God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 930

Within a secret command center in a valley, Han Qiong eyed the 150,000-strong army that was wide open, and ordered coldly, “Bunch of fools, attack!!”

The moment she gave the order, countless energy cannons hidden within a forest began to fire.

With a bright burst of light, a number of large white orbs blasted down on the Saint Clan troops, instantly obliterating large patches of them.

“Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!”

Faced with this sudden assault, the 150,000-strong army was plunged into chaos, the various commanders shouting and hollering.

Denier frowned from within his vehicle, “What the hell is going on?! Damn it, where’s the enemy?! Where are they?!”

Currently, there was no visible enemy within the vicinity, and yet, they were being bombarded by volleys of firepower. It nearly caused them to fall apart.

Many of the soldiers turned pale, fleeing in various directions. Even when barked at by their commanders, there was no way of stopping them.

One Vampire came up to Denier, asking anxiously, “Esteemed Ancestor, what do we do now?”

Denier barked, “How the hell should I know? Go find a human commander! Only they know how to command!!”

Denier was a Type 5 expert, but he wasn’t versed in the art of war. In the past, he had commanded zombies against humans, with a single order, the horde of zombies would just surge forward, tearing the humans apart without care for their own lives. When they met with a tough obstacle, he would then step forward and use his might to crush the human resistance. In terms of command, he was clueless.

The Vampire’s face turned pale as he answered quickly, “Yes!!”, before leaving quickly.

As the Saint Clan troops fell into chaos, 10,000 Mech-Fighters, a hundred energy tanks, 20 Reapers as well as 200 laser anti-air vehicles rolled out onto the battlefield.

The 20 Reapers and 200 laser gun anti-air vehicles had terrifying firepower, under the relentless firing of beams, the assault helicopters in the skies blew up in flames and fell out of the sky.

At the same time, the 100 energy tanks began to fire multiple shots into the Saint Clan troops, causing their own armored vehicles to be blasted apart.

The human troops of the Saint Clan had undergone strict military training before, hence, some of the elite troops still continued to attack.

However, when the ordinary bullets struck those energy tanks, they were deflected off easily, not dealing the slightest bit of damage at all.

Ordinary bullets and heavy caliber bullets were unable to damage the Mech-Fighters as well. Only the cannons could destroy them.


However, their artillery forces had been destroyed together with the assault helicopters in the first instance, making it hard for them to retaliate.

After holding out for a while, the 150,000-strong troop was on the verge of collapse, with pieces of abandoned armor and weapons laying everywhere. Human soldiers were fleeing for their lives, stepping over themselves, and the injury count was too high to boot.

“No running!! Those who flee will be executed!! Fight!! Get back here and fight!!”

A number of Flesh-Eaters and Vampires began to scream at the fleeing soldiers, as they tore some of them apart, hoping to make an example out of them. It was a cruel and gory sight.

Faced with those threats, the human soldiers were filled with dread, many turned around desperately, rejoining the battle.

However, they were faced with those still swarming from the forefront. They were thus knocked down and stomped over by the stampede.

Once the tides of the battle were not in their favor, it was hard for them to fight back. However, the Vampires and Flesh Eaters were still slaughtering those deserters, to little effect.

One particular Type 4 Flesh Eater had a vicious glint in his eyes. He grabbed hold of a deserter and tore him apart in two, the fresh blood and organs splattering all over himself. His appearance was like that of a bloodthirsty devil, as he roared out, “Damn it!! All you cowards, after we go back, I will turn all your families into slaves!! We will chop off their heads and dig out their hearts to drink their blood!!”

When the human soldiers saw this, many were filled with dread and fear and stopped in their tracks.

At this moment, a dozen electromagnetic beams shot from afar, penetrating the head of the Type 4 Flesh Eater, causing it to burst apart like a watermelon.

The laser and electromagnetic beams shot out, reaping the lives of the various Flesh-Eaters and Vampires. This time, the surge of retreating soldiers could not be held back anymore, and they fled madly.

Denier’s temper flared at the sight of the escaping soldiers. He had not expected that the 150,000-strong army of his would crumble just like that, “Fuck!! Damn trash!! Useless trash!! These humans are all a bunch of trash!!”

Human soldiers and zombies were different. When casualties reached a certain number, other than those with strong faith and training who would stay on to fight, most other humans would despair and value their lives more.


