God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 934

After killing the 4 militants, Yue Zhong did not seem ruffled by the events, as he continued walking towards the base with big strides.

Park Chae Young stirred, and chased after him swiftly. She needed to stay by his side closely, only then would she survive. Otherwise, based on the character of those militants, they would not have a promising future.

White Bones quietly retrieved the ammunition and weapons from those militants and returned to Yue Zhong’s side.

Following Yue Zhong’s constant growth, White Bones had been transforming as well. Its current intelligence was not far off from a normal person. While the bullets were useless to both Yue Zhong and itself, to the other humans, it was a precious resource.


Choi Hyo Kyung, spoke up, “What do we do? That Chinese is too ferocious. He actually killed without saying anything.”

Yue Zhong had not hesitated in killing those 4 militants. Such measures caused these Koreans to be apprehensive.

Especially since they were not fellow countrymen, it was even more terrifying. After all, in this cruel apocalypse, there were cases of fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters even betraying or backstabbing one another.

Choi Seo Jin’s eyes flashed with a glint, as he made a decision, “Follow after him. We’ll act according to the situation.”

If Choi Hyo Kyung and the rest were to stay outside, a single zombie could kill them all. Only by entering the base would they be able to band together with other humans and live on.

The rest exchanged helpless gazes, before following with wary hearts.

Yue Zhong came in front of the base and swept a glance, noticing that the city wall was about 9m high. There were 5 heavy machine guns installed atop the wall, with 8 soldiers standing guard.

Yue Zhong’s slaughter of the 4 militants had been seen by those soldiers, and they raised their weapons to fire at him.


The bullets rained down on Yue Zhong.

The moment the gunshots rang out, Park Chae Young screamed and got down on the ground.


White Bones, who had been standing beside, waved the large bone ax in a whirlwind manner, deflecting all the bullets away. Not a single one managed to hit him.

“I’ve truly become strong!”

Yue Zhong stared at the incoming bullets and felt invigorated. With his current Type 5 Divine Warrior strength, he could grab the bullets with his bare hands. It was a realm he could not have imagined back when he was in the initial Type 3 realm.

“Evolver!! He’s a super Evolver!! Quick, notify the boss!!”

“He’s an Evolver, we’re not his match!!”


Seeing White Bones easily deflecting the bullets, all the soldiers panicked and began to shout.

The concept of a super Evolver was basically invincible to these ordinary humans. Only other Enhancers, Evolvers, or armies with advanced technologies could face them.

Amidst the panicked shouts and screams, Yue Zhong pulled out a rifle and began to shoot in controlled bursts.

The heads of the 8 guards instantly burst apart.

The moment they died, the other guards panicked and began to run out of their covers, further into the base.

A super Evolver who could not be injured by bullets or blades was not an existence ordinary humans could deal with. They did not have a suicidal mindset nor willpower. These ordinary people were simply too weak in their combat strength.

Yue Zhong looked at the fleeing humans and frowned, “Strange, why is their combat strength so weak, how did they manage to recapture Seoul?”

He had to utilize a nuclear bomb back when he was trying to conquer China’s capital. He had even deployed all his forces, pushing all logistics and support into the battle.

Seoul was a large capital, with a dense population. It should have been hard to conquer. Yue Zhong could not understand why these weak militants were able to capture Seoul.


A name suddenly popped up in his mind, “Don’t tell me… The Kingdom of God?”

On Earth, only the Kingdom of God could possibly have lent their troops to help a weak faction take over their capitals. Even Yue Zhong had not been able to do it prior to entering the 2nd World.

When he stepped into the survivor base, he could see panicking people everywhere, hiding in their rooms and homes, assessing him cautiously.


At a street in the distance, a burly man full of muscles and a hideous expression was walking over in black suits. He was exuding an aura of an unshakeable tower, leading 30 other men in similar black suits as though they were in an underground triad. However, they were all wielding Mutant Beast Claws fashioned into blades as weapons.

This burly man stared fixedly at Yue Zhong, his muscles taut as he asked, “I’m Seok Wi Guk, who are you? Why did you come here and kill our men?”


