God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 928

Seeing this terrifying scene, everyone within the room was stunned. Vanetemse was a Type 5 expert, and he could easily tear apart an RH2 with ease. Such an Overlord-class character was actually heavily injured in one hit, this caused everyone to fell into disbelief.


“How is this possible?! You’re just a human, how could you possess a Type 5 Divine Strength?! I don’t believe this!!”

Vanetemse roared out in rage as he stepped out from the debris of the wall, his body covered with his Radiance of Life. At that instant, he turned into countless blood-sucking bats and pounced towards Yue Zhong.

As part of the Vampire Clan, their bodies might not be as powerful as the Dino-Race, however, in terms of regenerative ability, speed, and mystical abilities, they were superior.

“Hmph! Scram for me!”

Yue Zhong snorted coldly, his body exuding an aura like a fiendgod. He took a step forward and slashed outward at the bats.

With the flash of his blade, many bats were sliced apart, turning into multiple pieces that fell out of the skies.

When the other bats saw this, they flapped their wings frantically in a bid to flee.


The Bats Transformation skill was a secret defensive measure of the Vampire Clan. As long as a single one escaped, then even if the rest were killed, Vanetemse could resurrect.

Of course, the more bats that were killed, the weaker Vanetemse would be after resurrecting.

“Yue Zhong, go to hell!!”


Following a roar of rage, the other Type 4 experts of the Flesh-Eater and Vampire Clans acted, dashing towards Yue Zhong. Vanetemse took the chance to flee.


The moment the Type 4 experts acted, a black shadow suddenly appeared, and daggers flashed out.

At that instant, bloody holes appeared in the chests of the experts; their hearts already crushed.

The hearts and heads were the weak points of the Flesh-Eaters and Vampires, the moment they were destroyed, then these Type 4 experts would also become corpses.

“You want to escape? Go to hell!”

Facing the fleeing bats, Yue Zhong sent out his Devil Flame at the various bats. In a flash of fire, the bats were reduced to ash.


In the end, when the last bat was also incinerated, a powerful life force was absorbed into Yue Zhong through the God and Devil Imprint.

Yue Zhong quietly assessed after killing the Type 5 Ancestor casually, “The combat ability of these Vampires truly cannot compare to the Mid-Grade Dino-Generals.”


Within the box, all the women and girls stared at Yue Zhong, their eyes filled with shock. They were clear about the might of a Type 5 Ancestor. Such a terrifying freak had actually been obliterated by Yue Zhong in a few moves, where he could not even escape. This was beyond their understanding.

Phantom came up to Yue Zhong’s side and asked, “What do we do about these women?”

Yue Zhong glanced at Sima Bing and said, “Bring them out, I have something to do.”

Under the aphrodisiac, Sima Bing’s eyes were already opened, and her limbs were coiled around Yue Zhong, wriggling incessantly. Her face was flushed and her body was drenched in perspiration.

Phantom glanced at Yue Zhong silently, before barking coldly at the remaining women, “Go!”

The beautiful women and girls walked out obediently behind Phantom. They had been through the toughest and strictest of training and knew how to follow the orders of the strong.


Yue Zhong also could not hold himself back and kissed Sima Bing.

The moment Sima Bing felt the presence and touch of Yue Zhong, her passion was reignited, and she began to claw at his clothes, kissing him deeply as though her life depended on it.

Both of them became entwined on a huge bed, frantically exploring each other with their hands and mouths.

At the same time that Yue Zhong was enjoying himself with Sima Bing, an army of 10,000 led by Luo Qing Qing invaded Ghost City.

The human soldiers who were equipped with the tech of the 3rd World were almost unstoppable. Many Flesh-Eaters and Vampires appeared, only to be blasted by laser guns and electromagnetic cannons.

The Type 5 experts were rare existences in this 2nd World, with the majority residing within Saint City. Ghost City only had Vanetemse.

In fact, he was only here to wipe out the human resistance, as well as to indulge in his depraved games with the human girls.

Soon, the entire city was brought under Luo Qing Qing’s control.

