God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 159

Another elite rat king’s bodyguard lunged towards Yue Zhong. Yue Zhong twisted his body and barely managed to dodge the attack. But at the same time, he moved his stinger gun and blasted away the brains of the elite rat king’s bodyguard.

Ji Qing Wu did not have as many weapons as Yue Zhong. Neither had she evolved as much as Yue Zhong. She did not even have the shadow steps skill that Yue Zhong had. But her swordsmanship skill was unparalleled, and her activated skill enhanced the deadliness of her blades. The Tang imitation sword in her hands wove a path of destruction, beheading an elite rat king’s bodyguard in a single stroke even though she was lower in level than that creature. The head of the elite rat king’s bodyguard flew through the air, and blood sprayed out in all directions from the wounds. A big experience point globe was immediately absorbed by her, allowing her to gain two levels with a single kill.

Despite killing an elite rat king’s bodyguard, Ji Qing Wu legs had not ceased moving all this while. In the span of a heartbeat, she was standing next to the last elite rat king’s bodyguard. The last elite rat king’s bodyguard immediately swiped its claws at her. With her supple and flexible body, she is able to avoid the death blow aimed at her head by crouching down. Once the claws had swiped over her head, she sprung up and beheaded the last elite rat king’s bodyguard with a single stroke.

Translator’s rant. [needs to highlight to see it]

Where is the experience orb?

Although these elite rat king’s bodyguard were level 26 mutant beasts, their combat powers were much weaker than the level 20 boss hunter. Their only advantage over the boss hunter was their unmatched sharp claws. Other than that, their strength and speed were way inferior to the boss hunter.

“Amazing! I had selected the right person to bring for this mission!” Yue Zhong saw the elegant way in which Ji Qing Wu had killed the two elite rat king’s bodyguards, and was very glad that he had chosen to bring Ji Qing Wu with him. Indeed, her performance did not disappointed him.

The four elite rat king’s bodyguards dropped a skill book and some [System] survival coins. Yue Zhong just kept all of them into his spatial ring, and continued to rush towards the Mutant King Rat like an arrow. The objective of this mission was to kill the Mutant King Rat. If the Mutant King Rat is not killed, the entire mission would be a failure, and there would be countless number of deaths among the humans even if the humans chose to retreat.

The Mutant King Rat saw that Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu had easily dispatched four of his bodyguards, and immediately quicken his pace. With a sharp howl, ten more elite rat king’s bodyguards turned back and rushed towards Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu.

Yue Zhong just took a glance at the approaching elite rat king’s bodyguards, and from his spatial ring, he rapidly received several hand grenades and threw them towards these beasts.

“Boom!” “Boomm!!” “Boommmm…!!!”

A series of explosions resounded throughout the room. The 10 elite rat king’s bodyguards had not even came close to Yue Zhong before they were caught in the explosion. For 6 of these creatures, all that remained of them are the stumps of their foot, while their bones and guts were spattered all over the area.

The remaining four of the elite rat king’s bodyguards faced the exact opposite situation. Their legs had been tore apart by the force of the explosion, but their life was preserved.

From a short distance away, the rapidly approaching Yue Zhong fired 4 more bone spikes at the surviving elite rat king’s bodyguards. Each bone spike were fired with incredible accuracy, and pierced a massive hole through each of the surviving elite rat king’s bodyguards’ brains. Four massive experience globes were absorbed by Yue Zhong.

Translator’s rant 1. [needs to highlight to see it]

Yue Zhong would not gain experience for using [non-System] weapons such as military weapons, grenades etc to kill any [System] creatures. However, he would gain experience orbs if he used the bone spikes as bone spikes were provided by White Bones and hence was part of the [System].

“Congratulations for reaching level 28. You have gain 2 points of stats points that you may distribute among your stats.”

“Increase stamina and agility!”

Yue Zhong quickly made his choice and continued to rush towards the Mutant King Rat.

The Mutant King Rat saw that Yue Zhong is very persistent in chasing after it, and continuously screamed a low pitched shrill cry.

From all directions surrounding the granary, more and more mutant rats continuously poured out from every nook and cranny, and each of them rushed towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong continuously waved his hands and tossed multiple hand grenades into the swarm of rats. A series of explosions decorated the room with splashes of mutant rat bones, innards and bones.

Ji Qing Wu stood beside Yue Zhong, and guarded him. For each mutant rat that managed to come close to Yue Zhong, she sliced them apart with her blade skill.

The two of them wreaked a path of carnage and destruction towards the Mutant King Rats. Although they had to deal with numerous attacks from the mutant rats, their speed is still relatively quick. But the speed at which Yue Zhong used up his grenades is very rapid. Once he had used up all his grenades, both he and Ji Qing Wu would be caught in a hazardous situation.

In the span of 10 breathes, Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu are only 20+ meters away from the Mutant King Rat.

Yue Zhong activated the Ice Jade Ring’s “Ice Cone” skill. Magical runes appears in the air instantly and launched an Ice Cone at the foot of the Mutant King Rat.

One of the elite rat king’s bodyguards immediately stood in front of the Mutant King Rat and used its body to protect the Mutant King Rat. The Ice Cone ended up penetrating a large hole in the body of the elite rat king’s bodyguard. At the same time, a powerful wave of force immediately freeze that elite rat king’s bodyguard.

Yue Zhong took out his stinger gun, and continuously fired towards the Mutant King Rat.

One by one, the elite rat king’s bodyguards took turns to use their body to protect the Mutant King Rat.

Feeling that it was in danger, the Mutant King Rats’ cries became more and more desperate and urgent, and the 30 elite rat king’s bodyguards’ eyes turned blood shot as they raced towards Yue Zhong group in increasingly faster speed.

The mutant rats also seemed to be frenzied as they lurched themselves at Yue Zhong without concern for their own lives. But each and every one of the mutant rats could not scratch a hair on Yue Zhong’s body as Ji Qing Wu easily sliced them apart.

Yue Zhong readied his devil flame skill, and mass of flames appeared in his hand. Suddenly he accelerated and like a flash of lightening, he disappeared from Ji Qing Wu’s side and appear next to the Mutant King Rat. With his devil flames, he burnt the injured elite rat king’s bodyguards protecting the Mutant King Rat. They were turned into ashes.

Translator’s rant 2.

Ji Qing Wu was surprised by Yue Zhong sudden burst of speed, “Incredible! Had he evolved so much?”

Even if Yue Zhong had not used any active skills, his speed had already eclipsed Ji Qing Wu by a wide margin.

Seeing that it could not flee anymore, the Mutant King Rat swiped a paw that was as big as bear towards Yue Zhong.

With his shadow step skills, he seemed to disappeared from the Mutant King Rat’s sights for a moment, only to reappear behind the Mutant King Rat.

The mighty paws of the Mutant King Rat landed on the ground, and with a massive “Bam!” sound, the surrounding area also seemed to shake from the impact. There was a big imprint of the paws on the ground. If this paw strike had landed on a human body, it would had undoubtably pounded a man into meat paste. If it hits Yue Zhong, even Yue Zhong would have been killed by the might of this blow.

But Yue Zhong had long escaped behind the Mutant King Rat, and had readied another fireball. He fired the ball of fire towards the back brain of the Mutant King Rat.

There was a massive “Bam” sound as the fireball hit the Mutant King Rat. After the smoke cleared, Yue Zhong was startled to see that the fireball has only created a black burnt mark on the hairs of the Mutant King Rat and that fireball was unable to penetrate the skull.

“An impressively hard skin and skull!” Yue Zhong cried out in alarm. This is the first time he had encountered a mutant beast that even his fireball was unable to harm.

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