God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 931

Inside Saint City, within the deepest recess of the glorious White Tower, there was a huge lake of blood, formed from the deaths of countless people. It exuded a strange and mysterious aura.

The 4 Saint Kings were currently kneeling in front of the blood lake in reverence.

Saint King Weylan was kowtowing profusely, “Oh Great Saint Emperor, the human with the God and Devil Imprint has reappeared. He had gained a tremendous might from some strange world that is able to deal with our clan. We hope that your esteemed self can come out of your retreat to help us deal with that damn human.”

Inside the blood lake, there was the final trump card of the Saint Clan, the only surviving member of the Type 6 Divine Warriors that had taken part in the previous Sacred War.

A Type 6 expert was a truly invincible existence, just one of them could easily annihilate a 10,000-strong army, turning the tides of the battle instantly.

It was precisely due to the Type 6 Saint Emperor that the humans could not defeat the Saint Clan in the previous war.

The moment Weylan’s voice landed, the blood lake began to bubble and churn, as a raspy but evil voice sounded out, “I’ve already spoken clearly. Do not mind that human. The Gate of Hell is about to open soon. Go make your preparations. Once the gates are opened, lead the army to go take over the new world.”

“The new world is undergoing transformations and evolving, it is the best place for our clan to evolve. As long as our Clan can conquer that new world, it’s not impossible for you guys to become Type 6 existences. We will also become Type 7 existences. By that time, the humans would just be ants, easily crushable beneath our feet. Go, concentrate on invading the new world. Is that clear? If you guys fail in this, I will definitely rip your tendons and dig your hearts out!”


Hearing the threat of the evil voice, the 4 Saint Kings shuddered slightly. They replied respectfully, before quickly making their way out.

“Gates of Hell, open quickly. I’m already sick of waiting, I want to taste the pleasure of tearing those humans apart!”

The blood lake churned once more, as the evil voice filled with killing intent resounded in a quiet whisper.

After Yue Zhong’s army defeated the 8 armies of the Saint Clan, at the entrance of Ghost City, there was a bright flash of light, and an archaic and evil-looking Gate of Hell appeared, emitting a powerful pressure.

Inside a study, Yue Zhong was currently hugging Willianna in his left hand, while his right hand held Liu Yi Chen. In front of him, Qi Qing’er was singing in her melodious voice, while the little minx Annie was dancing with barely anything on her. As she danced she kept looking at Yue Zhong coquettishly. Floxenia was currently feeding him pieces of fruits. Looking at this scene, Yue Zhong was truly enjoying himself.

Since he had defeated the Saint Clan’s troops, Yue Zhong finally had a hard-earned break.

“Congratulations on completing your mission to survive for an entire year on the 2nd World. You have gained a Treasure of Hope as a reward.”

“Congratulations on gaining a Treasure of Hope, The Heart of Hope.”

As Yue Zhong was massaging Liu Yi Chen and her silky skin, the 2 notifications rang out in his ears.

At the next moment, the space in front of Yue Zhong twisted and contorted, as a number of bright lights flashed, and a small silverish-white sphere the size of a fist appeared.

Yue Zhong grabbed it and frowned, thinking, “Heart of Hope? What is this treasure capable of?”

Every single Treasure of Hope was a White-Silver Grade Treasure, with shocking abilities. Yue Zhong had been able to win in the numerous hopeless situations precisely because he had the Super A.I. and the Puppet Box. If he did not know how to utilize any of the Treasures fully, the effectiveness would be reduced by more than half.

Yue Zhong pulled out the handheld computer that contained Bai Yi, “Bai Yi, do you know what does this Heart of Hope do?”

Bai Yi swiftly replied, “In my database, there is no information on this Treasure of Hope.”

Yue Zhong was helpless when he heard that. He held it up and observed it carefully while thinking to himself, “Heart of Hope. Based on its name, it’s likely something to do with the heart. Is it an enhanced human heart? Or an enhanced Mutant Beast heart? From its appearance, it seems to be an easy Treasure to use.”

With that thought, he placed it against his own chest. The Heart of Hope remained still, without any reaction.

He continued to ponder quietly, “Seems like it’s not for humans, but against Mutant Beasts.”

Right at that moment, another notification resounded from the God and Devil System.

