God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 941

This young man practicing his marksmanship was the president of the United Republic of Korea, Chu Joon Ho. He was a super Evolver with strength and wits.

He placed his gun down, looking at the panicked middle-aged man and asked, “Lee Young Joon, what happened, for you to be this anxious?”

Lee Young Joon replied hastily, “President, Choi Won Wong has been killed! The Revival Assembly has also been obliterated!”

This news was too shocking and unbelievable, that was why Lee Young Joon was so frightened.

When Chu Joon Ho heard this, his face also fell as he exclaimed out in shock, “What?! Choi Won Wong was killed? He might be useless as a governor, but he has that elite troop made up of Evolvers, and a 3,000-strong army! He’s also a super Evolver, how was he so easily killed? The Revival Assembly was obliterated? Tell me the details properly!”

What was the Republic of Korea Revival Assembly? They were one of the 3 largest factions in Seoul, with plenty of aspects. In terms of firepower, they were even one-up the United Republic of Korea. Such a faction was actually destroyed, it naturally caused Chu Joon Ho to be at a loss.

Lee Young Joon swallowed his saliva and began, “He’s just one man. Everything was accomplished by one man. He’s a Chinese from China, Yue Zhong!!!”

Chu Joon Ho’s eyes lost their focus as he muttered with a look of disbelief, “A single person? How is that possible? Is that even possible? The Revival Assembly has so many experts, how can they be wiped out like that?”

He frowned and began to consider the possibilities, “Yue Zhong. Who is this man?”

However, no matter how hard he thought, he had no clue who this person was.

Chu Joon Ho thought for a while more before jerking his head up, “Where is he now?’

Lee Young Joon replied, “After he killed most of the soldiers, he reorganized those who submitted to him, and there’re no further actions. Instead, he sent men to go take care of those Chinese women that had been tortured by Choi Won Wong.”

When Chu Joon Ho heard this, the fog in his eyes cleared, and his eyebrows relaxed. “So it was like this. That stupid extremist must have clashed with Yue Zhong over his sadistic tendencies. That was why Yue Zhong had dealt with him. That fool, relying on his strength to try and lord his way everywhere. Since he met someone stronger than him, he only had death awaiting.”

Chu Joon Ho was also a man of talents. He quickly came to a decision, “With such strength, we must definitely not make an enemy out of Yue Zhong. We can only try to pull him in. Fortunately, there’re no cases of xenophobia here. I can try to recruit him and become friends with him. Great. Lee Young Joon, go get a gold invitation letter. I want to invite Yue Zhong to be a guest.”

Lee Young Joon’s face fell, “President, that isn’t too good eh? What if we invite him over and he harbors some evil intentions? Our United Republic of Korea would be in trouble then.”

Chu Joon Ho flipped the question back, “With his strength, if he were to kill his way over, what can we do to stop him? My army is not even comparable to that fool Choi Won Wong. If he was a madman, then after taking down the Revival Assembly, he would have continued to kill us. We would not be able to stop him, only hiding or fleeing.”

Lee Young Joon fell silent, he knew that Chu Joon Ho was speaking the truth.

Chu Joon Ho continued with a gleam in his eyes, “Since we cannot afford to have him as an enemy, we can only try to befriend him. This is Korea, after all, and Yue Zhong would definitely find it hard to hold his fort here. I’m guessing that he will return to China, and that’s where he can fully exhibit his strength. If we can be on good terms, it will be good for our future.”

Lee Young Joon’s face had a tinge of respect, “That’s right, as expected of President. I’ll go and invite him over then.”

During the evening, inside a villa within the territory of the United Republic of Korea, a number of vehicles had stopped outside, while well-dressed men and women entered.

Yue Zhong walked in, dressed in casual wear, while Jung Ri Soo was beside him, wearing a black nightgown, hugging his arm tightly.

One of the waiters came up to stop Yue Zhong, “Sir, please show your invitation card.”

Jung Ri Soo withdrew slightly, her family had been ordinary, and she had never attended such a social function before, thus, she was slightly apprehensive.

Seeing her behavior, the waiter’s eyes flashed with a hint of disdain.

Yue Zhong took out the gold invitation card and handed it, “You’re talking about this.”