Park Chae Young quickly translated the words to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong responded, “I’m Yue Zhong. It’s getting late, I wanted to come in to rest for a night. Your men attacked me first. I retaliated in self-defense.”


Hearing Yue Zhong’s Chinese, the faces of Seok Wi Guk and the 30 bodyguards fell. Some of them began to exude killing intent, pulling out their weapons.

Seok Wi Guk’s eyes flashed and he barked, “Stop! Don’t move! Keep your weapons.”

The dozens of bodyguards kept their weapons unwillingly, staring at Yue Zhong coldly, as though there was some irreconcilable enmity.

Yue Zhong took note of these little details, but his face remained impassive, “Seems like they’re not friendly to the Chinese.”

Seok Wi Guk then put on a warm expression as he invited Yue Zhong with a smile, “So it’s a friend from China. Please come with me. Let me host you properly, and feel the passion and hospitality of us Koreans.”

Yue Zhong replied indifferently, “Fine.”


Under Seok Wi Guk’s lead, Yue Zhong and his party came to a villa that had a single door and garden.

The moment they entered the living room, Seok Wi Guk clapped his hands lightly, and a number of serving maids dressed in light, see-through clothing entered.

He took one of the beautiful maids into his arms, running his hands all over her body, while he smiled at Yue Zhong, “Yue Zhong, feel free to choose any that you like. Their skills are decent, and beautiful as well. I can guarantee that you will be satisfied.”

Yue Zhong swept a glance and noted that they were truly beautiful and fair. They were clean and considered rare beauties in this apocalypse. Compared to Park Chae Young and Jo Young Eun, they were incredibly good-looking.

Park Chae Young looked at these girls with a hint of envy. Her beauty prior to the apocalypse was comparable to them, but her current situation was vastly different.

Yue Zhong waved his hands to dismiss the ladies that crowded around him and spoke directly, “I’m not interested. Seok Wi Guk, tomorrow, I’m intending to enter Han City. I want to know the situation within.”

“Han City? Seoul?” Seok Wi Guk was taken aback but recovered quickly. A hint of fury flashed past his eyes, but he suppressed it and replied, “Seoul is currently in turmoil, without multiple factions fighting within. The 3 strongest factions are the Republic of Korea Revival Assembly, The Republic of Korea and the United Republic of Korea. The president of the 3 are Choi Won Wang, Kim Park Chan, and Ju Joon Ho respectively, and they are all super Evolvers. They are the future hope of our Korea.”

When he finished, he then spoke passionately to Yue Zhong, “Come, let’s dig in, these are specially made from the Type 2 Mutant Black-Scaled Fish. They’re good when fresh. Eat more!”

Type 2 Mutant Beasts were difficult for ordinary humans to kill. It was truly not easy for Seok Wi Guk and his men to obtain such meat.


Yue Zhong reached out to take a few pieces into his mouth.

Seok Wi Guk watched this and his eyes flashed with a hint of glee, however, he continued to push, “Come, come, come! Yue Zhong, this is an ’83 Lafite. It’s a good wine. Let’s cheers, and celebrate our friendship!”

Yue Zhong took up the glass wine when suddenly, his features contorted. His hands went limp, and the wine glass dropped to the ground. His body crumpled over the table. There was a look of shock on his face, as he gritted his teeth to ask, “You’ve poisoned the food! Why?? Why??”

Seok Wi Guk saw Yue Zhong’s state, and his expression finally became sinister, “Hahaha!! Yue Zhong, you pathetic fool. In your Chinese sayings, I believe there’s one: There’s a road to heaven that you did not choose, instead, you chose to come to hell. I, Seok Wi Guk, hate you Chinese dogs the most! If it wasn’t for you guys, our Korea would have accomplished so much!! You folks dare to come onto our land and snatch our jobs, you deserve death!! Men, bring the women over!!”


When he finished speaking, 6 women were dragged into the hall.

There were looks of fear on their faces.

Seok Wi Guk pointed at them and laughed savagely, “See this? Those 3 women are lowly bitches from your China! They dared to come over to seduce our Korean men, and pollute our pure Korean blood! Damnable bitches!”

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