God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 160

Although it is not injured, the Mutant King Rat was incensed by the attack. It shrieked out a cry of anger and turned around and attempted to smack Yue Zhong with its mighty paws.

But with the shadow step skill, Yue Zhong was able to stay one step ahead. He dodged to the right side of the Mutant King Rat, and used his stinger gun to fire 3 stinger bullets into the head of the Mutant King Rat.

The stinger gun is powerful, and a single shot was able to seriously injured or kill the elite rat king’s bodyguards. However, the same weapon only managed to create 3 tiny wounds of about 2 cm diameter on the Mutant King Rat’s head. Still, unlike the fireball, the stinger gun managed to make the Mutant King Rat bleed – blood began to slip out from the wounds on the Mutant King Rat’s head. Although it is injured, the 3 wounds are merely superficial wounds, and are far from enough to kill the Mutant King Rat.

The Mutant King Rat cried out in pain. It was enraged and furiously lunged at Yue Zhong with both its paws.

Yue Zhong was shocked: “Even the might of the stinger gun is insufficient to kill it?”

With the shadow step skill, Yue Zhong easily dodged the attack and moved towards the back of the Mutant King Rat. He then fired more 3 more times towards the Mutant King Rat’s head.

Again, the 3 stinger bullets only managed to result in another 3 minor holes in the Mutant King Rat’s head.

It turned its head and in one swift motion, lashed out with a paw containing all its strength. Each of the Mutant King Rat’s paw strikes was as heavy as a mountain, and a single hit could even shatter a small jeep. With but a single strike, Yue Zhong would be spattered into meat paste.

But the Mutant King Rat was not as agile as Yue Zhong. Sure, it could have killed Yue Zhong with just a single paw strike, but that was only if it could land a hit on Yue Zhong. With Yue Zhong superior speed, and under the effects of the shadow step, Yue Zhong was practically dancing in circles around it.

Once the Mutant King Rat made its moved, Yue Zhong also moved at the same time. With his superior speed, Yue Zhong was again able to position himself behind the Mutant King Rat. This time, he fired 6 stinger bullets in a row into the hole created by a previous wound.

These six consecutive bullets were able to take advantage of the earlier wounds and managed to penetrated deep into the brains of the Mutant King Rat. Although the Mutant King Rat has very hard bones and skin, its brains is made up of soft matter. The brains exploded under the onslaught, and with a last twitch of its body, the Mutant King Rat collapsed on the floor.

“Congratulations for reaching level 29. You have gain 2 points of stats points that you may distribute among your stats.”

“Congratulations for reaching level 31. You have gain 2 points of stats points that you may distribute among your stats.”

Once the Mutant King Rat had passed away, a massive orb of experience was absorbed into Yue Zhong’s body, allowing him to grant 3 levels at once.

“Put 3 points into agility, and 3 points into stamina!”

In the battle with the Mutant King Rat, if not for the fact that Yue Zhong’s speed was vastly superior to the Mutant King Rat, Yue Zhong would have died. It is a fact at he could not even withstand a single blow from that creature. Therefore he unhesitatingly invested 3 points of his hard earned skills into agility.

“Congratulations for reaching above level 30. You can learn two extra active skills outside of your job skills before reaching level 50.”

“Congratulations for reaching level 30. You have received one point of skill enhancement point. Please choose a skill that you desire to enhance.”

“Enhance summon skeleton skill!” Yue Zhong immediately made a choice. He wants to enhance this skill to the maximum level, and see how it will evolve.

A sudden gush of knowledge entered Yue Zhong’s sea of knowledge, and in his summon skeleton skill, an additional rune was engraved in it.

A beam of black light emerged from the rune and empowered White Bones, evolving it further.

“Your summon skeleton skill has received 2 new skills.

New Skills 1: Return to Hell. When you use this powers, your skeleton will return to hell, and may self-evolve. However, in Hell, there are massive conflicts among the undead. Once your skeleton return to hell, there is a chance that your skeleton may continue to get stronger. However, there is also a chance that it may be killed by other undead, and becomes a pile of bones.

New Skills 2: Immediate summon. Using this skill, no matter where your skeleton is, it will immediately appear next to you. Cooldown: 1 day.”

[See this page for the new White Bones Stats.]

“Your summon skeleton skill has already reached the maximum level. If you wish to continue to improve on this skill, you must first master the skill: Summon Dark Skeleton.”

The Mutant King Rat also dropped two skill books and 200 [System] coins.

Yue Zhong immediately grabbed the 2 skill books. One of them is a skill book that enhanced stamina, while the other one is a skill book that enhance agility.

“Level 3 Passive Skill Enhancement: After learning this skill, your stamina will permanently improve by 10 points.”

Yue Zhong did not hesitate and immediately learnt this skill. With a flash of light, he felt the skill immediately enhancing his stats.

Once the Mutant King Rat has died, the tide of mutant rats parted from Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu as if Moses commanded the sea to part [1]. They fled in all directions.

Translator notes.

The elite rat king’s bodyguards also fled and were no longer as fearless as it was when it guarded the Mutant King Rat.

Rats are actually cowardly by nature. Given a choice to fight or flee, they will naturally prefer to flee. The mutant rats have evolved from ordinary rats, and hence inherit the cowardice of its predecessor. The only reason they attacked so aggressively was because the Mutant King Rat had a unique ability to control them, and they were powerless to resist its control. Once the Mutant King Rat had died, they were freed from its control and immediately reverted back to their cowardly nature.

Ji Qing Wu was actually saved in the nick of time by Yue Zhong. While Yue Zhong was fighting the Mutant King Rat, she was trying her best to fend off the numerous mutant rats that kept attacking her. But the packs of mutant rats were unrelenting in numbers – as soon as she killed one, two more took its place. As the rat horde kept closing in on her, she found herself without the space needed to execute her superior sword skills and could only use normal strikes to defend herself. Bit by bit she was forced back, until she finds herself in a precarious situation. If not for the timely death of the Mutant King Rat, she would be the one who died today.

Translator notes.

Without the tide of mutant rats pressurising her, Ji Qing Wu breath a sigh of relief and walked towards Yue Zhong. Seeing Ji Qing Wu, Yue Zhong passed the skill book that enhanced agility to her. He has never been selfish with empowering his men.

Seeing the skill book, Ji Qing Wu eyes shone with eagerness, and immediately learnt the skill.

After the she had learnt the skill, Yue Zhong immediately asked Ji Qing Wu for assistance, “Come and help! Help me cut away its skull.”

The skull of the Mutant King Rat was very thick and Yue Zhong found the task to be very difficult. However, Ji Qing Wu have the skill “Cutting edge enhancement.”, allowing any weapons in her hands to be sharper than normal. To Yue Zhong, using this skill to slice apart the skull is a very useful ability.

Translator notes.

Ji Qing Wu walked over and tried to use her enhanced Tang Imitation Sword to slice open the skull of the Mutant King Rat. Although the enhanced weapon was able to chip open a small hole in the skull, it could not sliced off the skull in one stroke as Ji Qing Wu had expected.

Ji Qing Wu’s eyes flash a hint of surprise. After she had learnt the skill “Cutting edge enhancement”, no matter what she tried to cut, it parted like tofu. This is the first time that she encountered something that can withdraw a blow from an enhanced blade.

Ji Qing Wu used her strength and continued to stab into the skull. After repeated attempts and expanding a lot of effort, she finally managed to stab the blade into the skull.

Leveraging the blade like a saw, she slowly but steadily cut a hole in the skull.

Yue Zhong immediately put his hands into the brains of the Mutant King Rat and try to find any monster beads.

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