When the waiter saw the gold card, his face changed. This gold invitation card represented the most honored guests. If they did not carry out their duties well, then even if the guests pardoned them, the upper echelon of the United Republic of Korea would not. His back broke out in cold sweat, silently celebrating that he did not automatically become rude due to his disdain.

The waiter bowed deeply, motioning for Yue Zhong to follow, “Sir, please come with me.”

Yue Zhong thus followed his lead into the lavish mansion.

The mansion was well-decorated, with lights and exquisite items, while many good-looking waiters and waitresses were fanned out, attending to the guests.

When Jung Ri Soo came in, she could not help but gasp, “What a nice place!! It looks just like on T.V!”

She swept her gaze around and saw two tables full of fresh fruits and delicious desserts. Her eyes lit up in delight, and she pulled Yue Zhong along, “Ah, there’re fresh fruits here. Uncle, I want to eat. Can you accompany me?”

In the apocalypse, eating was the most important to an ordinary person. In these 2 years, Jung Ri Soo had not eaten any fresh fruits at all.


Yue Zhong nodded and followed Jung Ri Soo towards the spread and began to eat the fruits.

All of a sudden, there was a voice, “Aren’t you Yue Zhong?! How come you’re here?”

Yue Zhong lifted his head, only to see a handsome young man with a short hairdo in a suit, walking over with a glass of wine in his hands.

Yue Zhong asked with a little uncertainty, “Li Fei San? You’re Li Fei San?”

Li Fei San was a fellow schoolmate in Yue Zhong’s high school. His family had money and background, and he had long since gone abroad to study. Yue Zhong had never expected to see him here.

Li Fei San assessed Yue Zhong, laughing condescendingly, his words carrying a deep sense of superiority, “Yue Zhong, you’re really so poor, you can’t even afford a suit? I wonder if there’s anything wrong with the waiter’s eyes, how could he let you in? Do you know the place you’re in? This is a party for the upper echelon of the United Republic of Korea, the president Chu Joon Ho would be here later. Look at your appearance, truly embarrassing. On account that we were schoolmates before, scram the hell out. I won’t expose you.”

Li Fei San was rich and had the background to boot. Since he was spoiled by his family, he had become extremely arrogant and looked down on the poor. Yue Zhong’s family had been ordinary, thus, a target of disdain for Li Fei San.

At this time, Jung Ri Soo walked over with a plate of desserts, her mouth stuffed full. She looked at Li Fei San curiously and asked, “Yue Zhong, who is he?”

Yue Zhong took a piece of cake from her plate and did not bother looking at Li Fei San anymore, “Just an arrogant fly. Ignore him.”

Currently, in his eyes, Li Fei San was barely an ant. He was not interested in dealing with this small fry.

Li Fei San had been so spoiled that even if he were to rape a teacher, his family would have settled all issues. It resulted in his arrogance and despotic nature.

Hearing those disdainful words, Li Fei San’s face changed, turning incredibly savage. He shot a lewd look at Jung Ri Soo, snarling, “Fly? You dare call me a fly?!! Good!! Good!! Yue Zhong, you truly don’t want to appreciate me giving you face. Now I’m mad, hand over this female partner of yours. I can forget about today’s matter. Otherwise, don’t blame me for falling out with you and being merciless!!”

Yue Zhong frowned, and sent a slap across his face, “Li Fei San, I’ve already wanted to beat your face up since long ago! It was just that I lacked the strength to. I wanted to let you off since we went to the same school. If you don’t know how to value your life, then you’re asking for a beating!”

That slap of Yue Zhong caused his face to swell and 2 pieces of teeth to fly out. He crumpled to the ground.

He screamed out immediately, “He’s beating people!! He’s beating people!! Security!! Ni Ni!! Come save me!!”

“Fei San-darling, who dares hit you?” At this point, a middle-aged woman of about 40 or 50 came over, her face full of thick makeup. She carried Li Fei San up, cooing over him, “Darling, that beast dared to hit you, I will not let him off.”

Yue Zhong swept his gaze across and finally understood why Li Fei San was able to enter this banquet even with a Chinese identity.

Just like the rich men who loved to keep mistresses, there were rich women who liked to keep toyboys beside them. Li Fei San was basically a toyboy for this Korean lady.

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