God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 925

When Yue Zhong heard this, he frowned, “Compatibility requirements? No wonder it was simplified.”

To humans, an equipment that could be manufactured and used on a large scale was the best thing. If there was no way to utilize it, then there was no use in producing a powerful equipment.

Yue Zhong asked Bai Yi, “With our current technology, are we able to manufacture this?”

Bai Yi replied, “If we can bring all the technology back from the capital to Earth, we will be able to produce such an equipment. If we were to use what is available on Earth, then it would take at least 20 years to produce this Battle Suit.”

Yue Zhong could not help but be overjoyed at his opportunity to come to the Third World. As long as he could bring them all to Earth successfully, his faction on Earth would gain a huge boon.

“Let’s set off, our battle is not yet over!”

Yue Zhong kept the Type 6 nucleus carefully, before leading the army further to attack the reinforcements and back support of the Dino-Army.

About 1,000 km away from the Imperial City in Cloud Region, there was a huge camp set up, within one of the tents, all the upper echelons of the Dino-Army had gathered, facing the tyrannical and oppressive Emperor Ba Long.

One Type 6 Dino-General reported to Emperor Ba Long, “Your Majesty, we have suffered an ambush from the humans, and our back-end has lost over 150,000 soldiers, as well as numerous supplies. Based on the current reserves we have, we can only last for another 3 more days. After that, we will have no more food.”

The Dino-Warriors were incredibly savage and ferocious but required a huge amount of food as well. One can only imagine the food requirement for an army over a million in size.

It was because of this that the Dino-race had prepared for so long and gathered supplies before launching an assault on the Xue Luo Forts, successfully crushing them.

After successfully invading Cloud Region, many of them scattered and began to hunt the humans and other lifeforms in order to lighten the pressure.

Emperor Ba Long replied coldly, “3 days eh? I’ve been careless. To think the humans would have such guts to attack us.”

Another Type 6 Dino-General asked, “Your Majesty, should we stop the advance?”

Emperor Ba Long shook his head and spoke coldly, “Kong Lie Feng, go take your troops and push your vassal forces towards the capital. Kong Yi Xun, Kong Hui, Kong Bao Xian, the 3 of you shall lead 500,000 units back and wipe out those damn humans. Protect our supplies. The rest of the units shall hunt freely for a day.”


Under his orders, the Dino-army mobilized and moved out in different directions.

Near the Xue Luo Fort, there were multiple blazes, as numerous carriages were set aflame and burnt to ashes.

“They’ve finally moved!” Yue Zhong saw the incoming Dino-army and frowned.

Any number of troops diverted away from the main force to deal with Yue Zhong’s supply-hunting troops would mean less pressure at the Capital.

“It’s time to retreat as well! Bai Yi!”

Yue Zhong barked out lowly, and the huge Storm Battleship came swooping down.

The hundreds of energy tanks and thousands of laser mounted vehicles quickly boarded the Battleship.

Soon, the Battleship rose into the air again and made for the direction of the Imperial Capital.

A part of the enemy’s forces had been diverted to protect the supplies line. Yue Zhong’s objective had been met, he had to refocus his efforts in defending the Capital now. As long as he could hold out for another 3 days, it would be his victory.

Since a huge portion of their resources had been destroyed, the Dino-Warriors on the back end could not sit still any longer. Over hundreds of thousands of Dino-Warriors were already on their way towards the back, led by Type 6 Dino-Generals. If Yue Zhong wanted to defeat the enemy, it would require a painful price.

Outside the Capital, numerous foreign races warriors were charging with bloodlust at the Capital, under the influence of the war drums.

The City Wall of the Capital had been commissioned by Wei Ming Qing, built with countless resources and wealth. Its defense was even more powerful than the Xue Luo Forts. However, due to the civil war, the wall had already suffered some damage. Many areas had been blasted wide open by the energy missiles, and even the Raytheon Cannon had fired a shot at it. Therefore, the defense was much weaker now.

Even so, the City Wall was still equipped with countless automated weapons, as well as Prism Laser Cannons.

Under the relentless attacks of the lasers and cannons, droves of foreign soldiers were blasted apart.

