God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 158

Yue Zhong’s Eyes of Perception ability allowed him to examine the ratmen from afar. “Level 26 mutant beast: Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards. Rat King’s chosen bodyguards, are willing to die in battle in defense of Rat King.”

“Level 43 mutant beast: Mutant Rat King. Has the ability to control mutant rat swarms and elite rat king’s bodyguards.”

“That must be the leader!” Zhong Yue looked at the 7 massive rats with a gleam of light in his eyes. On this expedition, he was most afraid that he could not find the leader of the rat tide within the time limit of 10 mins. If he could not find the leader, he would have no choice but to abort this mission. After all, his team and both the teams from LongHai survival camp did not bring enough ammunition to destroy the sea of rats.

The mutant Rat King also saw that Yue Zhong was making a beeline towards it. It’s tiny eyes flashed a hint of disdain, and it uttered a sharp whistling sound.

At that instant, from the granary, another massive swarm of mutant rats poured out in droves. In addition to the mutant rats tide, another 30 elite rat king’s bodyguards also climbed up to the granary.

In addition to the forces above, 20 additional elite rat king’s bodyguards rushed towards the direction of Yue Zhong.

These elite rat king’s bodyguards were incredibly fast. At full gallop, they crossed the distance of over 100 m in the span of a few seconds, and shot towards Yue Zhong like an arrow. Their speed was only slightly inferior to the fastest creature that Yue Zhong has ever faced – a level 20 hunter.

At this time, Yue Zhong was still 200m away from the granary.

Yue Zhong moved his left hand, and a type 79 assault rifle [1] flew out. He pulled the trigger and the gun spewed out a stream of bullets that streaked towards the elite rat king’s bodyguards. [3]

These elite rat king’s bodyguards’ bodies were comprised of extremely hard muscles. Although these bullets were able to penetrate through the hide of these rats, they were stopped by the rock hard muscles from penetrating any deeper into the organs. As a result, the wounds of these elite rat king’s bodyguards were superficial.

After emptying a 20 round magazine clip, Yue Zhong had only managed to kill four normal mutant rats, and did not even manage to kill a single elite rat king’s bodyguard.

These elite rat king’s bodyguards finally reached the area in front of Yue Zhong, and used their sharp claws to chip away at the bone ladder.

The claws of these elite rat king’s bodyguards were extremely sharp, and the white bone ladder could not withstand the continuous attacks of the elite rat king’s bodyguards for long before breaking.

Once the white bone ladder was broken, Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu immediately plunged towards the ground.

The 20 elite rat king’s bodyguards were hiding and distributed among the rat tide. They were intently watching the descent of Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu. Once these two humans fell into the swarm of rats, they will be surrounded on all sides and be attacked by numerous rats. No matter how powerful Yue Zhong is, being attacked by countless numbers of rats at the same time would definitely finish him off.

Yue Zhong’s eyes turned icy cold, and taking in a deep breathe, he quickly fired another bone spike that stabbed into the head of a normal mutant rat. The force at which the bone spike was fired from allowed it to penetrate through the skull of the mutant rat and continued to penetrate deep into the ground. It quickly extended to become another bone ladder. In this way, both of them were temporary out of danger.

But the elite rat king’s bodyguards who saw this scene immediately rushed towards the new bone ladder and again, used their claws to break down the bone ladder.

This left Yue Zhong with no choice but to continuously shoot out bone spikes using both hands. Thus, he created multiple bone ladders that enabled him to continuously move forward. In the event that one of the bone spikes is broken, it is unlikely to hinder his progress in moving forward. [5]

But for every bone ladder that was shattered, the White Bone armour on Yue Zhong’s body became thinner and thinner. While White Bones has the unique ability freely manipulate bones, these bone were refined from its body, and are not unlimited in number. If the bones were continuously broken, beyond a certain limit, White Bones could no longer creates new bone spikes.

Just before White Bone reached its limit, Yue Zhong finally broke through the rat tide and reached the granary.

The twenty elite rat king’s bodyguards also followed Yue Zhong and was just lurking below the granary.

As mutant rat king saw Yue Zhong approaching it, it immediately jumped down from the granary. It landed on the ground, and the 20 elite rat king’s bodyguards that was already there immediately surrounded it. This party of elite rats then fled.

