God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 939

However, even if he felt a sense of unease, he had no intentions to delve further. After all, this was Korea, and he was not Korean. He would not stay long anyway.

Right at this time, there was a loud commotion some distance away, “Haha, everybody look, this Chinese bitch dared to bite me. Say, how should I deal with her?”

“Burn her!!”

“Burn that bitch!!”

“Burn her!!”



A number of Korean thugs were hollering in excitement.

Although Yue Zhong could not understand the language, he was attracted by the loud noises and turned to check out the source.

At a crossroad not far away, there was a pregnant woman hung on a cross, her hair disheveled and her face swollen.

Below the cross, there was a stack of firewood. A handsome man with dyed yellow hair and slightly tanned skin held a blazing torch, laughing maniacally as he tried to incite the emotions of the people.

All around him, there were many young men and women with manic expressions as well, calling out for the death and blood of the pregnant women.

Not far from the cross, another group of Koreans was standing, some of them had cold gazes, some of them excited, their eyes containing hints of pity, some hatred. However, no one stood out to stop the man with the yellow hair.

In this apocalypse, it was already exhausting for an ordinary person to fight for their own survival. Furthermore, even if the person on the cross was a Korean, they would not stand out to speak for her. Not to mention that she was a Chinese.

While a husband and wife were supposed to stick through thick and thin, sometimes, in the face of crisis, they would go their separate ways. If even a man and wife could be like this, not to mention a country and foreigners.

Many Koreans did not have favorable impressions of the Chinese, however, it was not to the point of xenophobia either. However, there were definitely some extremists who were filled with hate and would love to make use of public trials to satisfy their cruel, savage, and dark desires.

The yellow-haired man laughed savagely, “Do you hear that, shameless Chinese woman. Everyone wants you burned! Even your son is calling for your blood, bitch!”


The pregnant woman stared at a youth of about 15 standing within the extremist cult, her eyes filled with despair as well.

A vicious look flashed past the eyes of the youth, as he stood out to curse violently, “I have no mother, this Chinese bitch is not my mum. She’s a shameless and lowly bitch!”

“Well said!! Chang Hoon!”

“That’s right!! Korea is our home! All Chinese bitches have to scram!!”

“Kill these Chinese bitches!! Don’t let them share our food!!”


Those youths had been brainwashed and were calling out madly, as though they were demons in human clothing.

When the pregnant lady heard the cruel words of the youth, her face turned incredibly pale, as her eyes flashed with despair. She spat out a mouthful of blood, at the same time, her body trembled badly, as she started bleeding from her waist down. She had actually suffered a miscarriage from her despair.

The yellow-haired man grabbed his nose and chuckled evilly, “This bitch miscarried!! It stinks!! Hahahaha!!”



The rest of the brainwashed youths also revealed excited and twisted expressions.

“What a bunch of animals.”

At this time, a cold voice rang out. Everyone present swiveled to look, noticing Yue Zhong walking over with an icy expression.

The yellow-haired man had a vicious look as he barked out, “Who the fuck are you? You dare to barge in our business, are you tired of living? You damn Chinese dog, everybody! Grab him and burn him with this Chinese bitch!”

The rest of the young Koreans also bellowed and took up their weapons, charging at Yue Zhong.

With a cold look, Yue Zhong waved his Black Tooth Blade, and the charging Korean youths were immediately sliced in pieces, blood and flesh splattering everywhere.




Seeing this terrifying scene, the rest of the Koreans immediately turned tail to run.

The instigator was shocked, as he retreated hastily, screaming out in fear, “Don’t come over, don’t come over!! My uncle is the vice-president of the United Republic of Korea, Choi Jung Chul!! If you dare to harm even a single hair on me, the Revival Assembly and United Front will definitely chase you down and kill you!! Don’t come over!! Stop!!”


An In Pyo immediately translated beside Yue Zhong, conveying all the various words around.

Yue Zhong’s killing intent billowed out, as he sliced out at him, “Choi Jung Chul?! A mere ant! Even the Jade Emperor would not be able to save you now, animal!!”

