God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 937

After the storm had passed, Jung Ri Soo laid in Yue Zhong’s embrace like a docile lamb. She hugged him tightly as though he was her most precious lover.


She whispered in his ear, “I’m yours. If you were to abandon me, I’ll die in front of you.”

“I know.”

Yue Zhong chuckled, and slapped her butt, causing it to bounce.

“Mm, so naughty.” She laughed coquettishly, lightly throwing a fist at his chest. She then asked, “Uncle, how about getting my mum to serve you together with me?”

“What’s in your head?!”

Yue Zhong’s brows arched and slapped her butt once more. He truly did not understand what went on in the minds of teenage girls.

“Ah! Ah~~! Ah, stop, please, stop~!”


Her face flushed red, as she let out moans that could cause hearts to race, having an expression as though she enjoyed it.

After he stopped, she gasped a little for breath, before turning to Yue Zhong and giggling, “Uncle, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Actually, I’m also an Evolver too, I have an ability.”

Yue Zhong let his hands roam all over her body, asking casually, “Oh, what might that be?”

The mother-daughter pair had been unfortunate, captured by Seok Wi Guk and his bunch of cronies, it was likely that her ability was not anything spectacular.

As a Type 5 Divine Warrior, Yue Zhong had seen his fair share of abilities. Other than Floxenia’s mind-reading ability, or any of those mysterious skills, he did not really care about the other skills.

Jung Ri Soo declared confidently, “My ability is called Mechanical Enhancement. It can help any current mechanical construct become stronger. A handgun, under my ability, can be evolved into a revolver, and bullets that have been evolved can destroy even a small vehicle.”

“Oh, so powerful? Enhance something, let me see!”

Yue Zhong was excited when he heard it. With a flick of his hand, he pulled out a handgun and 2 bullets from the Storage Ring and handed it to Jung Ri Soo.

Jung Ri Soo took the gun, and her eyes focused while her hands glowed with a white light. When the handgun was enveloped by the light, it began to transform, and the muzzle actually changed into a 25mm revolver that could store 6 rounds.

After that enhancement, her body was slick with perspiration. It was apparent that the skill consumed a lot of her Stamina, and she was gasping for breath. She frowned slightly, as she did not want to disappoint Yue Zhong. Gritting her teeth, she continued to channel her ability onto the 2 bullets, transforming them.

After the evolution was complete, she handed them to Yue Zhong, “It’s done!”

Yue Zhong loaded the bullets and fired once at the wall.


When the enhanced bullet slammed into the wall, it directly caused a large hole.

He was filled with joy, and he lowered his head to kiss her pale face, “Ri Soo, well done!! Your ability is amazing!”


Jung Ri Soo’s ability was extremely useful to Yue Zhong.

She was also excited, and smiled brightly, “Hehe!”

Yue Zhong then handed her an Evolving Liquid, “This is an Evolving Liquid, upon consuming it, you can raise your strength.”

She nodded gently, “En.”, before consuming it in one gulp.

Jung Ri Soo was a smart girl that knew how to play her cards. She knew that right now, she and her mother could only rely on Yue Zhong. Should they be abandoned, their fates would be cruel. Therefore, she wanted to make Yue Zhong happy.

Inside Seoul, within a lavish nightclub, where the lights were bright and the music was loud, many beautiful women were dancing on poles, doing stripteases and other provocative dances.


Inside the nightclub, there was a VIP box, where a burly man in a suit, with a weathered face, held a glass of wine in his hands, while 2 sexy beauties sat on either side of him. Behind him were many other men in dark glasses and black suits as well.

This coarse-looking middle-aged man looked at Park Jung Yi kneeling in front of him, speaking coldly, “You said that there’s a Chinese superhuman that can stop bullets?”

Park Jung Yi nodded profusely and stammered, “Yes! President, that man is called Yue Zhong. He can stop bullets, he also has a subordinate who could do the same!”

This man in front of Park Jung Yi was called Choi Won Wang, the president of the Republic of Korea Revival Assembly. He was also a triple-attribute Evolver, his level 83.

Choi Won Wang stared coldly and disdainfully at Park Jung Yi, before waving his hands, “Alright, you’re dismissed.”

He nodded and bowed before leaving, “Yes! Yes!!”

As he left, he cursed under his breath, “Hmph, damn Chinese dog, Yue Zhong. You dare to steal my woman and not give me food? I will not let you off easily!! Choi Won Wang hates Chinese people the most! This time, you’re dead!”

After Park Jung Yi left, Choi Won Wang shook the wine glass in his hands, before suddenly asking, “An In Pyo, are you able to stop bullets?”

Another burly man, whose hair was dyed red, fell silent, before replying with a fierce glint, “No, I can’t stop bullets. But, I can kill those Evolvers who can stop bullets.”

An In Pyo was one of the strongest Evolvers under Choi Won Wang, a super Evolver of Level 80, his combat ability terrifying beyond measure.

Choi Won Wang’s eyes flashed with a powerful killing intent, “You go take the Black Wind Guards to kill that Chinese Evolver. They dare to saunter around our Korea, simply seeking death.”


Choi Won Wang’s father had died in the war, and thus, he had been an extremist of the right-wing. After the apocalypse, he had relied on his strength and nationalistic views to gather a bunch of people and formed the Republic of Korea Revival Assembly.


An In Pyo quickly went away.


“All Chinese dogs are to die!”

A vicious glint passed in his eyes before he grabbed one of the beautiful ladies and tore off her clothes, biting down on her neck.

Early the next morning, Yue Zhong took out a Reaper on the field, and spoke to Jung Ri Soo, “Try enhancing this mech.”

Jung Ri Soo took a look at that mysterious and powerful robot, her eyes filled with shock, “Amazing. What a beautiful set of armor. I’ve only ever seen such robots in the comics. Uncle, how did you get this?”

The Reaper technology was something that Earth’s technology still could not match, thus, its appearance would naturally shock people.

Yue Zhong replied, “You don’t have to care about that, try enhancing it.”

“Sure! Let me try, and test my new strength!”


After consuming the Evolving Liquid, as well as some Blood Honey from the 3rd World, while her level had only increased by one, under the nourishment of the Blood Honey, her physique and constitution had become incredibly powerful. In terms of endurance, she was like a Type 2 Divine Warrior, while her Spirit was equivalent to a Type 3 Divine Warrior. She had truly become strong.

Of course, using those treasures, her combat ability was still weak. An ordinary soldier with a rifle could still take her out.

She came in front of the Reaper, placing both hands on its frame, and a powerful white light enveloped the Reaper.

The Reaper then began to evolve, as countless parts change amidst cracking sounds. It became even more advanced and sci-fi looking. The energy converter was also upgraded as well, becoming even more streamlined. What used to be a fraction of energy being converted in a breath’s time, became 10 parts. The entire mech was becoming stronger.

As Yue Zhong watched it evolve, his eyes shone with a heated gaze, “What a treasure, a true treasure! This time, I’ve picked up a treasure!! Once it finishes evolving, and I equip the Heart of Hope, I should be able to take on a Type 6 expert with it. I should be considered invincible on Earth by then!”

“Who’s there?!”

Suddenly, with a thought, Yue Zhong turned around his gaze sweeping, and noticed 30 men in black suits running towards him with various weapons.

One of them was holding an RPG, which he aimed at Jung Ri Soo, and fired.

Taking a preemptive strike was not something only Yue Zhong knew.

An In Pyo was an Evolver that had braved countless battles, his experience abundant and his methods vicious.

White Bones stood in front of Jung Ri Soo with an energy shield, raising it to protect them.

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