God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 933

Yue Zhong casually slaughtered the zombies along the way, arriving in front of the bungalow. With a light jump, he managed to leap up to the 4th storey, appearing in front of them.

Seeing how the managed such a feat, Choi Hyo Kyung and the rest were all wide-eyed with shock, “Amazing, he’s practically superhuman!

They were all frogs in a well and had not seen true experts in these 2 years. Yue Zhong’s jump of over dozens of meters far surpassed what the record was before the apocalypse. They were naturally shocked.

Yue Zhong swept a gaze across them, “Who knows how to speak Chinese?”



The Koreans felt their hearts turn cold. There had been a longstanding dislike between both countries, and knowing that this Superman in front of them was Chinese, they felt despair.

“No? Then forget it, you guys can stay here.”

Yue Zhong’s gaze held a hint of disappointment. He did not know the Korean language, there was no possibility of communication like this. If he could not get any information from them, there was no point in rescuing them.

“Wait a minute!!”

Seeing Yue Zhong turn, Choi Hyo Kyung called out in halting Chinese, before grabbing Park Chae Young and barking gruffly, “Communicate with him quickly!!”

Park Chae Young was currently only in her underwear, and she came up to Yue Zhong, getting on her knees, “Wait a moment, esteemed sir, please wait! I’m Park Chae Young, I know Chinese. I know Chinese. I also know that all Chinese people are nice and kind, please help us. Please listen to us!!”

Yue Zhong turned around and chuckled, “Not all Chinese people are nice and kind, however, even if your words were meant to compliment, I still feel good. I’m Yue Zhong. Fine, I shall listen to your requests.”

Saving these Korean survivors was just a matter of raising his hand. Park Chae Young had put herself down, and spoke respectfully, thus, Yue Zhong did not mind listening.


Park Chae Young continued to maintain a subservient manner, “Sir Yue Zhong, we hope to purchase some food from you. We have not eaten for a week. As long as you give us a packet of ramen, I’m willing to spend a night with you. I know a variety of positions and postures, guaranteed to satisfy you. If you can take out 2 packets of ramen, both Jo Young Eun and I will sleep with you. Prior to the apocalypse, both of us were models. We will definitely satisfy you.”

Park Chae Young had only wanted half a packet of ramen in exchange for a night with Park Jung Yi, but when it came to Yue Zhong, the price rose to a packet. It seemed that fleecing foreigners was a norm regardless of country or time period.

Yue Zhong swept Park Chae Young and Park Young Eun a glance, tossing a packet of ramen to her, “I’m not interested in you girls. This is for you. Answer some questions of mine, if I’m satisfied, I will give you more.”


Seeing that packet of ramen, Choi Hyo Kyung and the rest went green with envy. They swallowed their saliva a few times. If it was not for Yue Zhong still being in front of them, they would forcefully grab that packet of ramen away from Park Chae Young.

“Damn it!! If only I know how to speak Chinese!! Park Chae Young, this bitch, she isn’t even as pretty as me, yet she gained his favor?! If I knew Chinese, that packet of ramen would have been mine!!” Jo Young Eun’s eyes flashed with a mad look of jealousy. In the past, she had felt the same when she saw those rich businessmen throwing 10-carat diamonds to Park Chae Young as though they were nothing.

In the apocalypse, food was the most precious resource, a single packet of ramen could incite a bloodbath.

Park Chae Young smiled excitedly, grabbing the packet tightly. She kowtowed profusely, “Thank you, Sir Yue Zhong!! Thank you!! I will definitely tell you all I know!”

Yue Zhong asked, “Where is this place?”

Park Chae Young replied respectfully, “This is Na Jeon Town near Seoul*. Ah, no! This is Nada Town near Seoul*, about 50km away. If you walk north, you’ll reach North Korea, while Seoul is south.”


In order to gain Yue Zhong’s favor, Park Chae Young actually referred to Seoul as Han City, at the same time, her speech was full of respect and honorifics.

During the apocalypse, in order to live, they did not even mind selling their bodies. As long as they could please the strong, then they would do anything. There were sure to be people even more shameless and thick-skinned than what Park Chae Young was doing now.

Yue Zhong flicked his hands, and another packet of ramen fell in her hands, “Are there any factions in Han City that you know of?”

There would be outstanding characters in every part of the world. Since Yue Zhong could develop his own power in China, it was definitely possible that Korea had their own powerhouses as well.

“My apologies, I do not know about that. Please wait a moment, our leader Choi Hyo Kyung should know about it.”

Park Chae Young smiled apologetically and stood up, before coming to Choi Hyo Kyung side and passed the message.

