God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 926

The Dino-Warriors had not retreated far behind, when there was a movement from their ranks, as they split in the middle.

A number of humans walked out with projectors.

Then, the beams shot out, forming a 10m-tall image of Luo Yi.

Luo Yi spoke loudly, “How do you do people. I’m Luo Yi, the new King of Cloud Country that Emperor Ba Long has kindly appointed. As long as everybody can fulfill Emperor Ba Long’s single condition, His Majesty is willing to leave Cloud Region, and sign a peace treaty with us!!”


Luo Yi’s voice resounded from the various amplifying equipment, traveling in all directions. All the soldiers within the city heard the words, and everyone jolted.


The Dino-Warriors and their vassal forces were extremely strong, this was something all the human soldiers could see. Any single one of them could tear apart dozens of the humans. Furthermore, humans were naturally fearful of death, hence, they were unwilling to continue fighting.

Luo Yi spoke, “The great Emperor Ba Long has announced, as long as you guys hand over Yue Zhong to him, he will take Yue Zhong and leave with his troops.”

“Yue Zhong?!”

“It’s His Majesty?”



Hearing Luo Yi’s words, all the soldiers on the city wall felt waves in their hearts. There were even some officers with strange thoughts at this moment.


Within the Capital, most of the guards were not exactly Yue Zhong’s subordinates, instead, most of them had been ex-captives that surrendered. They were naturally not loyal to him.

Luo Yi continued to persuade, “Listen to me everybody, Yue Zhong is a disaster. The moment he came to our Cloud Region, he slaughtered Emperor Wei Ming Qing. Now, he attracted the Dino-Race here. As long as he turns himself in, our Cloud Region would have a future. The great Emperor Ba Long has spoken, as long as you hand over Yue Zhong, everyone can live. If not, after they breach the city, none will be left alive.”

Luo Yi barked, “This time, in order to invade Cloud Region, there are a total of 27 Dino-Kingdoms participating. We definitely cannot withstand this. Yue Zhong, if you are a man, you will step out to sacrifice yourself for the sake of…”

Before he could finish, Yue Zhong ordered with a cold look, “Destroy him!”

The Prism Laser Cannons adjusted their aim and in an instant, countless beams shot out, destroying the projector and equipment.

Yue Zhong frowned deeply and sighed, “Shit. I miscalculated. I thought I could buy time. Seems like things are going to become troublesome.”

The Dino-race had always viewed humans as livestock to be killed. Any form of resistance was dealt with violently and swiftly. This had forced all the humans to band together to resist them.

Now, they were actually resorting to a government, supporting some humans to form their own faction. By doing this, it would allow some of the weaker-willed people to have a choice in surrendering.

This was a venomous tactic by Emperor Ba Long. By burying the seeds of doubt and division among the humans, when things reached a boiling point, some of them would then cease resisting, some might even raise their weapons against their own kind in order to survive.

After the projectors were destroyed, the human crowd split up, with numerous old people, women, and children carrying sandbags running forward towards the city wall.

“Open the gates!!”

“Save us please!!”

“Help us, please help us!!”


“Open the gates and let us in!!! Aren’t we fellow humans?!”


The humans who were forced towards the gates of the Capital began to scream out as they rushed forward. Each of them was carrying mini amplifiers, their shrill voices broadcasted throughout the city.

Among these weak survivors running forwards, there were some Dino-Warriors mixed in. They were intending to use the humans as shields to launch an attack on the city wall, destroying the automated defenses.


“Shameless!! They’re too shameless!! These damn beasts!!”

“Damn it! Damn it!!! These motherfuckers!!”


Within the wall, the human soldiers witnessed this and their eyes turned bloodshot, their fists clenched. They were filled with incomparable grief and indignation but were helpless at the same time.

Facing those frail old people, weak and skinny women, as well as the innocent and immature children, the Iron-Blood Warriors were unable to make a move. They were afraid that if their hands trembled, they might accidentally open fire on them.

On the wall, Yue Zhong’s eyes were also bloodshot, his killing intent soaring through the roof. He sent out a punch at the wall, “Beasts!!”

Although his strength had reached the peak of Type 5, in this situation, there were limitations to what he could do.

