God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 936

“Foolish woman. Since you’ve asked for it, I shall spare his life. Just don’t regret it in the future.” He then swept a cold glance at Jung Sang Jong, “Still not scramming?”

The spineless coward quickly scrambled out, “Yes! Yes! Yes!! I’m running right now, right now!!”


Zhao Xi held her daughter’s hands and came up to Yue Zhong, “Thank you, Sir. I have another presumptuous request to ask of you. I hope that you will agree.”

Yue Zhong waved his hands and pulled out an assault rifle and 5 magazines out to throw to them, “Since you know it’s presumptuous, don’t ask. I won’t promise you anything. Since you still have your backbone, take this gift.”

Zhao Xi’s performance had shown that she still held on to her pride and dignity. Although Yue Zhong was not exactly fond of those countrymen that married out, on account that she stood up for herself, he was willing to provide them with an insurance. A single rifle and 5 magazines were decent assets in this world. In terms of exchange, they could be used to change for rations that might last for a few months.


As for Yoo Min Hee, Gao Mei, and another one who barely survived, Yue Zhong did not even feel like looking at them.

If it had been within the country, in order to help his motherland thrive, Yue Zhong would be willing to lend them a hand. However, he had no such thoughts abroad.

Zhao Xi heard that tone, and her eyes dimmed slightly. She had wanted to ask him to protect her and her daughter on their way out. However, It seemed that he already knew what she wanted to ask, and her words were stuck in her throat.

Zhao Xi swiftly grabbed those weapons, and thanked him, “Thank you, Sir. If there’s a next life, I will repay your kindness.”

“Next life?”

He did not believe in that, he only believed in the present. He did not place her words to heart and swept a glance outside.

Outside the hall, 20 gun-wielding militants had suddenly appeared. They let out ugly roars to suppress their fears and charged right for the hall while firing madly.

As the rain of bullets fell upon the hall, it shattered countless glass pieces.

Yoo Min Hee’s daughter was caught in the fire and fell in a pool of her blood, moaning in agony.

The rest of the women screamed out shrilly, getting down on the floor while trembling.

“Since you guys have come seeking death, let me send you on your way!”

Yue Zhong sauntered through the rain of bullets, pulling out his Black Tooth Blade and slashed out. All the incoming bullets were immediately deflected away.

“Freak! He’s a monster.”

Seeing this, the militants all screamed out. A human’s speed that was faster than bullets, and could deflect them, was way beyond their understanding.

“Don’t be afraid!! Use our hand grenades!! Blast him to death!” One militant screamed out frantically as he pulled out a grenade.

In a flash of the blade, the militant’s head soared through the sky, with fresh blood spurting everywhere.

Yue Zhong’s figure had already appeared in place of the militant.


“Ah!! Help!!”


When the militants saw how Yue Zhong disappeared and reappeared mysteriously, their eyes flashed with fear and despair, quickly turning around to flee for their lives.

Yue Zhong’s gaze was cold. With a single step, he disappeared from his location.

In an instant, the various fleeing militants began to split apart mysteriously, fresh blood splattering everywhere. Over 20 militants had been dealt with by Yue Zhong within a second.

Type 5 Divine Warriors were tyrannical. On this Earth, it was hard for anyone to stand up to an existence like that.

After the slaughter, Yue Zhong sauntered through the town, killing anyone who tried to take advantage of the chaos.


However, many of them fled in fear towards Seoul, and few stayed behind.

“This is truly incomparable with the mainland. It’s too inconvenient.”


Yue Zhong frowned as he watched the Korean survivors flee. After killing those human scums like Seok Wi Guk and his men, it would be easy to recruit a few new management people to maintain peace and security. However, due to the language barrier, it was hard to recruit anybody.

After killing everyone, Yue Zhong went back into the villa.


Inside, Gao Mei and her daughter had already vanished, while Jo Young Eun had seized the opportunity to flee. Only Park Chae Young and the Zhao Xi mother-daughter pair were still there.