Sun Lan Lan was currently leading a few officials to establish a new government swiftly, transforming Ghost City.

After their throes of passion, Sima Bing laid in Yue Zhong’s embrace, gasping slightly. Her snow-white shoulders laid against his broad chest, her eyes filled with a complicated gaze. She had never expected she would become Yue Zhong’s woman like this.

Sima Bing had a favorable impression of Yue Zhong, however, it was a position of respect and reverence, not love. Being thrust in this position was slightly uncomfortable for her.


Yue Zhong felt uncomfortable as well, being stared at by her. He propped her up while running his fingers over her delicate skin, asking, “Why are you here?”

Sima Bing’s brows arched, as she snorted coldly and spoke with a slightly resentful tone, “Somebody disappeared, leaving behind a mess for us to clear. The Flesh-Eaters and Vampires had used their all to whittle away at our strength. Many of our brothers and comrades have died! Why didn’t you come back slightly later, when we’re all dead, wouldn’t that be better?”


Yue Zhong frowned and asked, “I remember having made some preparations before I left, everyone was to lie low, how did things become like this?”

Sima Bing sighed softly, “Those Flesh-Eaters and Vampires are truly too vicious. They captured many of our comrades, using them as bait. Many of us could not stand by and watch them be killed, thus they fell for the traps. Many traitors also appeared. I had been sold out by one myself, that was why I was captured and brought here.”

Yue Zhong was not a god, and could not possibly plan for everything perfectly. Although he had made preparations, there was no way of ensuring that everyone followed his orders.

The resistance was also made up of humans with flesh and blood, they could not possibly be like puppets and robots that could follow Yue Zhong’s orders completely.

Yue Zhong asked, “Are you still able to contact Jess and the rest?”

Sima Bing shook her head, “No! In order to prevent any more traitors, the moment there’s a large-scale movement, other than the top echelon, no one will know where is the next location. Since I’ve been caught, they would have moved to a location that I do not know of.”

Yue Zhong fell silent, before slowly replying, “That’s the case eh? Then forget it! Let them come to me themselves!”

Sima Bing suddenly asked with some expectations, “Yue Zhong, are you already a Type 5 Divine Warrior?”

Yue Zhong did not hide it, “That’s right, I’m already a Type 5 Divine Warrior.”

Sima Bing was slightly indignant, “That’s unfair, we were all Type 3 Divine Warriors, why is it only you that could evolve so fast? Are you really blessed and chosen by the gods?”

Yue Zhong kissed her forehead lightly and chuckled, “Maybe!”

After taking down Ghost City, Yue Zhong’s forces did not stop, instead, splitting into 6 different units led by Han Qiong, Ma Lei, Shao Yun, Liu Tai, Luo Qing Qing and Han Zi Xuan separately. These units started to invade the surrounding cities.

With their equipment, the nearby cities were all taken down easily, the city guards within annihilated.

The humans that migrated from the 3rd World then shifted into these cities, occupying and somewhat stabilizing themselves.

The 2nd World had suffered much from the nuclear warfare in the past, thus, the environment was much harsher than the 3rd World. Other than the cities, the rest of the outer zones were filled with Irradiated Devils, Savage Ones, Living Corpses, Mutant Beasts as well as the radiation. It was really tough for humans to survive.

Under such circumstances, Yue Zhong could not help but launch assault after assault, taking down the cities.

With the relentless advance of his troops, it was not long before over 20 cities had been occupied by Yue Zhong.

The number of cities and the speed that they were taken down at finally alarmed Saint City.

Within Saint City, inside the White Tower, a number of Type 5 Ancestors sat on two rows of golden thrones.

At the 4 highest seats, the 4 rare Saint Kings were seated as well.

The gazes of the Type 5 Ancestors all fell upon these Saint Kings.


Saint King Weylan spoke up, “Today, I have summoned everybody here to report something. Yue Zhong has resurfaced, bringing with him a large number of humans. These humans possess weapons that surpassed the technology of this world. They also have countless experts. We have already lost 28 cities.”

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