God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 942


Li Fei San laid in the embrace of the Korean lady, crying out loudly, “It’s him! It’s him! He’s the one who hit me. He’s a Chinese, not Korean. He doesn’t have an invitation and just barged into the party. Ni Ni, you must stand up for me!”

The commotion managed to attract the people around. Those who had been just observing came closer, and upon hearing that Yue Zhong was a Chinese, their eyes were filled with disdain and enmity.

The Korean lady, Kim Da Ni, turned around immediately and stared daggers at Yue Zhong and Jung Ri Soo. She shrieked out, “So it was you two shameless Chinese?! Security, capture the both of them! Throw them in jail!”

“Apprehend them!”

“Damn Chinese, as expected, their bearing is so lowly, I wonder how they sneaked in.”


In the room, everyone looked on with disdain, pointing and muttering at Yue Zhong.

Under their gazes filled with animosity, Jun Ri Soo started to feel nervous and scared, hiding behind Yue Zhong’s back like a cat. She had never even been to such an event before, let alone being a troublemaker.

“What’s going on?” At this moment, Lee Young Joon came over with 8 security guards.


Kim Da Ni came up to him, her eyes shooting suggestive glances, as she spoke coyly, “Young Joon-oppa, right on time. This Chinese sneaked into our party and hit someone. Quick, capture him and send him over to the Revival Assembly.”

Yue Zhong turned to Lee Young Joon and laughed coldly, “Lee Young Jun, is this how the United Republic of Korea welcome guests?”


Lee Young Joon took a look and saw that it was Yue Zhong. His face fell and did not even pay attention to Kim Da Ni, quickly running over to Yue Zhong, putting on a fawning expression, “Sir Yue Zhong, I was just looking for you. So you were here. I deeply apologize for the lack of welcome, and I beg your forgiveness.”

“Why is it like this?” Seeing this, Kim Da Ni’s countenance turned extremely pale. Lee Young Joon was the trusted aide of the President of the United Republic of Korea, Chu Joon Ho, and in the region, his name was not without weight.


Kim Da Ni had also gotten close to him, that was how she threw her weight about in the faction and did whatever she liked. She did not expect that this high and mighty Lee Young Joon would actually be so subservient to this Chinese man.

When everyone saw this, their faces fell, turning silent immediately. Those who had been sarcastic with their remarks turned pale.

Things were different now compared to peace times. If they were to offend some big character accidentally, it was possible to become a corpse the next day. This was, after all, a cruel world.

Yue Zhong pointed at both Kim Da Ni and Li Fei San, speaking coldly, “These 2 are an eyesore. I don’t wish to see them anymore.”

Lee Young Joon bowed once more, “My apologies. Due to my oversight, I’ve caused you distress. I promise you that you will not see those 2 again.”

He then turned to stare at the 2, his humility gone in a flash, replaced with an icy sternness, “Drag the two of them away into the Dead Prison.”


4 experts swiftly stepped up to restrain the 2 of them, dragging them out.

Li Fei San was frightened at this point, wetting his pants, and he cried out miserably, “No! Please! NO! Don’t send me there! Yue Zhong, please, I’m begging you!! It was my fault. Save me!! Don’t let them send me there!! On account that we’re schoolmates, please!!”

Yue Zhong shot him a disdainful look, “Li Fei San, if you weren’t a rapist, I would have still spared your dog life. However, your nature never changed, you despicable scumbag. I think your death will do the world some good.”

When Li Fei San had flown abroad to study, one of the main reasons was that he had raped his own teacher. Although his family had used their money to keep the matter under wraps, they had no choice but to send this little devil overseas to evade further trouble.

Li Fei San’s nose and eyes were streaming as he begged, “I know I’m wrong!! Please give me a chance!! Please!!”


Yue Zhong shot Lee Young Joon a cold glance, “It’s getting really noisy!”


Lee Young Joon then motioned at 2 experts, and one of them directly sent a fist towards the mouth of Li Fei San, making it bloody, before stuffing him with a piece of cloth. They then proceeded to drag him away.


“This way please.” After all these, Lee Young Joon wore a smile and led Yue Zhong towards another box some distance away.

After entering the box, there were 4 extremely beautiful ladies with exquisite looks and charm seated on a sofa, with a young man sitting further back.

