God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 922

As the dust from the explosion settled, where the 20th Xue Luo Fort used to be, there was only a huge ditch.

The Forts that had stood as the final defense for the human race in the past hundreds of years had finally fallen.

The moment the last Fort was destroyed, the Dino-Army immediately poured into Cloud Region in huge droves, spreading out like wildfire.

The Cloud Region was incredibly vast, with countless humans living in all sorts of areas, cities, even in villages. These were all areas where the government could not reach.

The moment the Dino-Warriors invaded Cloud Region, they began to slaughter these straggling human bases without mercy.

At a camp which was filled with Dino-Warriors, dozens of human males were being dragged away by 4 Low-Grade Dino-Generals.

Inside the camp, a number of Type 6 Dino-Generals were seated, exuding a terrifying aura.

They stared at the humans coldly, and the leader among the humans, who was a handsome man, was so badly frightened that his face turned pale and he slumped to the floor. A putrid liquid came out between his pants, as he stammered, “Don’t kill me!! Don’t kill me!! As long as you spare my dog life, I’m willing to do anything!!”

Seeing the pathetic state of the man, the various High-Grade Dino-Generals had disdain in their eyes. They admired and respected heroes and experts, as to these humans without a backbone, they viewed them with contempt.

On the throne, Emperor Ba Long was clouded with a black energy, coldly asking, “What’s your name? Where are you from?”

The young man felt his heart jumped, and quickly replied, “I’m Luo Yi, one of the direct heirs of the Blood-Red City’s Luo Clan, the future viscount.”

Emperor Ba Long continued, “Luo Yi, I’ll ask you this, where’s the imperial capital of your Cloud Region?”

Luo Yi hurried to answer, “The Capital is in the Imperial City. I know how to go, leave me alive, I’m willing to serve Your Majesty with all my heart!”

Emperor Ba Long looked down at Luo Yi condescendingly, and declared, “Very good! Luo Yi! I can spare your life, as long as you swear to serve this Seat, I will support you to become the king of the human race.”


Luo Yi immediately kneeled in joy and began kowtowing as he swore, “Thank you, Your Majesty! Thank you, Your Majesty! I, Luo Yi, swear to the heavens, that I will serve His Majesty Emperor Ba Long with all my life, till the day I die!!”

The Dino-race was the dominant power in this world, any Dino-Kingdom could easily crush all the fighting forces within Cloud Region.

The Cloud Region had remained safe all these years purely because of the Xue Luo 20 Forts. The Dino-Kingdoms also had their own friction among themselves. Those Dino-Kings were never interested in Cloud Region, hence, the humans had been able to survive for so long.

Now that the 20 Forts had fallen, the Cloud Region no longer had a defense force that could stand up to any of the Dino-armies. With their strength, they could capture hundreds of thousands of humans as their slaves with ease. To Luo Yi, being a King of a hundred thousand was already more than enough for him.

Emperor Ba Long eyed Luo Yi coldly and spoke, “You’re dismissed! Those humans who were captured along with you are now your subjects, go settle them yourself.”

Luo Yi bowed respectfully, “Yes!”, before leaving.

One of the Type 6 Velociraptor Warrior could not help but ask, “Your Majesty, why did you let that human become a King? Isn’t it easier for us to just make them all slaves, or eat them directly?”

The rest of the Type 6 Dino-Generals had the same look of agreement as their gazes fell upon Emperor Ba Long. After this cruel battle with the Xue Luo 20 Forts, many of their kingdoms had suffered heavy losses. They were filled with hatred for the humans, some directly killing the humans when they encountered them.

Emperor Ba Long’s eyes flashed with a glint, “No! This time, the enemy we’re facing is not simple. He might be the most dangerous enemy we have had to face. It is a test for our Dino-race, as well as a potential catastrophe. If we can get past this, our race will then soar to greater heights. If not, what awaits us is likely our downfall.”

One Type 6 Dino-General frowned as he asked, albeit with a lost expression, “Enemy? How can those humans be our enemy? Unless…unless they’re the Apostles of God?!”

Hearing that term, all the Type 6 Dino-Generals had a huge change in expression, their pupils narrowing.

As the victors of the previous war, the Dino-Race got to know a lot of secrets. They were extremely clear that while they were the overlords of this planet, their fate was still in the hands of this mighty existence far beyond their understanding.