Choi Hyo Kyung was extremely tyrannical when he was with other Koreans, but against this superhuman expert, he was extremely careful, “How do you do, Sir Yue Zhong. I’m Choi Hyo Kyung. Near Seoul, there’s a large survivor base, led by the Republic of Korea Revival Assembly. I hope that you can take us there, in return, both Park Chae Young and Jo Young Eun will be gifted to you.”

Yue Zhong swept Park Chae Young a glance, “Park Chae Young, Choi Hyo Kyung wants to give you to me, what are your thoughts?”

A glimmer of hope flashed across her eyes, as she quickly got on her knees, “It’ll be an honor to serve as Sir Yue Zhong’s woman. I’m willing to go with you. I know how to cook, wash, warm the bed, dance, drink, games, please accept me. I eat very little.”

Park Chae Young had gotten around in the upper society for a few years, and she knew how to grab hold of opportunities. She was clear that by following this expert, she would not have to go hungry ever again. The threat of death would also be low.

Yue Zhong chuckled, “Alright, I need a translator anyway. Choi Kyo Hyung, I will take you guys to the base then.”

Yue Zhong wanted to see for himself the talents of Korea, and know how much they had expanded by and the extent they recovered.

Since it was rare for him to be overseas, Yue Zhong was curious about the styles and development of foreign factions.

Choi Hyo Kyung was elated, and he bowed down, “Thank you, Sir!!”

Yue Zhong then slaughtered his way through town and found a bus that had not yet disintegrated.

The party of Koreans quickly scrambled onto the bus.

The group then proceeded to rumble along the way towards Seoul.

Choi Hyo Kyung looked at the shaking bus and had a look of worry, “Sir Yue Zhong, this bus might not be able to withstand the zombie hordes.”

The rest of the group also looked towards Yue Zhong nervously.

In the midst of those zombie hordes, there were numerous L2s that could tear apart buses after their evolution. The moment this ordinary bus entered a horde of them, they would be defenseless.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered. White Bones, kill them all!”

Yue Zhong swept a gaze across the zombies, and with a thought, White Bones appeared out of thin air, its hands wielding a large bone ax, and it charged straight into the horde of zombies.

Soon, countless zombies parts splattered everywhere, clearing a path ahead for the bus.

“Fearsome!! This Chinese is really too powerful!!:

Once again, everybody in the bus was shocked upon seeing White Bones and its massacre of the zombies.

Park Chae Young and Jo Young Eun looked towards Yue Zhong with a bright gleam in their eyes. If they could stick to him, they would be able to survive better in this cruel world where there was no trust between humans.

On the road towards the survivor base, there were many L2s, S2s, L3s and S3s loitering everywhere. While it might be a road of doom to any other ordinary person, it was not a problem for White Bones to kill its way through, carving out a bloody path for the bus.

After 2 hours, the shaky bus finally made it to the largest survivor assembly point near Seoul.


When the bus came rolling near Seoul, 4 fierce-looking militants with guns came out of nowhere to stop them in the middle of the road. They pointed their weapons at the bus.

Yue Zhong frowned and got the bus to come to a stop.

The entire party came down.

When the 4 militants caught sight of Park Chae Young and Jo Young Eun, their eyes flashed with perverse desire, “Women! These 2 aren’t too bad!”

Park Chae Young and Jo Young Eun were considered models before the apocalypse. During the apocalypse, while they might have suffered, they were still a tad better than most ordinary ladies. It was easy to stir the lust in those militants.

One of them leered at Park Chae Young and said, “That one is mine!!”

Another pointed at Jo Young Eun and made to grab her, “I want her!! Once we’re done with each, we can swap!!”

The remaining 2 militants chuckled and watched the ongoings with interest.

The 2 Korean ladies screamed out.

Choi Hyo Kyung and the rest were silent, watching it all silently. They had already given the 2 ladies to Yue Zhong, they would naturally not care about them.

Yue Zhong swept them a gaze and barked coldly, “Troublesome. White Bones, kill them.”

White Bones shot forward, slashing out with its ax in a frenzy.

In an instant, the heads of the 4 militants flew into the sky, their blood splattered everywhere, as their lifeless bodies crumpled to the floor.

“Terrifying, we must not provoke him.”

Witnessing this gory scene, the hearts of Choi Hyo Kyung and the rest ran cold, finally seeing for themselves how quick-tempered Yue Zhong was.

*The first Seoul she used is the modern way of calling Seoul. The 2nd was how the Chinese used to refer to Seoul (a more deferential attitude to the Chinese in her manner of speaking)

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