more terrifying look.

Seeing that gruesome scene was enough to send the rest of the human soldiers around to break down and try to flee.


The Type 6 Dino-General let out a loud and savage laugh, as he shot forward, waving his bone bat, smashing 5 or 6 human soldiers into meat paste.

Right then, a laser beam shot out from a bunker, blasting into the body of Kong Liang Jin.

The laser beam that could pierce a tank barely caused a graze in Kong Liang Jin’s body.

He stepped forward in fury, his bone bat smashing down on the bunker. His terrifying strength exploded out, directly destroying the bunker and the human soldiers inside. The wound on his body healed at an incredible speed.

After he casually destroyed that bunker, he charged towards the other bunkers, destroying each one the moment he appeared in front of them. These bunkers that were hard to destroy even with the firepower from tanks, were crushed easily by him, and many human soldiers were turned into meat paste.

From within the pile of a destroyed bunker, one human soldier had a cold gaze as he locked onto a Tyranno-Warrior that was munching on the body of a human soldier and fired his weapon.

The beam shot through the air and blasted the Tyranno-Warrior’s head wide open.

With a swish, 5 Lizard-Warriors and 2 Diplodocus-Warriors turned over and disappeared from their locations, charging over towards him.

“Freaks, your granddaddy is over here…” The human soldier barely managed to croak out, when a Diplodocus-Warrior appeared behind him.

With a single fist, the Diplodocus Warrior pummeled the human soldiers, crushing his head like a watermelon. In close combat, humans could never compare with these foreign races. This was the biggest disadvantage of the humans.

At almost the same time, a bright light flashed from that location. The next moment, a huge explosion consumed that Diplodocus-Warrior as well as the 3 Lizard-Warriors that had gotten too close.


Inside the command center, all the officers were staring at the displays with pale countenances.

Every single display was feeding back the defeat and deaths of the human soldiers, as well as the massacre by the Dino-Warriors. At the same time, there were many heroes who did not care about their own lives and took out their enemies in suicide attacks.

Bai Yi was helping out Zheng Yan He, but in the face of absolute strength, it was futile.

With every passing second, more equipment was being destroyed, and over thousands of soldiers were dying. There were some who were fearful to the point they got down on their knees to surrender, only to be eaten alive.

After the world had changed, many of the Mutant Beasts had further evolved to possess intelligence and had savagery in their blood. In their hunger, they could even consume the corpses of other races. Humans were just moving food to them.

One officer came up to Zheng Yan He and tried to persuade him, “General, it’s time to evacuate!! The fort is going to fall!! We have to run now, otherwise, it’ll be too late!”

Everyone’s gaze fell upon him, their eyes flickering with hope. Even ants were fearful of death, much less these humans.

Zheng Yan He had a steely glint as he glared at the officer, “No! When His Majesty gave me the reigns over the Fort, I’d promised to live and die with the Fort! Now, there’re many of our valiant and heroic comrades who are still down there fighting! As their comrade, friend, and commander, how can I do such a cowardly thing?! Zhuo Ye, do not speak to me about evacuating, ever again!”

Zhuo Ye stepped back in shame, “Yes! Great General!”

Zheng Yan He turned around and bowed deeply, “Everyone, we are the core, the heart, the brain of this entire Fort!! We cannot leave at this critical moment!! I hope that everyone can join me and fight to the last breath, for the sake of our people in Cloud Region!! Please!!”

“We’re willing to die with Great General!!” Inside the command center, everyone felt bolstered by his words and roared out in heated excitement.

As the highest commander in the fort, Zheng Yan He actually did not choose to retreat, putting his life on the line. These hot-blooded warriors would naturally not leave him behind as well.

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