Yue Zhong was a man of the God and Devil Imprint, which was recognized as a sign of an Apostle of God. Each of them was the elite among the humans, and they were difficult experts to deal with. In the past, their race had come to blows with one such being before.

However, this was a matter over hundreds of years ago. Since then, the Dino-race had not paid much attention to the humans.

Emperor Ba Long’s eyes flashed with a crafty glint, as he laughed coldly, “That’s right! He’s an Apostle of God. All of you had better abandon all thoughts of underestimating your opponent and use all of your might to deal with those humans. Humans are a pathetic bunch, as long as we can utilize them properly, they can fall apart from within easily. Dealing with scattered humans would then be easier. By the time we have finished dealing with the Apostle of God, we can then deal with the rest of humankind however we want.”

Inside the Capital, Chen Tai was leading a patrol unit of a dozen guards, keeping an eye atop the city wall. He looked out over the wall, noticing that there was a long queue of humans, stretching for about 20 li. They were all moving out towards the mountain valley containing the Gate of Hell. His eyes flashed with worry and unease. This was a huge, unprecedented move, leaving behind this world that had lived in for dozens of years. Fleeing to another foreign world, there was no way he could not be uneasy and worried.

Right at this moment, one city guard looked up and his face fell. Pointing to the sky, he exclaimed, “General! Look, what’s that?!”

Chen Tai lifted his head and was shocked. He discovered a huge floating fortress that blocked out a huge patch of the sky, descending towards the ground.

Many soldiers got nervous and wielding their weapons to aim at the huge Storm Battleship.

Suddenly, Yue Zhong’ projection appeared in various displays throughout the city, “This is Yue Zhong. I’m on the Storm Battleship, one of our trump cards.”

“It’s His Majesty!!”

“Storm Battleship? Isn’t that a frickin’ floating fortress?!”

“That’s amazing!! With such a fortress, we don’t have to fear to lose a home!”


From within the city walls, the people began to erupt in cheers and excited discussion.

Chen Tai looked at the Battleship with a look of relief, “It truly is something only His Majesty is capable of!”

Yue Zhong walked out of the Battleship, and went into the Capital, summoning all the officers.

He swept everyone a gaze, before asking Dou Meng directly, “Dou Meng, what’s the situation on the ground now?”

Dou Meng replied, “Based on the current number of humans in the capital that are going through the Gate of Hell, it would likely be completed in 5 days.”

Yue Zhong frowned and asked, “5 days, it’s truly too long. Is there any way to expedite it?”

There was over a few thousand kilometers to the Capital from the Xue Luo Forts. If it was a journey for humans without any transportation, it would be hard to complete the journey even in a half a year.

However, to those Dino-Warriors, it would take them a few days. If they did not rest and just hurried all the way, it was possible to reach in 1 day.

Dou Meng did not answer that question, instead, he asked, “Your Majesty, has the Xue Luo Fort truly fallen?”

The rest of the officers also turned to look at Yue Zhong. They had already known of the results of the battle, but they wanted to obtain the information directly from Yue Zhong’s mouth.

Yue Zhong replied softly, “It has already fallen! Based on our estimations, 16 Dino-kingdoms had taken part in the attack on us, with more than 1 Type 6 Dino-General. In the end, our Forts have fallen.”

Hearing the report, everyone’s face was downcast.

The Xue Luo Forts had never fallen since they were constructed, and were the strongest shield of the human race. However, now that it had fallen under the relentless assault of the true might of the Dino-race, these people were rocked.

Dou Meng looked as though he had aged 5 or 6 years, and sighed, “Your Majesty, 5 days is already the fastest that we can go. No matter what, you’ll have to hold out for 5 days.”

Yue Zhong fell silent and nodded, “Alright! I will go try my best to fight for 5 more days.”

After the meeting was dismissed, Yue Zhong walked out quietly, a tremendous pressure on him. The lives and deaths of hundreds of thousands of people was not a small matter.

He had not walked very far, when he came across Luo Qing Qing, who was in her Type 5 Battle Suit, walking towards him.

She gazed at him and could tell that something was wrong, “Something troubling you?”

Yue Zhong chuckled bitterly, “5 days, I have to buy them 5 more days’ worth of time. How am I going to do that?”

Luo Qing Qing’s brows arched, “Yue Zhong, this isn’t like you. No matter what happened in the past, you had never been down at all. Since it’s going to be hard to defend for 5 days, why not seize this chance to launch an attack?”

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