Yue Zhong turned to Zhao Xi and frowned, “Why haven’t you guys left?”


Zhao Xi immediately got down on her knees, begging profusely, “Sir, please take us along! I can be your translator, and even warm your bed if you need me to. I can cook, wash the bowls, anything. Anything at all. All I ask is that you protect us along the journey, please.”

In this apocalypse, it was hard for beautiful women like them to survive on their own. Not to mention when they were overseas.

Zhao Xi was just an ordinary woman. Even if she had weapons, it was hard for her to protect herself and her daughter Jung Ri Soo. The moment they lacked Yue Zhong’s protection, their fates would be worse than dogs. Zhao Xi could only beg to stay by Yue Zhong’s side to protect her daughter.

When Park Chae Young heard those pleas, she became frantic. She knew her only value was being a translator. That was why Yue Zhong had kept her with him. If Yue Zhong accepted Zhao Xi, her position would be threatened.

“Translating eh?” Yue Zhong glanced at Park Chae Young, sighing deeply, “Alright fine, I can take the two of you. However, if your performance is not acceptable, don’t blame me for chasing you away.”

A look of joy flashed across Zhao Xi’s eyes, and she quickly kowtowed together with Jung Ri Soo, “Thank you, sir!! Thank you!!”

“Grab a bite, settle your belongings. I’m going to take a rest.”

With a wave of his hand, a few biscuits and a bottle of mineral water appeared in front of them.

“These are dried biscuits! He is really loaded, I’ve made the right choice.”

Zhao Xi received the food and was filled with excitement. After the apocalypse, they had been gone without food for days. Dried biscuits were not something they could afford.


Jung Ri Soo tore open the packaging and began to wolf down the food. As she ate, her eyes gleamed with a strange glint.

Yue Zhong came to a room and immediately fell asleep. Even though he was a Type 5 Divine Warrior, able to battle 3 days and nights without sleeping, he wanted to maintain the habit of having a sleep, to keep his Spirit and Stamina at their peak condition.

A small figure quietly came to his room, burrowing into his blankets.

Yue Zhong felt the lithe body snuggling against his own, while a small hand was fumbling around with his pants.

He opened his eyes, only to discover the pretty Jung Ri Soo stark naked in front of him, giving off an alluring feel.

Jung Ri Soo was slightly embarrassed, however, she spoke with broken Chinese, “Uncle, I’m Jung Ri Soo. I like you, and I want to be your woman. Let’s do it.”

After that, she directly lowered her head to kiss him deeply on the lips, her tongue flicking around in his mouth.

He felt the youthful energy from this beautiful Korean teen and responded passionately.


Soon, when their lips parted, there was a deep flush on her face, as well as her fair skin.

Jung Ri Soo flicked her long, black hair back, smiling shyly, before lowering her head to Yue Zhong’s ear and spoke in an incredibly charming voice, “Uncle, I know you Chinese men like virgins. I’m a virgin, furthermore, I was the school belle in the past, and many handsome men have tried chasing me, but I’ve ignored them. I only like you. I’m all natural too, never done any surgery before. Come and take me, I’ll be your lovable slave and a little bitch.”

Yue Zhong cupped her cheek gently and chuckled, “You little minx, you dare to try and seduce me? Let me see how charming you can get then.”


Jung Ri Soo smiled back coyishly, before diving back under the cover. Pulling her hair back, she lowered her head towards his member.

Inside the room, it was springtime for the two of them, accompanied by loud moans.


“That was Ri Soo.” Outside the room, Zhao Xi heard the sounds, and her eyes flashed with a complicated look, “I guess it’s fine then. Like this, our safety is assured. He doesn’t seem to be an evil person. But what if he wants me to sleep with him too? What should I do?”

Soon, Park Chae Young also came to the room, and listened to the passionate moans inside with envy, “If only it were me inside. With him protecting me, I can live a better life.”

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