God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 940

Yue Zhong laughed condescendingly, “With just you?”

“You think that you’re undefeatable just because you took care of 10 Black Wind Guards? Fool. I can form the Republic of Korea Revival Assembly because of my strength! I’ll let you experience my strength, then I’ll break your limbs and make you into a dog!”

Choi Won Wong’s eyes flashed with a savage glint. In that instant, his body went taut, as countless veins popped out, and a powerful blood-red Dou Qi surrounded him. It caused his physique to be enhanced, looking extremely terrifying.

Yue Zhong stared as Choi Won Wong’s strength rose to the Type 4 stage, his eyes flashing with shock, “Peak-Type 3, no! Type 4! His strength could actually raise to the Type 4 stage. Who knows what miracle he encountered?”

A Type 4 expert could be said to be an invincible existence before Yue Zhong went into the 2nd World. Even the 12 Apostles of the Kingdom of God were only at the most, initial-Type 4 Divine Warriors, according to his estimation.

This Choi Won Wong could actually evolve so quickly within this short year, it was evident that he must have met with a miracle, or swallowed some special Heavenly treasure. Otherwise, on this Earth, it was incredibly difficult to evolve by killing Mutant Beasts.

“Those Black Wind Guards are nothing but ants in front of me. There’s nothing to be proud of by killing them. My body cannot be pierced by heavy caliber bullets! I can pummel an armored vehicle with one fist, it would be simple for me to kill you!!”

Choi Won Wong’s eyes had a savage glint as he laughed out. He disappeared from his location and charged behind Yue Zhong with the speed of sound, his legs lashing out viciously towards Yue Zhong’s legs. He intended to break them.

“With your trash-like abilities? You can’t even touch me.”

Twisting his body, Yue Zhong kicked out with an even faster speed, directly onto Choi Won Wong’s legs.

The next moment, there was a loud crack, as both legs were broken and separated from his body. The bones were shattered and blood flowed everywhere.

Choi Won Wong squealed out like a pig being slaughtered, his entire body crumpling to the ground. He stared at Yue Zhong with a gaze filled with fear and despair, “Ah!! My legs!! My legs!!! Ah!! How is this possible!?! How could you be this strong?!”

“Just die, trash.”

Yue Zhong muttered coldly as he stared at Choi Won Wong. He slashed out with his Black Tooth Blade, and Choi Won Wong’s head was separated from his body, rolling across the floor with his face twisted in eternal pain and hate.

After killing him, all the women trembled as they stared at Yue Zhong, their eyes filled with fear.


The Black Wind Guards that been subdued by Yue Zhong stood up and saluted with respect.

He waved them away, “You guys remain here to maintain order.”

After that, he charged out of the nightclub with An In Pyo in tow. He had many more scumbags to kill.

“Attack!! Attack him!! Kill him!!”

Yue Zhong had just charged out of the nightclub when there were the agitated shouts of a man.

The remaining Korean Army soldiers that had gathered after the apocalypse were right outside, firing madly at Yue Zhong.

There were grenade launchers, rockets as well as other heavy firepower.

There were many super Evolvers that could stop bullets and heavy caliber bullets in the current state of Earth, however, few could use their bodies to block cannons and rockets.

The countless attacks enveloped Yue Zhong’s position entirely, as the explosions rang out with deafening impact.

All of a sudden, a gust of wind blew past, and the militants were all beheaded in a strange manner, fresh blood splattering everywhere.

In a manner of seconds, over 100 soldiers of the Revival Assembly had died mysteriously.

After their headless corpses crumpled to the ground, Yue Zhong’s figure reappeared in the center of the battlefield.


“Fearsome!! He’s a devil!! He’s definitely a devil!! How could a human be strong to this extent?”

When the various snipers at different hiding spots watched on, their bodies trembled, with fear in their eyes. They had seen their fair share of Evolvers, but someone like Yue Zhong, they had never encountered before.


One sniper could not bear it any further and fired a shot at Yue Zhong’s forehead.

