God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 943

Chu Joon Ho’s face turned ashen, “Kim Park Chan, you dare intrude on my banquet. If you don’t give me an explanation, don’t even think about leaving here.”

Kim Park Chan’s eyes flashed with disdain as he laughed, “Explanation? What a joke. Chu Joon Ho, you had better kneel down now and surrender. Hand over the entire United Republic of Korea to me. I can still leave you your life, otherwise, today will be the day you die.”

Chu Joon Ho laughed, and pressed a remote control button, “Good! Good! Good! Kim Park Chun, I want to see how you can kill me!”


Alarms started to ring throughout the entire villa.

Hearing the blaring sounds, all the experts hidden within the villa appeared, charging over to Chu Joon Ho’s location.

One of the intruders, a burly European man, spoke out in English, “Why are you wasting your breath on him? Since he’s not willing to surrender, let’s just kill him. Beni, get rid of the riff-raff.”

The European woman with long, blond hair and a sexy figure, but with a freckled face, flipped her hands, revealing 2 silver, sci-fi-looking guns.

When those 2 guns appeared, she began to shoot them out in a physic-defying manner. As she spun, she would fire out bullets accurately at the approaching experts.

Each bullet would land accurately on an elite, causing their bodies to explode. The blood and body parts would splatter everywhere in a gory manner.

Beni was slightly ugly, but she was capable. She completely suppressed the elites of the United Republic of Korea, exhibiting a terrifying combat strength.

Chu Joon Ho saw how Beni was suppressing his elites and his face fell, exclaiming, “Strong! Who are you people?”

The tower-like burly man walked forward with a cold look, “I’m Burt, the 1st Divine Envoy of the Kingdom of God. Chu Joon Ho, you only have 2 choices now. Join our Kingdom of God, or die!”


Chu Joon Ho frowned, “Kingdom of God? What organization is that?”

“So you guys are from the Kingdom of God? Good timing, I wanted some information from you guys.”

Just as Chu Joon Ho was pondering, Yue Zhong stood up. With a tap of his foot, he disappeared from his location, appearing beside Burt, and striking towards the back of his head.

“Strong! Who is this?”

Burt was the 1st Divine Envoy, with strength almost reaching the Apostles. And yet, he felt a huge sense of crisis and helplessness from this man. Even the Apostles did not give him this feeling.

At that moment in time, Burt suddenly disappeared from his location, appearing about 20m away from Yue Zhong. He then activated his life-saving skill, his face full of perspiration.

“Spread out!! Attack those women!!”


Burt roared out in rage, pulling out 2 flash grenades and throwing them, before fleeing madly.


Beni and the other Divine Envoy Mike had worked together with Burt for long, and they knew each other movements like the back of their hands.

Beni spun her silver revolvers, her bullets firing at the few Korean ladies.

Compared to Yue Zhong, those women were easier to deal with. Furthermore, such a tactic would force Yue Zhong to protect those women, thus, elevating their chances of escape.

Mike’s eyes gleamed, and he slapped his hands on to the ground. A powerful yellow light burst out, causing multiple spikes to shoot out from the ground, piercing towards Yue Zhong as well as the women.

“Fleeing? Pretty decent reaction.”

With a wave of his hands, a huge shield appeared in front of him. He channeled his strength, and another energy shield appeared, enveloping himself and the ladies.

The flash grenades exploded, and the bright light covered the entire region.

When the grenades blasted out on the shields, they caused ripples, but not enough to shatter them. The sharp spikes also slammed into the large shield and shattered instead.

Lee Young Joon twisted his body, retreating backward. However, a single grenade managed to find his position as though it had an eye and blasted his right arm apart.

A sharp spike shot out from the ground, piercing Lee Young Joon’s body, nailing him to the wall.


Jeon Yoon Ah and the other women saw how the expert Lee Young Joon had been reduced to a corpse within seconds, and their faces fell, hiding behind Yue Zhong in fear. Without his protection, they would have all become corpses.

