God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 932

Yue Zhong did not place the Heart of Hope into the Reaper. Instead, he kept it back into his storage ring. He wanted to keep this trump card hidden.

After keeping it, he came to the Gate of Hell and stepped right through it.

The moment Yue Zhong entered the Gate of Hell, it closed shut, and the space around it contorted and twisted before the Gate of Hell disappeared.

Back on Earth, inside a city, the Gate of Hell suddenly appeared. When it opened, Yue Zhong walked out.

As he stepped out, the gate closed shut and disappeared in a blinding fashion.

“Where is this?”

Yue Zhong took a look at the surroundings, discovering that he was in the midst of a zombie-infested city center.

Masses of zombies in tattered clothes and emitting foul, rotting smells, running over in a frenzy to bite him.

Yue Zhong pulled out his Black Tooth Blade, swinging it casually, and the zombies were all turned into slices.

He was already at the peak Type 5 realm, with the strength of an entire regiment by himself. On Earth, other than the nuclear bombs, cloud bombs, or dense missiles, few weapons could actually hurt him. He was already slowly on the path to an invincible state.

“Ah! These zombies have evolved quickly, they’re all actually at Level 10.”

In exchanging moves with these zombies, Yue Zhong discovered that they had actually evolved to Level 10. They were different from ordinary zombies, as their movements were no longer slow, instead, they were on par with humans, and their bones were harder, more so than a normal person.

At the initial onset of the apocalypse, all the zombies had brittle bones due to the invasion of the virus. Even an ordinary person could smash their heads easily with a wooden bat. However, now that their bones have evolved to become tougher, if an ordinary person were to use the wooden bat to attack them, he or she would likely die.

Yue Zhong looked at those agile zombies and frowned, “This is going to be troublesome!”

In the past, their main weakness had been their slow movements. It was easy to exploit this to fight against them.

At their current level, if they were to gather into a horde, the threat level would be more than 10 times as dangerous than in the past.

Yue Zhong was extremely worried about his subordinates and women back in China.

Inside the city, although there were numerous evolved zombies hidden, to Yue Zhong, they were ant-like existences right now. He casually slaughtered them while checking out the surroundings.

“It seems like this is Korea!”

He looked around and noticed a few shops with Hangul. As Lu Wen’s private tutor, he had watched some dramas together with her and seen such texts. However, he could not read them.

Yue Zhong continued to slaughter along the way, arriving in front of a supermarket.

There were 6 corpses strewn across the ground, and the blood had not even dried. 2 giant L3s were grabbing a body each to munch on them, with bloody meat spurting out of their mouths. It was a gruesome sight. Evidently, someone had set their sights on the supermarket earlier but were torn apart by these creatures.

The 2 L3s could sense the scent of a human in Yue Zhong and flung the corpses in their hands away, walking towards Yue Zhong in great strides. They reached out with their large claws to grab him.

These 2 L3s were over 3m-tall, each of them demon-like, after an entire year of evolution, their speed was already much faster than their past existences, reaching the level of an S2. It would be incredibly difficult for an ordinary Evolver to deal with them.

Yue Zhong waved the Black Tooth Blade casually, and sliced them up, before walking into the supermarket.

“Are these imported food? Let’s take some back for Qing Wu and the rest.”

When he entered, he began to look for those dried goods that had not expired yet.

Most of the convenience food in China was publicly known to be rubbish, unfit even for the mongrels on the street. Yue Zhong had long since wanted to try some of the food from overseas, and he knew that the ladies back in China would like it if he brought some back.

At a tall 4-storey bungalow about dozens of meters away from the market, 6 men and 2 women saw how Yue Zhong slaughtered his path through the zombies and entered the supermarket. They were filled with shock.

One of the men, of about 27 years, with dyed yellow hair, ear and nose piercings exclaimed, “So powerful! Those L3s were actually sliced apart by him in one move! He must be an Evolver!!”

