God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 921

“The 2nd Type 6 Divine Warrior has already fled outside of the sure-kill range. Based on estimations, the chances of killing are 30%, heavily injured 50%, not hitting her at all: 20%. Do you want to proceed? If so, please insert Type 5 nuclei.”

Another compartment appeared in front of Yue Zhong.


The Storm Battleship’s main Raytheon Cannon was incredibly powerful. A single shot from it could kill a Type 6 Divine Warrior. Within the region of 5 km, it could definitely kill one in a single shot. Outside of the region, due to the speed of the Type 6 Divine Warrior, the Raytheon Cannon could not get a guaranteed kill in one hit.

Yue Zhong fell silent for a moment and made a choice: “Do not attack!”

On the way back to the Xue Luo Fort, he had seen the number of Dino-Army camps, there were too many Dino-Warriors around. Even if he used up all the nuclei in his hands, he would not be able to wipe out all of them.

They were different from the human soldiers. All of the foreign races were being deployed out at full strength into the battlefield.

Even a female Dino-Warrior could be utilized in war. They were just slightly weaker than the male ones, and they were similarly proficient in hunting, working, and fighting. This was the terrifying thing about the foreign races.

The gigantic Storm Battleship landed slowly near the hole of the Fort and began to fire out countless beams at the Dino-Warriors, killing them all.

In the Xue Luo Fort’s command center, the display suddenly lit up and Yue Zhong’s figure appeared.

He immediately gave an order, “This is Yue Zhong, General Zheng. Heed my commands, gather all personnel to board the Battleship, right now.”

Zheng Yan He’s heart sank, “Your Majesty, if all the soldiers are to board, what happens to the Fort?”

Yue Zhong replied sternly, “Give it up. We have to evacuate immediately. The enemy is too strong. Even with this Battleship, we cannot defend it. If we don’t evacuate now, we will all fall here. We need to preserve our men.”

Zheng Yan He fell silent for a moment, before replying solemnly, “Understood! Your Majesty!”

He knew what Yue Zhong meant. These were all the elites of the human race. They had already suffered for so long, and yet, they managed to hold out and fend off an enemy 20 times the size of themselves. If these elite forces were to fall here, it would be a huge loss to the human race.

If they all survived and were reorganized, through the baptism of hell and fire, they would be an intensely strong army.

Zheng Yan He proceeded to give short but precise orders, and the various soldiers of the frontline began to move from their cover towards the Battleship.

A huge cloud of black energy came shooting from a distance, entering the command center of the Dino-Army. It was the Type 7 Emperor Ba Long.

The moment Emperor Ba Long got back to the seat, he roared out in fury, “Damn it! It’s the Storm Battleship! That sort of historical weapon shouldn’t even exist in this world!! Attack!! Attack with full force!!”

If it had been on the field, Emperor Ba Long had the confidence that he could whittle down the Battleship’s energy shield, since it was not fully powered at the moment.

However, the Storm Battleship was on the Xue Luo Fort right now, as long as the Raytheon Cannon was fired, even he would be injured. He did not want to fall at the Xue Luo Fort. In any case, even if more of his Dino-army perished, it would not matter to him. The Dino-Race had already been the overlords of this world for so long. It would not take much effort to repopulate.

Under Emperor Ba Long’s order, all the Dino-Warriors roared out madly in response and charged towards the Fort. In the skies, the Pterosaurs also soared over in huge droves, blocking out the sky.

On the Battleship, all the soldiers were currently behind cover, utilizing their weapons to fire at the incoming enemies.

At this moment, the Winged Race, Storm Valley, and Yue Zhong’s army were all giving it their best, attacking the Dino-Warriors. They had no more intentions of hiding behind. It was a critical moment, and should the Dino-Warriors make it past their ship, everyone would die.

The elites who had just boarded the ship managed to catch a moment’s breath, before taking up their weapons again and engaged in combat under the instructions of Bai Yi.