At this time, Chu Joon Ho exhibited his strength as the President of the United Republic of Korea. His body was wrapped with a green Dou Qi, his strength reaching the initial-Type 4 realm, and he tunneled into the ground nimbly.

The arrogant Kim Park Chan saw how his backers had fled, and his face turned pale. However, his reaction was pretty swift, and he turned around, preparing to leap out.

“Trying to flee?”

Yue Zhong laughed coldly, and immediately channeled his Shadow Clone ability. 4 Clones shot out like specters, appearing right behind Burt, Beni, and Mike, chopping down on the back of their necks.

Although they were unable to utilize the skills, they had his physique. That single palm was equivalent to a Type 5 expert’s attack.

No matter how strong those 3 Divine Envoys were, they were at most at the mid-Type 4 realm. In just a breath’s time, Beni and Mike were knocked unconscious

Kim Park Chan also failed to escape, falling unconscious.

As for Burt, he continued to flicker about, using his strongest escape skill. He managed to evade that attack from the clone and continued to flee. He had no capacity to concern himself about his comrades.

“Strong!! Too strong!! He actually used his clones to take out 3 experts in a second. His strength is too fearsome!! Fortunately, I chose to cooperate with him. I can’t even take on a single clone of his!” Chu Joon Ho saw how Yue Zhong did not need to move and just sent out 4 clones to deal with his enemies. His eyes were filled with complicated emotions, his heart also filled with envy.

“Not bad. Truly the 1st Divine Envoy of the Kingdom of God. Chu Joon Ho, I’ll leave things here to you.”


Yue Zhong stared at Burt, his eyes flashing with self-deprecation. A Type 4 expert like him was actually able to slip through his fingers. This was a testimony to his strength and calm mind.


He grabbed Jung Ri Soo with one hand, and took a single leap, disappearing from his location.

Chu Joon Ho swept a glance across the Korean idols that Yue Zhong left behind, and came to the conclusion, “He did not even place them in mind. Only that woman beside him is important.”

Burt gasped for breath, desperately running through a few alleys. The Flash skill consumed a lot of Stamina and Spirit. Using it continuously caused his Stamina to deplete drastically.

“It’s here!!”

When he came to a dark alley, he saw a window, and his eyes brightened. He channeled his energy once more and appeared within the room.

There were 2 survivors within, and when they saw Burt suddenly appearing in their flat, there was shock in their eyes, and they opened their mouths to shout.

Before they could do so, however, Burt waved his hands, and 2 daggers shot out, piercing the necks of those 2 survivors, slicing through.

“There should not be any problems like this.”

After killing those 2 survivors, he heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed.

At this moment, a huge palm came down on his neck without any warning. Before he could react, Burt was already knocked unconscious.

Yue Zhong appeared in the room, while still carrying Jung Ri Soo.

Earlier, Burt had been able to evade the attacks because Yue Zhong had not gone all out. Now, he was sure not to make the same mistake twice. That was how he was able to knock him unconscious.

When Burt came to, he was already a Puppet, “Burt greets Master.”

Yue Zhong asked, “Burt, the 12 Apostles, where have they been in this past year? Are they still on Earth?”

The 12 Apostles were all Heaven’s favorites, geniuses of their eras. They had awakened multiple attributes naturally during their evolution, a one-in-hundreds of thousands chance. If they were to leave Earth, it was possible for them to come across other fortuitous encounters, and might even surpass Yue Zhong.

Burt replied, “I’m not entirely sure about their movements. I only know that half a year ago, because of some unknown reason, all 12 Apostles were recalled back to headquarters. In these past 6 months, it had been us Divine Envoys carrying out missions, expanding the Kingdom of GoOd. However, without the power of the Apostles, we had to withdraw our troops from various locations and give it up.”

Yue Zhong frowned, “Then why appear in Korea?”

Burt replied, “We want to bring South Korea and North Korea into our control establishing a strong logistics location, using North Korea as the fortress and combining with our forces in Russia to attack China, the faction that you had established, Master.”

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