“These are the foreign soldiers that breached the Xue Luo Forts? Truly terrifying! His Majesty and the rest had been battling against these monsters?” On the city wall, Liu Tai looked at all these aggressive monsters that had no care for their own lives and felt a chill in his heart.

If it had been the human race, the moment the casualty rate reached 30%, they would have lost their fighting spirit and morale. However, these vassal forces were different, unless they died in battle, they would be attacking relentlessly.

The battle at the Capital was different from that at the Xue Luo Fort. Among the huge numbers of foreign soldiers, many fearsome Dino-Warriors were mixed in as well.

Each of the Dino-Warriors was wielding human-made electromagnetic cannons, laser guns, and energy weapons to attack. They fired continuously at the automatic defenses.

After the Dino-Warriors breached the 20 Xue Luo Forts, they had looted numerous weapons and equipment from the human corpses and Forts. Having a certain level of intelligence, they swiftly learned how to utilized the weapons and used them against the human soldiers.

Multiple beams fired out from the foreign forces, targeting the automatic weapons on the city wall.

At the same time, from a distance away, some Type 5 expert appeared with powerful-looking bows and arrows, firing out the arrows at the city wall as well.

Numerous Prism Laser Cannons extended out from the city wall, firing out at the Type 5 experts, blowing them up.

Huge droves of Pterosaurs, Archaeopteryx as well as Sinosauropteryx that had grown wings soared through the skies, bearing Dino-Warriors on their backs.

Among them, many of them had the ability to control the wind, and countless wind blades were summoned and shot out at the Prism Laser Cannons.

Under the assault of the wind blades, many of the Prism Laser Cannons were directly smashed and turned into rubble.

At the same time, the Dino-Warriors atop the mounts leaped down from the skies, directly charging to the top of the city walls, trying to destroy everything.

This time, the Dino-Army were throwing all their forces into the fray from the get go.

Due to their attacks, many of the automatic defenses and Mech-Fighters were destroyed. Even the human soldiers hiding behind cover were not spared, with over 500 casualties.

In the evening, the assault had not yet stopped, braving the hundreds of energy cannons and rocket launchers to mount another volley of attacks.

In front of the capital city wall, the beams illuminated the skies, with rockets and missiles exploding every once in a while. The energy cannons also fired without stop, shooting the aerial beasts down.

Hundreds and thousands of foreign races and Dino-warriors had perished since the start of the battle, with their corpses littered all over the ground in front of the city wall.

The battle continued through the night before daylight finally broke.

Behind their cover, Liu Tai’s eyes were bloodshot as he eyed the neverending droves of foreign soldiers and Dino-warriors, and shock filled his heart, “Is this the battle tactic of the Dino-army? Truly fearsome!! His Majesty and the rest had to fend this off for more than a month?! Unbelievable.”

After just one day of such a cruel and intense battle, the human soldiers were all exhausted, their mental state stretched. Their combat efficiency also dropped drastically.

Fighting against those monsters, they did not even have a sliver of time to rest. The moment they let up, those foreign soldiers would be able to breach past the fire net and reach the wall, destroying anything they could.

Zheng Yan He was experienced and well-prepared, the moment there was sunlight, he quickly assigned 10,000 new troops to the battlefield, taking over the exhausted ones.

“If things go on like this, we should be able to hold out for 2 days!”


At a high location within the capital, Yue Zhong was wielding his Electromagnetic Cannon, firing and killing Dino-Warriors with every single shot. He eyed the waves of foreign soldiers and heaved a sigh.

As long as they could hold out for another 2 days, then all the citizens of the Imperial City would finish transferring into the 2nd World. At that time, it did not matter if they had to give up the Imperial City.

At the moment that Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief, he suddenly heard a sharp howl from the direction of the Dino-Warriors. Instantly, all the Dino-Warriors began to retreat.

Yue Zhong looked at them with suspicion and doubt, “What’s going on?”

With the powerful defenses of the Imperial City, if they didn’t send out a Type 7 expert, it was impossible to breach the city in 2 days.

Even then, Yue Zhong could utilize the Storm Battleship to fire the Raytheon Cannon to heavily injure the Type 7 expert. However, to think that they actually called for a sudden retreat, Yue Zhong could not help but worry.

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