God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 920

About 300m away from the fort, a Type 5 Velociraptor-Warrior pounced onto a fleeing human soldier, chomping down on his neck.

With a loud crack, the neck of the soldier was snapped.

The Velociraptor Warrior then used his claws to grab the body while devouring the rest of him. It was a truly gory sight.

At one corner of the fort, there was a human in a Type 5 Battle Suit hidden within the ruins. There was only the slightest sign of life from him, as though he was dead, and he wielded a special RS335 electromagnetic sniper cannon, quietly staring at a distance.

This particular human soldier was called Guo Sai. He was the top sniper of the 1st Fort, and the weapon in his hand was a specially-customized elite sniper weapon. It required Type 5 Mutant Beast nuclei to power and could destroy tanks with a single shot.

There were only about 15 of such rifles within the entire Cloud Region, after all, the Type 5 Mutant Beast nuclei were too precious. Furthermore, most of them were used to power the Type 5 Battle Suits, or to power the more powerful Reapers.

When the Type 5 Velociraptor Warrior was consuming the human soldier, Guo Sai silently pulled the trigger.

A terrifying electromagnetic beam shot out and directly penetrated the head of the Velociraptor Warrior, blasting it apart.

The dozens of other Velociraptor Warriors turned to stare at the rubble, and with a tap of their feet, they darted over.

Guo Sai quickly jumped up from his spot, pulling out 2 ordinary Electromagnetic Cannons and retreated. He fired out continuously, killing off the ordinary Velociraptor Warriors.

However, there were 10 Type 4 experts within them, and since their race had an advantage in speed, it was hard for the naked eye to capture their movements.

Guo Sai was also just an initial Type 4 Divine Warrior. He was exceptional in his sniping skills, but nothing else. Even with his Type 5 Battle Suit, his speed could not outstrip those Velociraptor Warriors and their powerful legs.

The 10 Velociraptor Warriors appeared all around him, preparing to pounce on him.

“Is it over? At least I managed to wipe out a Type 5 Dino-Warrior!”

A powerful sense of death welled up in his heart, and his eyes flashed with a resolute glint. The Type 5 nucleus behind also began to glow brightly.

Right as he was about to risk his life, a number of light beams shot down from the skies, and the heads of the Velociraptor Warriors erupted.

“What’s going on?”

Guo Sai lifted his head to the skies, only to discover an enormous floating fortress, with countless beams of light raining upon the fort and battlefield.

At another part of the battlefield, dozens of Velociraptor Warriors were hunting hundreds of human soldiers. There were many corpses of human soldiers, torn apart and badly mangled. In contrast, there were only 1 or 2 Velociraptor Warrior corpses.

The rhythm of the battle was slowly moving towards the favor of the Dino-Army, and it seemed impossible for the human soldiers to turn the tide. At the same time, the casualties of humans compared to foreign races were more than 100:1. Each time a foreign race soldier was killed, over a hundred humans had already been killed.

One Velociraptor Warrior pounced lightly and knocked a human soldier down on the ground, opening his jaws in preparation to crunch down on the head of the unfortunate soldier.


The human soldier’s eyes flashed with despair and hopelessness.

At that moment, a beam of light shot down and pierced the Velociraptor Warrior’s head, directly killing him. Fresh blood splattered all over the human soldiers.

“What is that? Has God come and save us?”

Having returned from the gates of death, the human soldier looked up at the floating fortress, his gaze full of wonder and amazement.

Inside the command center, Zheng Yan He saw the Storm Battleship, and exclaimed in spite of himself, “That’s His Majesty!! That’s Yue Zhong!! He did not abandon us!! He’s back!!!”

Zheng Yan He thought that Yue Zhong had abandoned them, and chose to retreat himself. He knew that it would have been the right choice to make, after all, he was the Emperor, and the whole Cloud Region needed him. If he fell, they would have no leader, and there would just be internal chaos. However, he still could not help but feel disappointed. It was all wiped away the moment he saw the Storm Battleship, his hope was rekindled.