Meanwhile, the rest of the elite rat king’s bodyguards rushed towards Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu.

“It chose to escape?” Yue Zhong spied that the rat king had opted to escape and was greatly surprised. That is a level 43 mutant rat king, and its level was way higher than him! That it did not even attempt to fight and immediately opted to escape is outside of Yue Zhong’s expectations

Although the rat king chose to escape, the 30 elite rat king’s bodyguards and the remaining rat tide continued to surround and rush towards Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu from all sides.

Yue Zhong took one look at the endless tide of rats that was rapidly approaching him, and also chose to flee. He extended his right hand and fired a bone shard towards the roof of granary. Then using the extensible bone shard like a retractable rope, he launched himself and Ji Qing Wu to the rooftop of the granary.

The 30 elite rat king’s bodyguards also quickly climbed towards the rooftop after the two intruders. [4]

Yue Zhong just took a glance at the persistent bastards, and tossed a grenade towards the rat swarm below. A loud “Boom!” sound rang out. With a massive explosion, a large number of shrapnel were flung in all directions. This killed at least 10 of the normal mutant rats and their limbs were sent flying in all directions. Yue Zhong then jumped down towards the empty space that was created by the explosion.

Having stepped foot on solid ground, Yue Zhong continuously tossed grenades at the rat swarm, creating havoc among them. From the havoc, he slowly created a path towards the direction in which the rat king has fled in.

The thirty elite rat king’s bodyguards were quickly left behind by Yue Zhong’s sudden movement.

The mutant king rat may be as big as a bear, but its speed was not as fast as the elite rat king’s bodyguards. Hence, it was much slower than Yue Zhong. The distance between the pursuer and the pursued was continuously shortened.

Seeing the situation, the mutant king rat issued a soft growl, and four of its elite rat king’s bodyguards rushed towards Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu. Surprisingly for a rat, it is as cowardly as some human leaders, and is not willing to send too many bodyguards to deal with Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu out for fear of compromising its own safety.

Looking at the four elite rat king’s bodyguards that were rushing towards them, Ji Qing Wu eyes flashed with competitive spirit.“Let me go!” she exclaimed. Ji Qing Wu was a naturally competitive woman and is full of fighting spirit. If not, she would not had used a beginners’ staff to fight zombies in the beginning of the apocalypse. It should be known that even among the men, there were very few men that had the courage to use the beginners staff to fight against the zombies. These men were not worried about whether they could not win against the zombie, but rather was afraid that they will be infected with the zombie virus.

Yue Zhong loosen his hold and let Ji Qing Wu down. [6]

Ji Qing Wu lightly landed on the ground, and used her active skill: “Cutting edge enhancement.” Her Tang imitation sword was enveloped in a layer of blue light.

Ji Qing Wu eyes gleamed with determination as she followed beside Yue Zhong. With each swing of her blade, several mutant rats were sliced apart like tofu.

In the span of a few breathe, the four elite rat king’s bodyguards reached the area in front of Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu.

Yue Zhong moved his hand, and a stinger gun appeared on his hand. He suddenly accelerated like a ghost and avoided the attacks of the elite rat king’s bodyguard in front of him. Then he pointed the stinger gun at the head of the elite rat king’s bodyguard and pulled the trigger.

“Bam” the elite rat king’s bodyguard head was blown apart, and its brains and blood combined together to form a work of art on the floor. [2]


Type 79 assault rifle

[1] Type 79 assault rifle – it is REAL dude! The author knows his guns!!

[2] It should reads ““Bam” the elite rat king’s bodyguard head was blown apart, and its brains and blood splattered on the floor. “ I am just kidding at the last line. My bad.

[3] [Translator notes: I thought he had a beauty, Ji Qing Wu, in his left hand and is hanging on to the bone ladder with his right hand? Apologies, I forget that when translating I should have left my brains at the door and just translate.]

[4] [Translator notes: It should be 36. Original 6. 30 new elites. So altogether 36. Ok, Ok, I apologise, I take out my brains now and leave it outside the door. Brains + brainless chapter = mass confusion]

[5]: [Translator notes: Why can’t the rats swamp up the White Bones ladder? Oops, Sorry author, I forgot to left my brains at the door again.]

[6] [Translator notes: If I was Yue Zhong I would steal a kiss first before letting her down.]

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