Right before the bullet hit Yue Zhong, he struck out with a finger and caused the bullet to deflect off.

“How is that possible?! Is he still human? How come he’s so terrifying?! Monster! He’s a monster!!”

Seeing the bullet that could blast an armored vehicle knocked away by Yue Zhong, all the snipers felt despair. Some even directly abandoned their posts and fled, not willing to gamble their lives.

Yue Zhong swept a glance over at the snipers and raised his Electromagnetic Cannon to fire out a few times.

The multiple electromagnetic beams fired out, blasting the heads of the snipers accurately. Only those who had taken the opportunity to flee at the first moment managed to escape with their lives.

Yue Zhong then sauntered through the area like a death god, taking out the members of the Revival Assembly, either killing them or turning them into his puppets.

As An In Pyo led him, Yue Zhong came to a prison cell.

Within this prison cell, were the Chinese and Koreans who were of part-Chinese descent, that had been living in Seoul.

The prison cell had previously been a school, and they remodeled it to have a huge electrical fence all around, with 2 heavy machine guns and 8 soldiers guarding the entrance.

Yue Zhong came to the cell and one of the soldiers immediately stepped forwards to bark, “Halt!”

With a flash, Yue Zhong arrived at the entrance, while the 8 soldiers fell apart in halves, sliced by his blade.


He then walked up to the huge iron gate and slashed a few times, shredding the gate in 4 or 5 parts.

“Enemy attack, enemy attack!”

There was the blare of alarms, and 30 armed guards came rushing out. Some had not even put on their pants.

Yue Zhong readied his assault rifle, firing as he walked. Each time a guard appeared, their heads would be blasted off.

After killing those armed guards, Yue Zhong opened up all the rooms, only to discover many women in different states of ruin. Most of them were just skin and bones, emitting a putrid stench. Some of them looked more dead than alive. There were no kids, nor men. Many pregnant ones had been tortured incessantly and suffered miscarriages.

At one corner of the main warehouse, there were many bones, emitting a strong stench.

It was like hell.

Yue Zhong sighed and deployed a few Puppets to take care of these women. He then continued towards where the main faction was, killing any soldier he saw on sight.

Yue Zhong walked through the base, like an invincible devil. Any soldier that appeared in front of him would be cleaved in two. No one could take a single strike from him.

When he came to an open field, there was a sudden roar, “Kill!!”

At that instant, over a hundred militants appeared, firing their assault rifles, grenade launchers, rockets at Yue Zhong.

He was instantly bombarded by the rain of metal, as the explosions rocked the entire place he stood.

Inside a room, a middle-aged man that looked elegant eyed the center of the blast and thought anxiously, “Is he dead?”

This man was the vice-president of the Revival Assembly Seok In Ji. He had gathered the remaining manpower and firepower to throw them all at Yue Zhong.

However, the next moment, his wishes crumbled. The various militants began to lose their heads, turning into headless corpses.




After a hundred of the soldiers died mysteriously, the remaining soldiers lost all will to fight, as they threw their equipment and weapons aside. Some fled while others directly got on their knees to surrender.

Seok In Ji looked at this with a chill, as despair rose in his heart, “It’s over! We’re over!! How can there be such a monster?!”

At this moment, Yue Zhong swept a glance over at Seok In Ji’s position and fired a single round from his Electromagnetic Cannon.

There was a bright flash, and the beam directly pierced through Seok In Ji’s head, blasting it apart.

After killing him, there was no one else within the Revival Assembly that could muster any force to retaliate. Soon after, most of the soldiers either surrendered or were killed. Just like this, the entire Revival Assembly was leveled by Yue Zhong. A Type 5 Divine Warrior truly could take down an entire faction all by himself.

Inside another lavish mansion within Seoul, a handsome, young man of about 27 or 28 was currently practicing his marksmanship.

A middle-aged man in military uniform ran up to him in panic, “President, it’s bad!! President!! Something bad has happened!”

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