“You have already completed the mission to survive, the Gates of Hell will thus open. The Gate of Hell leading to Earth has opened, while the Gate of Hell connecting the 3rd World to Earth will open in 4 months’ time. Please head back to Earth to make your preparations. You have 24 hours to settle your affairs, after 24 hours, you will have to head back to Earth to receive your mission.”

“From now on, the Gate of Hell will become a gateway between both worlds, the inhabitants of the 2nd World can also make use of it to enter Earth.”

When Yue Zhong heard that, he chuckled bitterly and shook his head, “24 hours eh? Truly on a tight schedule.”

“Everybody, listen up!”

Yue Zhong quickly pulled out his communicator and notified all his trusted aides. After a round of screening with Floxenia’s mind-reading capabilities, he began to announce his background and the news that he had to return to Earth.

Yue Zhong said, “That’s how it is. After I leave, I’ll leave everything here to Luo Chen, Jess, Floxenia, Han Qiong, Sun Lan Lan, Ma Lei, … Zheng Yan He, all of you. Make your preparations and find the suitable Gates of Hell to enter Earth. I think that they will appear very soon on this 2nd World, they should be easy to find.”


The upper echelon of Yue Zhong’s subordinates all nodded slightly.

After the meeting was dismissed, Floxenia pulled on Yue Zhong’s sleeves and spoke pitifully, “Can I go with you? I don’t want to leave you, Brother Yue Zhong.”

He ruffled her hair and rejected her, “No, Floxenia. They need you here. Furthermore, I have no idea where I’ll end up when I go through the Gate of Hell. If I were to appear in a dangerous place, it would be troublesome if even I can’t protect you. Once I’ve gone through, and make sure that nothing is wrong, I’ll come back to pick you.”

With Yue Zhong’s current strength at the Type 5 realm, he was practically invincible on Earth. However, he had been gone a year. Who knew what Earth had become. While he was evolving, the other biological lifeforms on Earth would be evolving as well. If he came to a lake full of Mutant Beasts, or powerful zombies, then he had no confidence that he could protect Floxenia at all.

Floxenia took the chance to pout, “Fine! But! Brother Yue Zhong, while I’m staying here obediently to root out those spies, once I go over, you must keep me company for a few days! Promise!”

Yue Zhong chuckled and agreed, “Fine!”

Annie, Liu Yi Chen and the other women looked on enviously.

After promising Floxenia, Yue Zhong stood up to walk outside.

As he passed through the city gate of Ghost City, he caught sight of 2 Mech-Fighters. Suddenly, a thought struck him, and he took out the Heart of Hope and placed it against the chest of one of the Mech-Fighters.

The moment the Heart of Hope touched the Mech-Fighter, there was a bright flash of light, and a number of strange engravings came out of the sphere, entering the body of the Mech Fighter before the entire sphere penetrated it mysteriously.

When the Heart of Hope was embedded in the heart of the Mech Fighter, the eyes of the Mech-Fighter flashed, as though it came alive, and it walked up to Yue Zhong, getting down on one knee while replying, “Hello, Master. I am the Heart of Hope.”

Yue Zhong glanced at it curiously, “Heart of Hope, what’s your ability?”

In response, “I have the ability to greatly strengthen any mechanical life form. I can be inserted into any robots, becoming their hearts, and causing them to become stronger. The highest capacity I can pump out would be 500% of the original robot’s fighting capabilities. Depending on the strength of the host robot, I can channel even more power. The stronger the robotic form, the more devastating my attacks. If you were piloting a mech, I can absorb the energy that you release to transform the Mech-Fighter to become stronger as well.”

Yue Zhong then placed his hands on the chest of the Mech-Fighter, “Alright, I got it. Come on out.”

With a bright flash, the Heart of Hope soared out from the body of the Mech Fighter, landing back in Yue Zhong’s hands.

After losing the Heart of Hope, the Mech-Fighter also lost its signs of life, just like a dead person.

Yue Zhong looked at the sphere in his hands expectantly, “Seems like it’s a Treasure to strengthen fighter robots. The frames and damage can become stronger. Right now, the strongest robot I have is a Reaper. Who knows just how strong it can be with the Heart of Hope installed?”

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