Denier’s past strategies of leading zombies were not applicable to the humans.

Furthermore, the army that Yue Zhong had brought over from the 3rd World possessed more powerful technology, it was basically bullying already.

“Damn trash, when I get back, I will definitely gorge on the hearts of a 100 virgins!!”

He cursed out in rage, looking at the battlefield helplessly, before gritting his teeth and hollering, “RETREAT!!”

Under his orders, the remaining thousands of Vampires and Flesh Eaters darted through the battlefield, quickly retreating.


On the battlefield, a large amount of equipment, ammunition, and weapons were left behind.

This leftover equipment and ammunition were enough for Yue Zhong to arm a few units of his troops.

Han Qiong looked at the fleeing Saint Clan army, and her mouth broke into a smile, “These monsters dare to go against us humans in warfare? What a bunch of retards.”

At the same moment that the human troops of the Saint City were defeated, a 2,000-strong unit of elites that were armed to the teeth was riding enhanced laser motorcycles quickly joined the battle, chasing after the fleeing soldiers.

The humans ran and cried, throwing away their armor, while many fell.

“Damn flies, come back with me, kill them!!”

Denier saw the motorcycle unit chasing after them, and his eyes flashed with a savage glint. He suddenly turned behind, his body darting and directly charging through the motorcycle unit.

The moment he entered the midst, Denier revealed the frightening might of a Type 5 expert. He turned into a beam of blood that darted through the soldiers. Anywhere that his blood touched, the soldiers would become emaciated and devoid of blood.

The rest of the Type 4 Vampires and Flesh-Eaters were filled with bloodlust as well, pouncing on the motorcycle warriors with ferocity, unleashing a massacre right where they were.

In terms of close combat, ordinary human soldiers were not a match for these Vampires and Flesh-Eaters.


With Denier leading the counterattack, the 2,000 elite motorcycle unit was defeated and forced to retreat.

The ability to turn the tides of a battle was precisely something a Type 5 expert could carry out.


As Denier was rampaging through the elite soldiers, a number of laser-mounted vehicles extended their Prism Laser Cannons from afar.


Denier was suddenly filled with a sense of crisis. Without hesitating, he transformed into over a hundred bats, doing his best to escape from the location.

In an instant, the thick beam of laser shot past their locations, disintegrating hundreds of bats into ashes that fell to the floor.

“The Saint Clan Ancestor is dead!!”

“The Saint Clan Ancestor is dead!!”


Seeing their Type 5 Ancestor perishing under the lasers, the remaining Vampires and Flesh-Eaters were all shocked. Their morale dipped drastically, and they began to flee in various directions.

Han Qiong led her army to defeat hundreds of Vampires and Flesh-Eaters, before bringing the troops to capture those captives and collect the loot.

At almost the same time of Han Qiong’s attack, Luo Qing Qing, Liu Tai, Liu Du, Han Zi Xuan, Zheng Yan He, Ma Lei, and Shao Yun were all leading their own troops to attack the Saint Army 8 Armies in the various locations as well.

On one hand, there were the human elites who had gone through countless battles, equipped with powerful weapons, on the other, a backward troop with numbers but inexperience.


The Saint Clan’s army was accosted on all fronts, losing their weapons as they crumbled within, suffering losses and fleeing soldiers.

Luo Qing Qing also killed one Type 5 Ancestor by herself.

In a single battle, the entire world was shaken.


When Luo Chen knew of all these, he was overjoyed, and his faith was strengthened, “Amazing!! This is truly too overbearing. You’re truly as the legends described! Leader Yue Zhong is too powerful.”

Sima Bing sucked in a breath of cold air, her gaze complicated when she got wind of the battle report, “What an impressive fellow.”

Jess was elated, laughing, “Indeed, the prophecy was right. With him as our leader, our human race would likely rise from the ashes.”

The news of the Saint City’s defeat at the hands of the Resistance soon traveled through all the cities in the 2nd World. The lowest caste and slaves in the various cities began to get in contact with the Resistance.


The news also naturally traveled to the Saint Clan within the White Tower.

By this time, they were thoroughly shocked, they did not dare to underestimate Yue Zhong further. He was already an existence with enough power on his hands to threaten their very lives.

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