Another young man with a sallow look and multiple bruises on him, asked timidly, “Hyo Kyung-hyung, shall we ask him for help?”

The moment those words fell, everyone turned silent. Their food reserves were already depleted. Those that had risked their lives to step out were already killed by the L3s. Even so, they were hesitant about asking someone with unknown origins for help.

Since the apocalypse, morals and ethics had flown out the window. If not careful, they might end up as slaves, or worse, food.

2 years had passed, and with the invasion of nature, there was lesser food each day. Many factions had resorted to cannibalism in order to survive.

Choi Hyo Kyung shot a glance at the 2 women beside who were skinny, but still beautiful at a closer look, “Of course, we have to ask him for help. Get Young Eun and Chae Yeong to sleep with him for a few nights, in exchange for some food. He can kill his way through those zombies easily, he must be a powerful expert. Such an expert would not care about our valuables. Just like how those rich people do not care about the pennies in a beggar’s bowl.

The 2 women beside Choi Hyo Kyung were called Jo Young Eun and Park Chae Yeong, and they were model-like beauties before the apocalypse.

During the 2 years since the apocalypse, those women that could stay with men were either beauties, strong, or they had some use to them. Those without use had died miserably.

When the 2 girls heard those words, there was no anger in their eyes, instead, there was a flicker of hope. They had grown used to selling their bodies for money, food and even shelter. As long as they could eat their fill, they did not mind selling their bodies.

Right at this time, the bald, middle-aged man in the group shot Jo Young Eun a lewd glance, speaking to another handsome, young man, “Wait a minute, Choi Jung Won, let me fuck Jo Young Eun once. I’ve not had her yet. Since you want to send her to that man anyway, let me have my way with her first. She’s a slut anyway, there’s no difference, right? When I get the rations, I’ll give you half.”


Choi Jung Won was Jo Young Eun’s boyfriend. Before the apocalypse, he had found out that his girlfriend had been soliciting sex for money, and when he found out, he beat her in a fit of rage. Both parties had not yet broken up when the apocalypse suddenly occurred. During then, he had saved her, but he bore the hatred for her shamelessness, and during their escape, he had been betrayed once by her. Since then, he had no qualms selling her body in exchange for food.

“You want to fuck this bitch?” Choi Jung Won grabbed Jo Young Eun’s hair and pulled harshly. Her face contorted in pain, as tears threatened to fall. However, she did not dare to retaliate. It was a pitiful sight.


Choi Jung Won turned to the bald lecher, “Park Jung Yi, 1 jin of rice! If you can take it out, this bitch is yours to fuck. Do you have it?”

Park Jung Yi was enraged, “1 jin of rice?! That bitch is worth 1 jin of rice?! Do you think her pussy is made out of gold?! When I fucked Park Chae Yeong, I only had to pay half a packet of ramen!”

Jo Young Eun’s expression was miserable, her tears kept falling. Before the apocalypse, she led a good life, and many officials wanted her, paying her a million won each time. Now, she was barely worth a jin of rice. It was truly a cruel twist of fate.

Choi Jung Won spoke coldly, “If you can’t take it out, shut the hell up, damn baldy.”

Park Jung Yi became enraged, his heart filled with venomous thoughts, but he suppressed them.

After that little squabble, Choi Hyo Kyung and the rest quickly pulled out a piece of a banner, writing SOS on it.

Yue Zhong swept the supermarket clean of items before exiting.

The moment he stepped out, the group of Koreans started to wave the banner frantically, looking at him with desperation.

Yue Zhong caught sight of the huge banner.


Seeing that they got his attention, Choi Hyo Kyung barked at the 2 girls.

Jo Young Eun and Park Chae Yeong quickly took off their clothes, trying their best to attract Yue Zhong’s attention.

Yue Zhong smiled slightly and walked over. He had long since discovered their presence, after all, the senses of a Type 5 Divine Warrior could not be underestimated. He needed the human contact, and to gain some intel.

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