Inside the command center, Zheng Yan He looked at the humans out there being treated as cannon fodder and sighed in sadness. His eyes flashed with a momentary pain before they regained their resolution, and he ordered the only logical order they could, “Fire!”

Under Zheng Yan He’s order, the energy cannons that had stopped fired out once more. Under that relentless volley, many of the humans and Dino-Warriors alike were blasted into smithereens.

The Mech-Fighters and automated weapons began to fire as well. Countless beams fired upon the group below, killing both the humans and Dino-Warriors.





When the human soldiers saw how their fellow men have blown apart under the merciless firepower, their gazes were filled with sorrow, as they cried out.

It was not because they were not brave, but because they had compassion, and were helpless.

Cloud Region had enjoyed peace for countless years, this battle had opened the eyes of these soldiers to the cruelty of war once again.

In the Dino-Army camp, Emperor Ba Long saw the group of humans and Dino-Warriors obliterated and sighed, “Did we fail? Those humans defending are truly hard to deal with.”

If Zheng Yan He had allowed them to get close because of pity or sympathy, then the Dino-Warriors would be able to clear the city wall with greater ease.

When that happens, Emperor Ba Long would then make use of his overwhelming advantage in numbers to steamroll over the defense.

The intense battle continued for another day, and the exhausted soldiers were swapped out, and another batch of soldiers was deployed in their place.

When those soldiers retreated, Luo Yi’s words were also passed around.

Inside a meeting room, the 4 leaders of the Great Clans gathered once more.

Dou Meng spoke softly, “What do you guys think?”

Zhao Zheng had a glint in his eyes, “From Luo Yi’s words, we can assume that the target of the Dino-race is only Yue Zhong himself. If he was handed over, then after Emperor Ba Long gets what he wants, he should call off the assault. After all, with their strength, and their combined forces, they should have already wiped us out long ago.”

Lu Yi fell silent before suddenly saying, “Shall we take this chance to take out Yue Zhong?”

The moment his words came out, everyone fell silent.

Although it seemed that Yue Zhong had gained control over all the military on the surface, the 4 Great Clans were, after all, long-time snakeheads of these parts. Their roots extended out far and wide. If they were to go all out, it was possible to incite a large-scale rebellion.


Furthermore, there was the situation of the Dino-army invasion, if the 4 Great Clans were to create trouble, their chances of success would not be small.

Dou Meng pondered for a long while, before finally saying, “No. Yue Zhong is too strong. If we were to rebel now, our 4 Great Clans would only perish. Furthermore, the Dino-race are a foreign race, after all, their savagery and viciousness know no boundaries. Who knows if they will keep their word. We should continue to help Yue Zhong and leave this world.”

The other 3 heads pondered and in the end, agreed with Dou Meng’s suggestion.

With no strange movements from the 4 Great Clans, the rest of the people within the Capital also continued to push forth the migration.

After holding out for an entire day, Yue Zhong then deployed 150,000 Mech-Fighters into the battle, replacing all the human soldiers, while conducting a large-scale evacuation for the human soldiers.

Once all the human soldiers retreated, the Capital was able to hold out for one more day, before being destroyed by the Dino-Army.

The outer city wall then exploded madly, consuming over 20,000 of the Dino-Warriors.

By the time the explosion settled, the Dino-Army swiftly occupied the city and began their hunt for the humans.

After 2 days, Emperor Ba Long appeared in the mysterious valley, staring at the ancient and primordial Gate of Hell with a fixed gaze.

“This is the Gate of Hell!! They have already used this to leave this world!!”

Emperor Ba Long’s face fell, as he reached out to grab at the gate.

At the moment his right hand touched the gate, a black energy seeped out from the Gate of Hell and coiled around his right hand.

In an instant, Emperor Ba Long’s right hand suddenly seemed to have passed through 10,000 years, instantly withering, and losing signs of life. In the end, it crumbled into dust.

Emperor Ba Long’s face turned, and he quickly retreated backward, looking warily at the Gate of Hell, “The time is not yet ripe! Our race cannot pass through the Gate of Hell yet. However, it’s soon. Once it opens, it cannot close. Yue Zhong, I will retrieve your head one day, your God and Devil Imprint will be mine!!”

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