The various Dino-Warriors charged over, only to be fired full of holes under the rain of laser beams.

With that sort of mindless and suicidal charge, the energy of the Battleship was being depleted. Even with the help of the human soldiers defending, many Type 3 and Type 4 Nuclei shattered upon their depletion.

The might of the Battleship was overbearing because it had a huge energy reserve. Thus, in order to retain that sort of firing rate, the energy had to be sufficient.

It was precisely because the Storm Battleship had been depleted of its energy in the past, that the humans of that era had fallen at the hands of the Dino-Warriors, and forced into Cloud Region.

On the hull, Yue Zhong wielded his Electromagnetic Cannon and fired out constantly. Each of his shots would cause a Pterosaur to be killed in a shower of blood.

The Pterosaurs in the skies, as well as their riders, would descend sharply, dropping right into the midst of the humans. They would then slaughter whoever they could, as well as destroy the automatic defenses, before being killed.

Guo Sai, the excellent sniper, was currently camped out at a dark corner. Each time he pulled the trigger, he would claim the life of a Low-Grade Dino-General or a Mid-Grade Dino-General.

Although there was a large number of human experts acting, from time to time, many of them would be torn apart by the descending Dino-Warriors and their Pterosaur mounts.

With the firepower of the Battleship, it could easily produce a huge fire net, preventing the Dino-Warriors from entering the ship, at the same time, wiping out all of them near the Fort. However, in doing so, it would take up too much energy. With the current reserves, they could use that to hold out for at most 5 minutes. Unless it was a desperate moment, Yue Zhong would not resort to that.

After killing another 3 Pterosaurs with ease, Yue Zhong spoke into the communicator, “How many more soldiers are not yet here?”

Bai Yi replied swiftly, “Based on scans, there are still 4325 signs of life inside the Fort. There’s no way to reach them through the communication channels, they must have abandoned their helmets. There’s still 53% energy left, please insert more nuclei.”

Yue Zhong chuckled bitterly, in order to maintain the combat strength of the Storm Battleship, he had given half of Xue Luo Fort’s storage. He did not expect it to last for barely an hour, and 47% had already been depleted.

With a resolute glint, he gave the order, “Set off now, head for the Imperial Capital!!”

Although there were still 4,000 human elites within the Fort, if they continued like this, the hundreds of thousands on the Ship would fall at the hands of the Dino-Warriors.

In comparing the 2, Yue Zhong made a helpless decision.


With Yue Zhong’s order, the Battleship glowed, and immediately utilized the fire net. All the Dino-Warriors within a 300m-radius were instantly wiped out.

From within the Battleship, an immense alloy armor quickly covered the ship.

Next, the Battleship began to rise amidst powerful jets of flames and air, before it shot towards the distance.

Seeing it fly away, Emperor Ba Long roared out with a maddened expression, “Damn it!! They’re getting away!! Chase after them!!”

Yue Zhong’s God and Devil Imprint, as well as the God-Devil Nucleus he had congealed, were important ingredients for Emperor Ba Long to evolve. Seeing the prey that was almost in his hands get away, Emperor Ba Long was obviously enraged.

Following his orders, countless Dino-Warriors quickly got on their Pterosaurs as they soared into the air and chased after the Storm Battleship.

Emperor Ba Long was clear that their speed could not match up with the Battleship, but in his rage, he gave such an order.

He stared at the Xue Luo Fort with a venomous look and snapped, “Damn it! Tear this damn Fort apart!!”

If it was not for the huge amount of explosives within the Forts, Emperor Ba Long would have long since charged through himself, killing every single human soldier cleanly. Yue Zhong would not have been able to get away scot-free as well.

20,000 Armored Rat-Warriors charged through the Fort, tearing everything apart in a frenzy.

The rest of the Dino-Warriors also breached the Fort, chasing the Battleship further towards Cloud Region.


At that moment when half of the Fort was torn apart, a huge explosion occurred, enveloping those 20,000 Armored Rat-Warriors and annihilating them.

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