Jung Ri Soo caught sight of the 4 ladies and became excited, “Jeon Yoon Ah, Kim Bo Ah, Shin Ji Hyeon, So Gyo Hye!! Oh my goodness, I’m so excited!! Uncle, these are the ultimate celebrities of our Korea! This is too cool!!”

Lee Young Joon’s face had a warm smile as he introduced, “Sir Yue Zhong, these 4 are indeed our top celebrities of Korea. They have heard of your name and hope to become your women. We beseech you to grant them this wish, and keep them by your side.”

One of them had long, chestnut hair, her figure tall and slender. When she smiled, it was extremely captivating. She came over and said, “Hello, Yue Zhong, I’m Jeon Yoon Ah.”

Another one with an oval-shaped face and voluptuous body came and smiled, “Hi, I’m Kim Bo Ah!”

The third one looked slightly rebellious giggled, “Hi! I’m Shin Ji Hyeon!”


The last one was a silent but elegant beauty, who smiled slightly, “Hello, Sir Yue Zhong, I’m So Gyo Hye.”

After the 4 idols introduced themselves, they brought with them a charm as they tried to compete and showcased their charms.

Even Jung Ri Soo, who had been excited when she saw them, became extremely depressed, and pounced into his embrace, hugging him tightly.

At this time, Chu Joon Ho stood up, smiling with charm as he welcomed Yue Zhong, “Yue Zhong, how do you do. I’m Chu Joon Ho, the President of the United Republic of Korea, I’m honored to finally meet you.”

Yue Zhong smiled back, sitting on the sofa, “How do you do. I’m Yue Zhong.”

Chu Joon Ho tried to suss him out, “Yue Zhong, you should have just arrived in Korea right? I’ve never heard of you before.”

Yue Zhong spoke without missing a beat, “That’s right, I’ve just come to Korea.”

He had a motive for coming to meet Chu Joon Ho as well. Without intending to play any more probing games, he spoke directly, “Chu Joon Ho, since you are the President of the United Republic of Korea, I need to tell you about some things. I’ve just come back from the 2nd World.”

Chu Joon Ho was taken aback and frowned, “2nd World? What’s that?”


He had never heard of this term before.

Yue Zhong continued solemnly, “It is a planet that has been devastated by a nuclear war, and it is filled with countless monsters. I’ve returned from the world and have gained some intel. The spatial tunnel between our worlds is about to open. At that time, there will be many monsters pouring out from the tunnel, attacking our human race. Those monsters are strong, and many of the current Evolved zombies are not their match. Please make your preparations as soon as possible.”

“What?! Is this true?!”


Chu Joon Ho’s face fell. If it were before the apocalypse, he would have laughed at Yue Zhong for being insane. However, since the world had changed, everything that they had known was flipped around. It seemed that everything was under the control of that entity calling itself God. There could be even more absurd and ludicrous things happening.

Yue Zhong continued solemnly, “It’s true. I will leave here soon, heading back to China. Chu Joon Ho, I hope that you can treat the Chinese here with respect, and not let them suffer.”

As the President of the United Republic of Korea, Chu Joon Ho did not have extremist views nor mistreat those of Chinese descent. That was why Yue Zhong decided to communicate with him. Otherwise, he would have just killed his way over, killing him.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, Chu Joon Ho was partly happy, partly worried. Happy because this huge threat was going to leave Korea, but worrisome because all the more his words were to be trusted.

He maintained a serious expression, “Yue Zhong, I hope that you can tell me more about this 2nd World.”



Yue Zhong thus began to reveal all that he knew about the 2nd World. The Saint Clan was strong beyond words, adding on to the various foreign species and Mutant Beasts, he had to gather as much power and strength as he could to deal with the imminent invasion. He definitely needed allies.

Hong! Hong!

Right as he was discussing with Chu Joon Ho, there was a loud explosion outside the living room, and one of the walls was blasted away.

The explosion caused a huge commotion, and all the participants of the dinner screamed out and fled.

3 men and 1 women stepped in through the hole in the living room.

One of the middle-aged men with normal looks and a crossed-eye look swept his gaze around, before landing on Chu Joon Ho. His face broke out into a smile, “Hahaha!! Chu Joon Ho, you’re here as expected!”

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