“His Majesty Yue Zhong!! Is that really His Majesty?!!”

“Long live His Majesty Yue Zhong!!”


Instantly, the command center erupted in excited cheers. These commanders had all made the resolute decision to die, however, upon hearing that there was a chance to survive, they could not help themselves.

Zheng Yan He swiftly passed the order, “Immediately convey the command, His Majesty Yue Zhong has arrived with reinforcements, they have to fight on!!”


With his command, the various officers quickly got to work, disseminating the information into the multi-purpose helmets of the human soldiers.

Inside the command center, Zheng Yan He’s orders could reach every single rank-and-file soldier. However, once there was panic and chaos, it did not matter the command from above, no one would follow.

Upon hearing that Yue Zhong was back with reinforcements, the soldiers on the frontlines immediately got invigorated, their morale rising.

Many of those who were fleeing, turned their heads to see the Storm Battleship, feeling excited and ashamed at the same time.

The beams of light from the Battleship was taking out hundreds of Dino-Warriors like it was nothing. Every single existence under the Type 5 realm was being annihilated.

“Energy depletion at 20%. Based on the current speed, the Battleship will run out of energy in 5 minutes.”

“Based on estimations, after 2 minutes, other than the 2 Type 6 Divine Warriors, all other enemies will be wiped out.”


A number of robotic announcements reported the situation to Yue Zhong.

The Battleship was the final weapon of war produced by the human race in the past. With terrifying firepower, its central computer was even more powerful than those of the Forts. When Bai Yi gained control of the computer, she was able to fully exhibit the calculation powers of the incredible piece of technology. The firing of the lasers was extremely precise, instantly killing many Type 5 Dino-Warriors.

Each time there was a volley of laser beams, many of the Type 3 and Type 4 Mutant Beast nuclei would shatter, channeling the energy into the Battleship.


“Get rid of that fellow!!”

Yue Zhong pointed to Kong Liang Jin rampaging around in the fort and ordered.

“Yes! Killing the Type 6 Divine Warrior, based on estimated, would take 3 Type 5 Mutant Beast nuclei. Please insert the Type 5 or Type 6 nuclei to proceed.”

Following a robotic sound, an energy compartment revealed itself in front of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong frowned but decided to throw 3 precious Type 5 Mutant Beast nuclei into the compartment. After taking down the Capital, he had gained many of them. Killing a Type 6 Divine Warrior with 3 Type 5 nuclei was worth it. After all, if he were to face Kong Liang Jin now, it was likely that he would lose.

When the 3rd nucleus was inserted, a panel on top of the battleship opened, revealing a 10m-tall cannon, with countless engravings on it. The cannon seemed to be made out of countless crystal tubes, and as it stuck out, it turned to point towards Kong Liang Jin.

“Not good!! Danger!!”

The moment the cannon revealed itself, Kong Liang Jin felt a sense of danger, stopping himself in the midst of his murderous rampage. With a tap of his foot, he retreated explosively.

Countless light beams traveled along the crystal-like tubes, converging inside the main cannon, as the runes all around started to light up.

At the next moment, a terrifying laser beam shot out from the cannon, instantly reaching the ground. The point of impact lit up glaringly, reaching an area of about 1 km in diameter, consuming Kong Liang Jin.

“Raytheon Cannon!!! No!!”

Kong Liang Jin let out a scream of fear and rage, his body erupting with the Radiance of Life to try to defend himself.

Under the assault of that seemingly godly light, Kong Liang Jin’s Radiance of Life was smashed through like nothing, his body enveloped by it.

After the light dispersed, the area had turned into a huge pit, and the Type 6 Kong Liang Jin had been reduced to nothing more than dust.

“Raytheon Cannon!! That was the Raytheon Cannon!!”

At the other side of the fort, the Type 6 Kong Xun Zhu had seen how the pillar of light destroyed her comrade. Her face turned pale as she quickly tried to escape deeper into Cloud Region. With her current position, the only way of survival was in.

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