In a flash, the yellow-haired man was sliced apart at the waist. However, he did not die immediately, screaming as he fell to the ground. “It hurts!! Help!! I don’t want to die!! I don’t want to die!! It hurts!!”

After killing him Yue Zhong’s gaze fell upon the pregnant lady, whose gaze seemed dead.

The pregnant lady mustered all her strength to glance at Yue Zhong, her eyes full of hurt, regret, and despair. “You… are… Chinese? I want… to go home…”

As those words fell, her head hung limp, as she became devoid of all signs of life. She had suffered cruel torture, and even her Korean son had cursed at her. Her only shred of hope had been devastated, and she had no more will to leave. She passed away like that.

Yue Zhong looked at the corpse, sighing. With a wave of his hands, the Devil Flame enveloped her body and everything of her was turned to ashes.

“Choi Won Wong, you deserve death!!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, grabbing An In Pyo, and shooting towards where Choi Won Wong was supposed to be.

“Kill him!!”

After killing those extremist youths, he raised quite the commotion. A troop of over 20 soldiers wielding assault rifles appeared in front of him, and the leader barked out.

His voice had just landed when a gust of wind swept past them, and all 20 soldiers had their heads decapitated.

The surrounding survivors screamed out when they saw that.

Yue Zhong did not seem to care about them, directly transforming into a flash as he charged towards Choi Won Wong’s base.

The nearer he got, the more experts that came out to attack him. Many of them were at the Type 2 Divine Warrior realm.

However, in front of a Type 5 Yue Zhong, they were as weak as ants. A casual wave from him could turn them into minced meat or puppets. No one could withstand a single breath against him.


The Gold Tripod Nightclub was where Choi Won Wong would usually hang out. At this moment, it was filled with scantily-dressed women dancing provocatively.

Choi Won Wong’s ripped body was half-naked from the waist up, and he admired the women dancing while sipping on his wine. One of his hands would roam all over the women by his side, as he laughed out audaciously, a look of bliss on his face.

Within the city, the 3 factions had already split the area up amongst themselves. Choi Won Wong had immediately immersed himself in wine and women, enjoying himself.

In this apocalypse, even a super Evolver would not be able to control what happened the next day. Many of the heads would thus indulge in the pleasures of life.

Even Yue Zhong, who was resolute and vicious enough, would need his women to help alleviate his stress from time to time. It was extremely normal for Choi Won Wong to be like that as well.


All of a sudden, there was a huge sound, as an entire wall of the club blasted open.

Inside the dust, Yue Zhong and An In Pyo walked in slowly.

When they saw this, everyone in the club screamed and ran amok, trying to hide or flee.

Choi Won Wong glanced at Yue Zhong and threw the girl in his embrace aside, before clapping his hands and ordering coldly, “Men! Kill him! Whoever’s the first to kill him would be given 10 beautiful virgins and a single Evolution Fruit.”

Yue Zhong barged through the club, obviously without any good intentions. Since Choi Won Wong was in a position of authority, he decided to just order the death of this intruder.


The 10 Black Wind Guards within the room immediately attacked with their various ability.

Among them, 2 of them had speed at the Type 3 realm. 6 of them had the constitution of the initial-Type 3 realm. The remaining 2 controlled flames and wind blades to attack Yue Zhong.

“Bunch of ants.” Yue Zhong sneered, and with a flash, he punched out 10 times instantaneously, sending Puppet Runes into their heads.

Seeing him take care of the 10 Black Wind Guards like it was nothing, Choi Won Wong’s pupils narrowed, as he stood up and barked, “Strong, who are you?”

Yue Zhong glared coldly at him, “You’re Choi Won Wong?”

“You’re Chinese? Seems like there’s nothing much to be said. I’ll capture you now and break your limbs, raising you like the dog you are.” The moment Choi Won Wong heard the Chinese language, his eyes flashed viciously and he snarled.

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