God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 927

It was bleak everywhere, without any signs of green. The sky was downcast and there was no sunlight. This was the 2nd World.

Ghost City was an important interchange, with the human population reaching 300,000.

At a particular arena within the city, over tens of thousands of people had gathered, their attention fixed on the center of the stage, shouting loudly.

There was a human soldier wielding a huge ax, while facing him was a 3m-tall Irradiated Devil, whose body was covered in boils and sharp, protruding bones.

“Kill him!!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”


Inside the arena, the screams and cheers of the people could be heard.

The Irradiated Devil’s eyes flashed with a vicious glint. With a tap of his food, he charged towards the human soldier with a bloodthirsty aura.

The human was like an agile monkey, deftly routing to the side, successfully getting behind the Irradiated Devil. He then swung down viciously on the back of the monster, slicing apart his body, and a huge amount of black blood splattered out from the Irradiated Devil.

With an enraged scream, the boils on his back began to burst, and dark, black pus landed on the face of the human soldier.

The soldier’s face was splattered with the pus, and immediately it began to corrode his face, causing multiple sizzling holes.


The human soldier screamed out miserably, his hands grabbing his face as he thrashed about in pain and agony.

At this time, the Irradiated Devil reached out with both hands, grabbing the human soldier, and pulled apart with a burst of strength. The human soldier was torn in two.

Blood and innards spilled out everywhere, looking extremely gory.

“Haha!! Well done!!”

“Trash!! To think I bet on you!!”


Among the audience, some were screaming excitedly, while others cursed and swore, having bet on the outcome.

Inside the VIP seating, there were a number of men within, as well as 7 or 8 extremely beautiful serving ladies.

Other than the serving girls, there were 6 who were fair and adorable human girls, wearing extremely little.

The beautiful serving girls were seated beside the men, while the 6 adorable little girls were smiling coyly and trying to please one particular young and handsome man.

In his arms, there was a loli with an impressive pair of breasts, and he was holding a glass of fresh blood, eyeing the cruel battlefield below. He laughed coldly, “What an utter disgrace! These humans are truly lowly and despicable creatures. They’re even excited at the deaths of their fellow humans. What a sight.”


A muscular black man gobbled up a plate full of blood and flesh, as he muttered, “Humans are just our food source. As long as they taste good, it doesn’t matter if their behavior is ugly or not.”

The blond-haired man laughed lightly and did not say more. At this moment, 2 burly Flesh-Eaters dragged a voluptuous mixed-blood woman with beautiful features, dressed in black leather.

The blond-haired man raised his glass to the woman and laughed, “How do you do, Snowstorm Queen Sima Bing, pleased to meet you here.”

Sima Bing was radiating an icy aura as she snorted coldly, “Who are you?”

I’m one of the Saint Clan’s Ancestors, Vanetemse.”

He laughed lightly, as a powerful pressure that could seemingly kill a person enveloped her Sima Bing.


Sima Bing’s face fell as she exclaimed, “What?! Type 5 Ancestor?!”

Under the pressure from Vanetemse, Sima Bing felt suffocated. She was like a frog being stared at by a frog, her entire body plunged in cold.

In the 2nd World, a Type 5 expert was almost invincible. A single one could destroy an entire army. Such a freak was not something a Type 3 expert like Sima Bing could handle.

Vanetemse then spoke in an alluring voice, “Sima Bing, I know that your position among the human resistance is high. As long as you surrender to us, I can help you turn into one of us. At the same time, you will have a breakthrough to the Type 4 realm, with an unlimited lifespan, as well as riches and power.”

Sima Bing’s expression turned vicious, as she spat a glob of saliva at his face, “Forget about it! I will never join you animals. I’m a human, not a freak like you monsters! Peh!”

Vanetemse’s eyes flashed fiercely, and a blood-red beam shot out to disintegrate the saliva.

His face turned dark as he waved his hands, “Bitch, you truly do not know when a toast is offered. Do it!!”

The Flesh-Eater that was grabbing Sima Bing pulled out a red pill and directly squeezed her mouth open, forcing the pill in.

The moment the pill entered her mouth, she felt a strange energy flowing through her limbs, and her breathing suddenly became haggard.

Sima Bing looked at the savage grinning expression of Vanetemse and gasped, “What did you feed me?!”

He laughed cruelly in response, “Don’t you feel that you’re a human? I’ll not let you be one, you shall be a bitch instead!! Hahahaha!!”

As he laughed cruelly, the expressions of the 6 adorable girls turned ugly, their bodies trembling.

At that moment, 4 Flesh-Eaters brought in 4 huge, black dogs into the box.

The 4 hounds had bloodshot expressions, panting excitedly, evidently having been fed something.

The alluring Sima Bing had a clouded gaze, her eyes filled with an expectant look as she curled up on the ground, breathing raggedly, trying to fight back the effects of the medicine.

Vanetemse laughed out maniacally, “Let us see how this human will copulate with dogs. Performing such perverse and degenerate acts, she dares to claim that she’s a human? Haha! Sima Bing, if your comrades were to see your slutty side, what do you think they will feel?”


Vanetemse was an old freak that had survived many years. As a Type 5 Ancestor, his position was high. He had enjoyed and reveled in all that was possible. Furthermore, the innate nature of the evolved zombie traits in him made him more cruel and sadistic.

Under the torment of the medicine, Sima Bing’s breathing became even more ragged, and she looked more like a drug abuser in cold turkey treatment, crawling helplessly towards those 4 dogs.

Vanetemse’s face was contorted in a savage expression and he laughed twistedly, “Hahahaha!”

The human women within the room all looked away, unwilling to witness the depravity that was about to happen.

At the moment that Sima Bing had reached the dogs, there was a loud blast, and the door to the room was blasted open. A number of blade shadows appeared inside the room, slashing up the 4 Flesh-Eaters and 4 dogs.

In the blink of an eye, their bodies were sliced up into multiple pieces that splattered on the ground.

Yue Zhong stepped in, wielding his Type 4 Flame Blade.

Sima Bing’s hands closed in on thin air, and her face flushed further, as her eyes glazed over. She grabbed onto Yue Zhong, curling around him like a snake, moaning out in a manner that could cause one’s heart to pump, “Give me!! Give me!! I want it!! Haaah!! Give me!!”

Yue Zhong had been fighting on the frontline these few days, fending off the elite Dino-Warriors. He had not even touched a woman for so long. Seeing Sima Bing in heat, he almost could not control himself as well. However, he was still a warlord, and he chopped down on her neck lightly, causing her to faint.

The commotion at the door had drawn everyone’s attention. Seeing the corpses, the women were all filled with fear, but no one screamed.

After all, they had seen plenty of such scenes in this world.

After all, when the cruel Flesh-Eaters and Bloodsuckers went overboard in their fun, they would chop off the heads of the women they toyed with, drinking the blood.

“Yue Zhong! You are Yue Zhong! This is good! We have been searching for you for so long!! Hand over the God and Devil Imprint on you!!”

Vanetemse’s eyes lit up when he saw Yue Zhong, laughing out in excitement. He threw the well-developed loli to one side like trash, before disappearing from where he was and appeared in front of Yue Zhong in the next. He slashed out viciously at his head.

“Trash! Just based on you trash?! Overestimating yourself!!”

Yue Zhong’s gaze turned cold, punching out with his fist wrapped in Dark Dou Qi.

The power of the Dark Dou Qi exploded out, causing a huge hole in Vanetemse’s body, while Vanetemse himself was sent soaring back into the wall.

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